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The Monument To Christopher Columbus

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Tho Philadelphia Columbas monument, dedicíited last week, was made by Prof. Salada, of Carraru, Italy, of the purest Italian niarble. The figuro is ten fect high, representing Columbus in the costume of Lis ago and clime low sboes, tightf, tunic reaching newly to the knees, aud neatly decoratod about ths neck, and a long, loóse cloak with a sailor's broad collar. Tho head is bare and nis abundaut hair flirt? back fronj a high square forehead. His physiognomy is nearly the same as it is represented in the famous "bust" at, Genoa and in what are supposed to be his most authentic pictnres. His right hand reatg upon a globe fifteen inches in diameter upon which is traced ia black the oatUnes of the continent which he discovered, and which rests upon a hexagonal co'.umn. In his right hand he holds his chart, and around his feet are artisticslly arranged an anchor and tackle belonging to ships. Around is waist is a phun belt, from which hangs a beantiful sword. The figure rests upon a cap four and a half feet high, on the front of whieh is insoribed, ' Presented to the City of Philadelphia by the Italian citizens," and on the back, " In Commemoration of the First Centenary of American Independence." Onthe back of the die, the next piece below tho cap, is the inscription, "Dedica ted on October 12, 1876, by the Christopher Columbug Monument Associatdon, on the Anniveisary of the Landing of Christopher Columbus, October 12, 1492." In front of the die is a beautif ul bas-relief representing the landing of Columbus. In the foreground is a small boat from which he landed with a few of his followers, the land being on thf right and the vessel on the left. On either side o{ the die are the coat-of-arms of Italy and America. The total lieigbt of the monument is about twenty-two feet, and its base is seven feet long and bíx feet broad ; it weighs thirty-five tone, and cost $18,000.


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