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John Fitch Cleveland, for more than tbirty yeara a valucd and csteemed metnber of t editorial stail of the New York Tribune, died laat week. The jirimary caune of hisdeath wa-j dirtcaso of the heart, which waa followod in tho latter poition of liïs eickness by an entiro anauansion of tho circulation in his lowcr limba. Ho had been ill about five weeka, but bis case waa ouly prououiiced' hopeless a few days bofore hi's death Pat Magniro, of Monnt Vernon, N. Y., during a qnarrel vith dia wife, cbargcd with infidelity, and seiziug thoir children, one after another, exoiaimod, as he dashed them to the Hoor: "Thia is not mine!" One of the children bas died from tbc ii.juriea and the othere are in a preoarioua oonjiuou. The cntiio biisiness portion of Sandy Ilill, N. Y., was bnrned last week. The losses are over 200,000. X TuiaiBlE c-xplonion, attended with frightfl iPb of life and property, occurred in tlie ifron titl of Zur A Ca, at Pittsburgh, Pa, last week. A battery of three large boüera in tho nail mili of the firm buret, the toniblo force of the coucuasion Jiftirg the roof and f ramo of almoBt that entiro building many foei iuto the air, and dropping it, where it waa irunheJ and broken upon the macliiuerv beIdw, nntil tlie whole waa converted into p'iecea the majonty of which were amall enough for the purposo of kindling-wood. Tho force of tho explodmg power waa ao Kreat, and seema to havo been eo evenly distiibuted upon all parta of tho boilers, tuat they wero broken into hundroda of piecee. One of them waa oarried acrog the river to AlleRheuv. ancther large piece, going in tbo same direction, cIshIkiI tlirough the roof of the muck mül on the opposite side of the Street, tearing down two of the furnaceB. snapping: giant timbera like splinters, and breaking down the huge crane which is used to lift tons of iron and metal. Tho falling furnaces ignited the mili, ;il it was partlv consumed beforo thO flamc-s uould be checkcd. Five nail machino saved maiiyalife. Had the mili been as open as an ordioary rolling-mul, it doen notssem Dossible I thnt a single one of the inmatea would have escaped with k!s life. Thore were emploj-ed in the milis, at the time of the accident, "about 300 persona. Of these, 150 workod iu the naü dopsrtment, where tho explosión took plaoe. The ñoene presenten wax ono of agony and (lcnpir. The vicinity was transforme d into a hospital and house, where charred and mutilated remains were brought. The shrieku of aome of the woundad were fearful. Fourteen were killed simost instantly, and aomo forty others woundod seriously, several of ■whoin will die. Men were taken from the ruina maimed and bloeding, only to die ia delirioug agony. Relativos and frionds fcegged, threatened, and coaxed to be admitted within the linea, but moet all were refuecd, because there waa a dread that there would be too .nam of the curious let in, who would only be in the way. rhysiciaua soon came to aseist to dress wounds and allay the aufferinga of tho wonnd' ;. The xcitemeut throughout the citv was intense. A mioirjTüL row occurred tho other day at the grounds of the Wostcheater County Driving l'ark Association, near New York city, which resultod in one man being shot in the arm another having bia skull badly fractured bv a bludgeon, a third being atabbod in the neck aud a fourth having the muscles of oue of his hands severed, while aeveral others are reported more or less iujiired. It seems a negro employed on tho gronuds, got druok and took lioaBeaaion. of the liqnor stall, when a freo licht, wtth the resuits statetl, followed The Gentennial peoplo are preparing an elabórate programme of ceremonies to be obuewed on closiog up the big show An expresa train from Fall Itlver for Boston on tho O)d Colony railroad, came in collision a few niorninga ago, with a loc il freight train at Kandolph. Mass. Two ens;ines of the express train and the engine of the freiijht train with the l3gage and crate cars were comp'.etely wrecked. The engmeers and firemen of Mie three locomotivos wero killed, and several aseengers injured. A iiinADiüimurder took place in the wood ,w Pittsbnrgh, Ta., ono night last week. Hfïory Schaífer, a cattle dealer, was found doafl, with