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The Polar Expedition And Symmes' Theory

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The rccont news from Eugland is tbat the steamer Pandora that was sent north abont the ftrst of last July, to briüg the news from the exploring oxpeditiou that went out last year uuder Capt. Nares, had got as far north as Upper Navio, which lies beyond Disco, and is the residence of the Governor of Groenland, and tho last point north from whence there is commnnication this way, and sho reports no news from Capt. Narca, but would steam on northward as tho sea was clear of ice, and would reach Smith's Sound in a few days, at whioh point Capt. Nares was to leave a report of his discoveries tip to that time. He is to romain a year longer, and tho Pandora is to bring home some news from him, and ehe may be expected home in a few days; and ïf Capt. Nares is fortúnate enough to reach the open Polar Sea as the Swedish expedition did last year, and runs into a warm and genial elimate, aud can report the finding of ft rich country abounding in rich land, large rivers and spkndid foreste of timber, as the Swedes report, then the " Symmes theory " will be proven beyond a doubt, and the country of " Symmzonia " will become a flxod fact. Wlio is uot auxious to hear the new s ïom Capt. Nares ?


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