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The Two Armies

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As life'i unending column pours, Two marshIed hosts are seen- Tivo armit-B on the tramrIed shores Tat doath flows black between. Oue marches to tho druni-beat's rol], The wide-mouthed clarión 'a brav Aad bears upon a crlmson scrcll, "Ourgloryisto "ley." One moves in silence by fhe stream Wlth sad, yet watchful eyes, Cam as the patiënt planet's glearú That walks the cloiided skies. Along its front lio sabres shinc. No blood-red pennons yi%ve ) Its banner bears ftic sili'gle line. "Our duty Is to save." í'or those no death-bed's lingering shado At honor'a trumpet cali, Witn knitted brow and lifted Hade, ín glory's arma they fall. For these no flanhing falchions bright No stirring battle-cry ; ' The bloodlese etabber calle by night- Each answers, ''Heeramt!" For those the sculptor'e laureled bust The builder's rnarble piles, The anthoms pealing n'er their dttst Tlarough long cathedral aisles. For these the blossom'spfinkled ttirf That floodythe lpnely graVes Waen spring rolls in her sea-green suri ín flowery-foamiDg wavoa. Two paths lead upward f rom below And angelB wait ahove, Wlio count each burning life-drop'e flow Each falhng tear of love. Though from the Hero's blcedlüg breast Her pulses freetíoín drew Though the while lilies in her crest Sprang froni that scarlet dew- While valor's haughty champióne walt Till all their scars are shown Loi-e walks unchallenged through the gate To Bit beside the throne ! ■


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