the top of hie head crushed in ao that ihe brains protruded, and the loft side of the face battered dreadfully with a hoaw itone. The peckets had been riilnd of theix contente, the boots removed from tbe feet tul bat, vest and boots carned awav Susni' cion rested on Henry Lonknor, partner in business with Sohaffer, and ll0 haa been placad tmder arrest Qen. l?ufus King, for many years a prominent citizen of Milwaukee, died in Npw York Kmg, first United Statea Senator from New lork, and waa a gradúate of -West Point. Leaving the army in 1836, he became editor of the Albany A,Ue,-tiser, and in 1840 accepted an í?naí L081tl011 wllich he fiIled 'ot ve yeare on the Albany Swing Journal, and was Adiul tant General of the State under Gov. Beward. In 1845 he removed to Milwaukee, and became -■art owner and editor of the Sentirwl nrui an. arce, wmcti he retamed until 1801. when Mr Lincoln appointed him Minister' to Home He was on the steamer, ready for sailin"' when news carne of the Uring on Sumtor' He at once left the steamer, resigned Sk positron, was made a Brigadier General and tor a time was in command of the First División of the First Corps of the Army of toe Potomae. nis hoalth failing. he resigned from the army, in 1862, aud in 1863 was aJain appointed Minister to Bome, and remained ísra' the abolition of the miesion iu ji' , de8-Derate conflict betwoeu tramos :uid dranken minera occurred near Shomokin 1 a., a few days ago. The fight iasted overal honre, and resulted in the death of four of the participants-Mck Tavlor, JoeLordner, Goorge Orady and Jolm üugan. alias the "Big Bullv " Thefirsttwoweretiamps, and tho othertwo tuuicrs, THE WEST. A han named lthodo, who was hording cattle near a ranche on Horeeshoe river, forty miles northwost of Fort Laramie, was recently Ulied, scalped, and had Uis ears ent off bv Indiaas.... At Beaver, Utah, a fow days ao, Juige Boreman pasaed sentence upon John D Loe for participation ia tho Mountain Meadow raassacro ninetoen years ago. In doing so he called attention to the atrocitv of the crime the inabihty heretofore of the anthorities to proenre evidenco that the conspiracy to murde was wideepread ■ that he was fa'nallv offered up as a sacnface to popular indignation, but that olhors eqnally guiity might hereafter expect pnuishment The prisoner, having the richt under the laws of the Territorj to cholee leath by hanging, shooting or beheading, and Muviüg ohoseu to bo shot, was eutonced to be Bhot to death Jan. 26, 1877. Í Eor.i robbery was perpetratid at Knoxvüle, Iowa, oiie c'ay last week. At 7-o'clock in the eveuing the County Treasury was entered by two maskcd men, whó overpowered tho Treasurer and with drawn revolvers forced him to open the safe. The amount taken is abOHt Í4,00O....Capt. Ben F. Htchiu)n? for forty years one of the most noted eteamboatmon on the Western rivers, and durinir Jhe J)at ten years somewliat famons as a breoier of thoroughbred horsos, dicd last week at ais reaidcnce near St. Louis, aged 70 years. Fiunk James, one of the Missouri bandite] was arrestod last week at the residence of Vt. Nülaud, ten miles west of Kansas City. Pinkerton1 detectives, flvo iu nnmber, surronnded tlie house and made the capture without anv excitement save such as the female pertionof the family mamfisted. Frank was nt tho doctor's under treatment for a gunshot wouud iu one or his knoes, received in Minnesota inere is Rome show of activity in military 'circlesiD the Black Hills country, and some ncceaaity for it, too, judging from tho numerous ïoporto of Indiau aeprodations in that región. sn. M-rritt, with 5U0 soldieri, h"as started on n pxpodition, tLo doetination of wbich has notbeen madeknown, though it is supposed íh Vinapar,tyOf hoeUlea omewherea.nong thn tÜ" Wh can b" "iduced to wait for tho troops to como and fight tliem The Chicago Journal of Friday saya Mr MoVicker has gone to New York to prepare toe Lyceum for the eugogenieU of Iidwin Booth leanwhilq ho is catering woll for Chicago We are promisad hve weeks of ocera before tbe lst of Jauuary ; ths introduction of Mius Andernon, who is mskiug quite a stir in the tueatncal firmament; anl also tho nroduc Uonof a gran i spectaelo for tbo holidays. McVickcr has always been fully up to the deïnanj of