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Messrs. Sawyer And Beakes

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The íollowing correspondencia between ílessrs. Sawyer and Beakes, Repubheau aud Democratie caudidates lor Representative in lis district, needs uo prelunmary introduc011 ; ME. SAWTKE'B I-KTTKB. Kun Courier. Ann Akbok, Oct. 9, 1876. Hon. H. J. Beakes: Deur 'tV- On accepting the uominatiou tor .eprcseiitalive I am mfornied thut you stated ;o the Oouvention, m substauce, the foliowing: 1 eau assure you that were it not for peculiar rcumstances urged upon me liy my triends, 1 lould not haveaüoweu iny name to lnve beeu ueseuted to this convention at atl." At the time his ianguage was liStfd by you, yuu muot have cnown tliat it was ourrently reportad in tho ty that a lurge number ol persuns couuected ith the Uuiversity oppoied niy nounualiüu, ud after 1 was nouiinated they made uo se■et that (tu use their reponed éxpressiou) they ahould xercise their judgineut election ay ;" that while they had uothnig personal in I natura agaiitöt me, yut I had been actiug au ie attoruey ior Roae in lus difiicuity with Xmglas and the University authorities, and .hat in cuso of my eleption I might, over ui} alter-supper cigar," prejudica the ïninds of Uier lepresentatives upon Ilia subject oí thu tose-i)uuglas coutroversy, and Unit au ïnvcstiatiuu by tlie Legislaiure wouid be the resuit. ince yuur nomiuatiou it has been quietly but ndustnously circulated aniougst tnose wlio ould be reached by such an argument, that ie iasue was not a political oue, but that the uestiou was, investigatiou or no investigation; lat you, being attorney for Mr. Douglaa, ould use your iullueuce against au iuvestigaion by the Legislatura, and tnat 1, beiug Mr. ,ose's attorney, would be in iavor oí au mvesgation. I do not mean that you could 80 toiget your wu houor aud self-respect as to charge, that I, eleoted, would forget the interest ot the hole people and of the Uuiversity, in my eal for ïny cliënt. No. Such a charge trom uu, occupyiug as you do exactly the same reatiou to Mr. Douglas that I do to Mr. Rose, ould go very far with reasonable meu toards eatablishing the doctrine of total deravity, at least iu the proiessiou of wliich yuu iré so honorable a meuiber. But what 1 do eau is, that you have suffered this argument ;o be used in favor ot your elevatiou by thosu ho, although occupyiug the highest social and ierary positions ainongst us, are leas inforraed iau yourself ot the duties of au attorney. I have to-day devoted uo Uttie attentiou to lis matter, aud have consulteci tlioae counectd with aud high in authority in the Uuiversi', nd those who are kuowu to have beeu flrin jlievers iu the ïnuoceuce oi Mr. Douglas, aud ïey fraukly intorm me tliat in oase of my ection I would from uecessity, by leasou of my counectiou with the case as attoruey for lx. Rose, present the questiou to the other members iu a light rather Rose-colored ; and as their feeliugs and opinions were the other way, they would uaturally vote their opinioua, which, as I gath r it, is that tliuy propose to ote for you because you will present thia inat;er to the other ineinbers iu a light rather ouglas-colored. Or, in short, I ain to be deeated by Uepublicans beeause 1 am suppoaed o believe that it would be lor the best intersts of the Uuiversity to throw open wide its oora aud invite the people ol the State, ïrough their Representativos, to aettle once nd torever the question whether there was ny reason to iear that exact aud complete ustice luid nol ben done, whether there was luy iouger auy dauger that several huudred oliara ot the people's mouey might unuually ud its way into pockuts of meu who did not, ud couid not, have auy knowledge that the money reuiaiued indden m the deep recesses f auch oüicial pockets uutil the uutiriug eforts of three or four inveatigatiug committeer lad ocentcd it out aud held it up to the astonished gaze of the owuer ot such wouderful pockets. Aud you aie to be elected because it s believed that, if elected, you will advise agaiust and stille such investigatiou. f'aihng in that you will give a Douglas-coiored tiuge to the mimls ot tnose who are to uiake such investigatiou. Iu view of these facts, argumeuta and statements now so actively beiug urged agaiust me, and iu your favor, 1 thiuk 1 am justitied iu conciuding that iu usiug, iu your acceptance, lie expression " peculiar circumst anues urged pon ine by uiy irieuds," you releí red, and exjected to be uuderstood as reierriug to the ciriuinstances hereinbeíoie reoited. Xherefore, nasinuch as the matter is being used secretly or the purpose oí defeatiug me, lud beheviug bat the people have a light to be tully iuiorind oí what principies are at stake when they ast their voto, 1 unust respectiuüy invite you ,o divide time witli me in the discussiou ot the muuipies that have thus been put in issue by 'our sute oí the controversy. It is 110 answer to this reciuest for you to say hat you retuse to accept my ínvitation because .o accept it would be to disouss beioru the peode the merite oL a case now pending m the iourt. 