tlio timed, and seems fullvdetorminod t nmke Chicago a " center" for the legitímate dramu. A horrible mnrder has been perpetrated at Mie jigan City, In-1. A Garmau laborer by the namo of John Schullz cut the throats of his ii fcand two childrcn, t!:ea ent his own throat ancl Bang Iiin!s3lf. TUe wife and children (a boy abuut 8 yoarH and a girl 3 years old) were fjiind in bed witb thcir thrcats cut from ear to ear; tho fathor witU his throat cut and liaugimf in the ntxt room. A letter writtcn ín Germán was found. saying: " They have tricvi to liül mo. anñ 1 wil] kill them." The iiu-c ia Htipposed to be fear of want, aithough Ï28 was fc.ucid in bis pocket Jtio hii-,n?p8 aiul fastiionabie circies of Bpriogfleld, (), were tlirowu into a fovor of axuneuent the other day, by tho euicido of Jiar.k W Deshler, tho wolf-knowii tellt-r of tholraiikin Natton.l Bank, of tbat city and one of the prominent leaders in fashiönable social hfe. At firet it was tuought by eomo that tmancial troubks might havo induccd this snddeu tikiug nff, bnt examinit on of the bank books speedily di-Hipatod such an idea. It was theu diHcovercd that domes' iu infelieity was I the (mly reiiHou fel the rash act A Balt ' Lako c1iipteli of the 15t'-i ss.ys : "Tlio' Aun Kliza vb. Brigbam Young caos "i"'" pp bifre Judge Shaofer to-day, who decided that unloss tlio money provioüly adjndgod the plaiutifï was pai in ten daya an attachment ahonld iiBue CO bring dofondaut nto conrt for contompt. Even beta aro made that Brigham will uot pay the alimony decree, and will go to jail. Hia láwyers havo exunuetod all their legal power to save hini, and, unlesa the Lord comes to his aid, it is líkeJy to be a hard oaae with the old man.". . . .Twonty uead of hornea and mules were recently stolen froco the Government camp, ncar Cnstor City, Wyomius, by a Mesican and whito man. A detachmeut of Boldiers trailed and overtook the thievo oïx the followiiif; day, and after a desperate ilx'ït Biicceeded in killing both and rceaptnring eleven head of Btock. A LARciE number of citizens of Indianapolis have been arreBtod and will be prosecutcd for betting on the recent olectioii. THE SOUTH Tm steamboat Southern Belle was recently bnrned on the Misdeaippi river, near Haqnemine, La. The boat and cargo were totally deatroyed, and several livea were lost. A New Obleans dispatoh eays that many Uves wero loet by tho burniog of the iteamboat Southern Btlle. Among those known to be lost nro William Von Phnl, Mr. Droso, Miss Fannie O'Connor, and another lady, all of Bato Rouge ; Mr. Frank?, of Port Huduon Rir. Ling ; Frank, an employé ; the ntoward and his crew ; Catholic priest, name unknovn, f rom Bayon Sara ; A. O. Qrifnth ; George Thomas, chief steward, from LoniBville ; flus Üavis ; Hollondor Curtís ; Roon Grifid, tender of the cabin, and Louis Hora, texaa tender. The fonr lastnamed jnmped overboard acd were drowned, wbile Mr. Van Phnl, Dr. O. Z. Griffith, and tho prieftt are said to have periahed in tho üameH....At Mt. Washington, Ky., last Sunday, Sam Burkott (colored; euterod an African chorch under the inflaonce of liqucr. William Barnep, an older. asked him to leave, when Burkett anawered : "You and your church can go to heil." Barnes asked for a repetition of the remark, and receiving such, ehot Rurkett through the heart, theii escaping. The emergenoy in the yellow fever ravages of the Southern coaet cities ia passed, word having been sent from most of thein that furtber aid is not needed, as the epidemie is subsiding rapidly, undcr the influonee of frosty nighta. All hnmane peoplo will heartily rejoice tbat thia terrible vieitant of the South lias been tbus cheeked without reacliiug the devastating proportiocs of somo pro vious yeara Gen. Ruger, comtnander of the Department of the South, arri ved in Columbia, S. 0. , last week. He had a long couBUltatiou withGov. Cbamberlain and with the Chairoian of the Democratie State Committee, and asftured thom both that as f ar as it was iu Uia power he would Heoire in Sonth Carolina a fair and bonest election. He v ould, he said. protect Demócrata aud Republioans alike. The reporta of the Department of Agriculture indícate a reduétion of the condition of cotton during the past momh iu the ten principal cotton States, from an average of 92.2 to 83.2. Tiio figuren for the condition of the States aro as followa; North Carolina, 84; South Carolina, 80 ; Georgia, 85 ; Florida, 80 ; AlalwniH. 70 : Mississippi, 88 ; Louisiana, 82 : Texas, UI ; Arkansas. 86 ; Tennessee, 94. FOLITICAL. Complete official rclurna of the Indiana election give the Republicana üfty-three membera of the Houae of Repreaentatives, the Demócrata forty-fivo, and the Independeuta two. This givea the Republicana two majority on joint ballot over the Demoerats and Independenta. The official majority of Williama over Harrieon is 5,424. WASHINGTON. Since the surrender of Tweed, eooie informal action haa been taken with a view to negotiate an extradition treaty betweenthe United States and Spain The rush of Centennial pilgrims to Mount Vernon haa no enrichod the AssociatiOQ aa to enable it to pay all ita debto and to leave boeides a handaome sum for further improvement o! tho grounda and surroundings. GENERAL. At Hamilttm, Canada, a few days ago, Francia M. Alden, a traveler from the United States, met night-watchman Jefforaon, and accuaed him of attaling his baggage and railway checks. An altercation ensued, and" Alden fired five ahota at Jcfferson, three taking effect, one of which entered his back and cima out at the rigbt brea et, and will prove fatal. Tbe wounded man's deposition was taken, and Alden waa arrested. Woodward, the friend and asdociate of Tweed, who waa receutly arrested in Chicago, haa been taken to New York, and, ia default of 3,000,000 bail, committed to prison. A civil auit to recover over $C, 000,000 has been brought againat him. Martín Fabqchar Tdpper, the Euglish poet and philoaopher, is now on a vieit to this country James Rvan, a -wealthy merchant of Peterboro, Ontario, has been sentencod to death for tho murder of hia wife. The quarterly circular on the business outlook for tho past nine monthg has jnst been issued by R. G. Dun & Co., of New York. It will créate surprise and some disappointmenl to learn from figuro3 which it contains that mercantile failures throughout the Unitec Stataa for the paat three months, 2,448 iu number, show an ineroase over those of the second qnartor of the voar equal to 25 per cent. The amount of liabilitka invoived in the failures of the third quarter of the year ahow a decrease in proportion to the nnmber of failnrea reported. The avorege amounts of habililies for each failure in the last quartor is $19,500, against .$24,300 in the preceding quarter, and against 830,600 ia the corrcaponding qu&rter of last year. Taking a range of the whole 8eveu quartera of the two ycarc thus far elapaed, the indebtednees invoived in eacl failure o' tho past throo monthe ia $5,000 lees than for the quarter preceding. A comparisou of the past nino montha of 187G with thouo ol 1875 is not at all cheering, aa will be seen bv the following : „. . Failures. IddbUüiti l irst nine monthe of 1876 7,050 $16tJ 272 ooi First Line months of 1875 5,334 13l[m'oo IncreaBe.. 1,710 $25,100,000 Cadet Midshipmer W. N. King, of Georgia F. B. Paraons, of Mapsachusetts; George A. Scctt, of Indiana; J. F. Leeby, of New York, and W. W. Rnssell, of Maryland, have beeï (iiamiused from the Annapolis Naval Academy for refuaing to teil wtio "hazed" the " ijieba ' The expelled atudenta refasotl to tettify, to save oiher student from being expelled for "hazing," for which thore is the additiona! poualty of being "caehiered." The expelled cadera may bo reinstated, but a "cashiereii hazer" cannot. IHB OCroiJKR KLECTIOXS. We pre-sent below a aummary of the re&ult of the elcctions held in Ohio, Indiana and Went Virginia on the lOth of October : OHIO. STATE OFFICERN. Htlton Barnee, V. W. Boynton aud James C. Evans, the Republican candidatea, respectivelv, for Secretsry of Stato, Supreme Judge aiid member of the Board of Public Works, are eketod by majoritiea ranging from 6,000 to CONGBES8MK.N. The rcanlt of the elrction for members of Congres is aa follows- Republicana in roman Demócrata iu iUxlic: District. District, 1. MiitmSayUr. .]. -Henry Si. Ueal 2. H.B. Banning. :2. ThrnnanEwinn. 3. 'Mills Gardner. !13. M. . Southard 4. John A. McMalum. 14. ji it vinley 5. A. V. Ilice. 16. N. U. Van vórhes 6. "Jacob l. Oox. 16. LoreDzo Danford 7. Bmry L Diekey. 