1 hope we buth kuow our duty too well o euter tu suoh a contest. ín uiy proposition I do not contémplate Buch a discusaiou. i do uot propose to discusB the fuilt or iuiioceuce oí anybody or the merits or lemerits oí the outroversy, nor to bandy the uain. s oí Kosu aud Douglas beiore the peopie, but simply to discuss the question whether it s tor the best interest oi tüe University itoelf x oppose or attempr to oppose an investigation wheu any considerable uuinber oí tai payert shdü deiuiuid it ; or wuether it is ior tlie best interest ol' ttu; Úuiveraiíy to attempt to sciid a Liepresentative to the Legismture becaube it is jehevea that he will attempt to prejudice the minds oi the committee, wlio may be selected to investígate the matter, in iavor oí a person who has beeu recamed by a majonty ouly oi he Baard oí Regeuts, as a professor in the LJuiversity. Is there not greater danger that the peopie may say this, if there are inüueuces which will be exerted to et a Kapresentative because it is thought he might bo ued to prejudice a committee of the LogisUture in favor ol retaiuiiig auv mao in the Umversity 'i It is possible that these iufluences were in existeuce and fully orgauized at the time, and even beïore the other iuvestigations were had by the Regeuts, aud it may be urged with sume forcé, that it is a matter of some doubt whether it is easier for these iuflueuces to be used to preudice a committee üi the Legi6lature, than to be used to prejudice a committee of the Regonts. In the judgment of some very good men, the University has more to lear irom such faends thau from auy eneuiy. Nor is it any auswer, under the circuinstsuces, ia my judgmeut, ior you to ret'use this offer because cases are pending m court which muy disclose the facts conuected with this matter, tor you and I know thai these suits eau be settled and disconrinued at any time, or eau be discontinue! without settlemeut at any tioie and the peopie left in iguorance as to whether all has been done that should b; doue to protect the Peopie s University against deialcations Hopflig to hear trom you as soon as couveuieut, I am most respecttully youis, A. 5. SAWÏEB. REPLY OF MR. BEAKF.S. Aks Aebok, Oct. 14th, 1876. A. J". Sawyer, Esa.: Dear Sir - Your letter bearing date üctober 9th, but wlnch came to me iu instalments af ter a copy had passed through the hands of the printers, 13 before me. The proposal you make is so extraordinary that I have found it somewhat difflcult to believeit is made in earnest. However it may have been in your case, I do not uuderstandjthat I was nominated with any expeotation thut I should tiy law suits on the stump, or go to the Legislature to represeut any individual. In my judgment a memoer of the Legislature ought faithfully to represent the general intereste of nis constitueney and the State without fear or tavor. He ought not to be, or all ow himself to be understood to be,any man' man. It Is not desirable that he should owe eitlier his nomination or election to the efforts of any single individual. The me mber trom this district ought'to Be faithful especially to the general intereats of the University and not the instrument of any man' spleen or devices. H 1 am elected I shall go to Lausing acting upon these views, leaviug all cliënt and law suits behiud roe, und shall represent to the best of my ability the mterests of the district. If your profussional engagements require you to take a different course and make a personal controversy of tliis canvass, you may enter upon it it yuu choose, but not with me, tor having myself been nonunated, as I undtrstand it. by the Democratie conyention on public rounds, I shall keep m view only public considerations, leaving to you exolusively those that are private and personal. Ií beyond this, as your letter intiraates, it is your purpose on the stump or in the Legislature to attack the Board of Regente of the University for its action, I can only say that it seems to me a poor way for securing noedful appropnationa for that institutiou to attempt to discredit with the Legislature the Board to whi :h the Coustitution commits the general superintendence ot the Uuiversity and the management of its iunds. Yours very truly, H. J. BEAKES. A Pound Party. The Ladies' Chantable Union propose holding a "Pound Party" at the Unitarian Churoh in this city, Tuesduy evening, Oct. 23rd. All friends 01 the sufferinji poor are requested to attend, and it is hoped tliat all will brlng with them in pound packages whatever tliey may be able to ooutrlbute lo the praiaworthy end in vinw. All bucIi pound puruels will be sold at the time, and to the highest bidder, the amouut realized to be distributed amoug the poor, as well as the packages thenisolvea. As the funds of the Union are almost exhausted and the needs of the poor will be very'presBinf? during the coming w uter, it is hoped that all charitable and b 1X6V ïlent persons wil! be present ou the occasii n n imed. Hon. James M. Ashley, of To edo, addresaed the Chelsea Democracy ou Friday evening last, giving great satieiaotion. He also spoke in the Opera House in thia city, on Saturday eveniug to a large audience, and judging by the way the Reyhter aquirms made an eftective speech. - We get the best report trom the meetings throughout the connty ; they are all larguly attended and the speakers are listened to with interest. The Dtjmooracy ure evideutiy determined that old Waahteiiaw ahu.ll make a good report. - Especially may we say that we hear words of the warmest commendation for some of the young campaigners - Messrs. Whitnian, Wade Rogers, Uoty, and WoodrufF. The speeches of Messrs. Whitmau and Bogers, at Lima Center, ou Monday eveniug, were enthusiastically applauded and thereafter warmly eulogized.


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