17. William McKinlcy 8. J. W. Kcifcr. 118. James Monroe. a. "Jamen S. Jones. 19. James A. Garfleld 11). Charles Fostor. -o. 'AnioHTownBcnd. "Oain. INDIANA. STATE OFFICEUS. Tho following State officon". all Demócrata, wcre elected iu Indiana by majorities of about 5,000 : Governor- Jame D. "Wilüams. Licutcnaut Oovcrnor- Ibíuic P. Gray. Secretary of state- John Euos Neff. Auditor - Ebcuezer Henderson. Treanurcr- Benjamin C'. 8haw. Attorney General- Clurencc A. Buskirk. 00NtRE8SMEN. Tho reau'.t of the electiou for Congreesmon in Indiana is iudicated bv the anncxea table District. bmlrict. 1. ncnnin S. FuUe.r. 8. Morton C. Hunter. 2. jame It. Cobb. 9. Mtcbael I). White. 3. (leorae A . lUcknell. :o. "William H. Calklne 4. "Lsonidas Sextou. u. James L. Kvans. ' -.'LuOm'S' ,?'; ?""■ Amlnwll.llamilton. 6. Milton S. Ilobson. !13. J0L11 11. Baker W. 'Johu Hanna. Gain. Audrcw Ilumphrojs and Nathan T. Carr, Demociata, were elected for the short Congrosaioual termu in the Seoond and Third Districts, to (II the vacancioH caused by the resignation of Governor-olect Williams aud the dcath of Speaker Kcrr. WEST VIRGINIA. The followiug State oflioers were olected in West Virginia by about 12,000 majority. They are all Democrats : Govenior- tlcnry M. JlalthowH. School Superintendent. - W. K. Pendiólos Auditor- Joxrph c. Millir. J'rcasurer- 1 hoiuae 1. West. Menihers of Congreas will net bo choaen in West Virginia until Nov. 7. VOBEMHt. The cpnditiona ure annouuced on which the Porto couaents to an nrmiiitice of nix montlia. Servia i to bo forbidden to oooupy the poeit oim iiow in poeefc4ion of Uu. Tuikiih srmjr ; the introduetiou of anus and ammnnition into Servia and Montenegro and tiie passage of foroign volunteera into tho Turkifh provinco are to be atrictly probibitod ; and Servia and Montenegro are to be prohibited from giving any assistaneo to the inaurgentH in adjaeeut i provinces. It ia Btated in a London dispatch that Servia rofuses to be bound by theee one-sided conditions. It is also anuounccd tlmt Jlusuia has Bigaifled her refn!al to aPcede to the prohibition In regard to the passage of volrtnteers ii'to Ceirvia- whïch is the most inipoïtant of the Tardish conditions. If this avowal bas been made by Uusnia, it is in effect a plam declnration of activo sympathy with Servia, as well as dissatisfaction with theeütü peace programrai f tha Porto. Suoh au attitude on Mie part of RuBsia would bring inatlera iu the East to an immediato crisis, aud the Bituation is regardod aB more criticai tlian at auy time since the iToposition f or en armistice was submitted. . . . A Paris corrcsporidont telegraplm an account of an iuttrview with an officer ia the Egyptian armv, whp givisa the ciroumstanlial details of the horrible eVents wliich iiave tafeen place in Abyssinla during thö attempta of figypt to chastise the AbyesinianB. Tliere haVe been two expeditions. Tlie first, which was dispatched in Oetobor, 1875, consisting of 4.000 men, was surprised in tliedefilo of Gortn.del, and maeaacred to the last man. Tile, sfecond expedition, of 6,000 meti. atarted in January laí; It mot tho Abyssiuiaus in Febmary, in a denle of Goiira, and waa overwhelmed, 1,000 men being killed. The Abysainian King then went into the interior, aud, accordint to the latest reporta, repeated the derilea of Goundel and Goura by again crushing the Egyptians. Tho details of this, as of othor expeditions, are cuarded with great secrecy.... It is oilicially announcedthat Count Von Arnini hae been condemned to flv vears" ment in uie nouno oi uorrecuon, tor troaaon and an offonse against the F.mperor ana tHnce BUmarcb. A cable dispattíh Infohns ua thul Ihe Rtisuian Goverhment bas determined to issue a oan of 300,000,000 roubles. This, in conucction with the Czar's outspoken aad undisjuised eympathy for the Sclavic portiou of the population of the Tiirkish proinces, carries with it a inoro pronounccd flavor of war than liaa heretofore manifested itself in coonection with the Eastern difllculty. ,.,A telegram from Sladrid etates that tho Biahop of líinorca bas iesued a new circular eüjoiDÍng on the mastors of primary echools uot to adinit the sons of Protestants and other dissenters.


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