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We learn tliat efforts are boiug made y friends of certain Republican candidates to obtaiu votes from Demócrata on ;romise of Bupport for certain oanflidates on the Democratie ticket. Such efforts ought to meet with no couuteuauoe from any Deuiocrat. We feel contident that no oaudidate on the Democratie ticket in tuis county will for a single moment sanction any such proposition or arrangement, and no wise friend of any Democratie candi date will f 11 into such a trap. Such trades cannot be kept from the knowledge of the friends of the candidate bartered away,and the result must uecussarily be crimination and rucrimiuation, charge and countercharge, uutil it will be found that the interests of the whole ticket have been sacrificed. Let Demoorats reniember that Washtenaw county, on a f uil vote, is strongly Democratie, and that the whole ticket oan be easily elected if Democrats will be true to their professions and each other. There is no danger of Kepublican success except through Demooratio división. Democratie unity and a full vote will bring a Democratio viotory. Let all personal likes and dislikes, all personal jealousies, be forgotten, and let caudidates and their friends work from now until the day of electioo for a full voce and a full ticket. Joseph BRuau Ffnton. - The Flint Globe, a Kupublican jouruul, gives the Utiw Democratie candidato lor Cominissioner of the State Land Oliice the folio wing good notice: Mr. Chauncey W. Ureenet who was nominated by tbe Demócrata of this State for the ollice of CoiumiBsiouer of the State l.aml Office, declined some time ago to accept the nomïnatiou. His place has been aupplied by the name of J. Brush Fentou, of this city, who is a son of the late Win. M. Fentou. Mr. Fonton is a man of irreproachable character aud good ability. He was a soldier iu the late war, and did some excellent service. We kuow of no Democrat in the State whom we would rather see iu the Land Office thau Mr. Feuton, it through any miraculous interposition auy Democrat ahould happen to bo elected. This indorsement by a political epponent follows the demand uiado by a large nutuber of the leading Republicana of Bay County, upon the Kepublican State Coinniittee, for the removal of Mr. Fenton's opponent, Gen. Partridge, froui the tiokot ; a demand made after the refusal of Partridge to withdraw at the request of the same parties. In this deuiaud the siguers gay : The retention of Mr. Partridge on the ticket, we believe, seiioualy endangers Uepublican success in Bay couuty, aud n our Senatorial Congressional Distrïcts, and will largely affect the balance of the State ticket. We further believe that as Republicana and acquainted with the personal character of aud record of Mr. Partndee, it is our dutv to mand lus withdrawul or reinoval from the ticket lor the reasons generally that we believ that his general reputation or honesty, truth and veracity is bad ; that his busiiess reputation is tricky and unreliable, aud that his ohvucter is so tainted that we believe his admiuistratiou of the office would be a repetition of the frauds and corruptions which we uow know to have prevailed in that oflic during the years 1871 aud 1872. The land department is oiiü of the most intricate and responeible offices of the State. In view of these faots every Ropublican who wishes to see the State Land üftice in charge of a Couatmasioner both competent and should vote for the Demnientunon all rm,.;„i„ . . - - - "■ uuouoctea with thedepartmeuts at Washingtoa.-and probablyon all custom-houae „ffioew postae and other . ronl.,eall.l.o makes a peremp J demana lor the paymentofBll JTJ derstood that thi. latest order ft Kemade to embrace nou.oomm.88.fa;n8.t I od officers and private soldiere detailed iüisisoivil 8erv1C9 reform as -uarttn I 'eed by the Cinoiunati Convent a„d Chandler, eoretary of the Interior "ho rogulttriy draws hia ..... " lu, ' . Ta T a ohairniaa of the Li New York. The people's money i, been paid t0 this man and th0U8ftn J " I M..offio,al underling8, aot to do ' P-oplrt work, but to H 5"o'tw2.o1Tid'1th'brtto'i'i8- Eeport hwVth.Vc.rl SohuIZ n ■ than bu8Íne88 ma„ or -7 penty the prosperity of the wholo land. Theyk hat they cannot out trom the trade of the whole South a prospero and produc s ' f the same tlmepay the tazesthat aproa , perous 8outh would pay, and in aPdd . hon be t „ed to keep armies ia the And who ever charged you with . .. ovr guspucted it. We hava heardthatyou wm, onc(j & ha , Zack Ch.ndle,'.Saad.y School J. but a prophet- never. ' 'listicCi ?LD" arethéo. ba listio letters are 8upposed to ent and force to the oal,8 made on oibce-nolden, for a portion of their aala rstorthe use ofZach Challe, .„a hacOmmittee8. Interpreted th a ' Come omediately down, Or get. " The Ann Arhor ABOU8 wishes to know under what law the bullota are rcquired to say, ' For representativo in the 4óth Conresn." Section 55 of the compiled laws of IS? 1 provides thut " the baHot shall ilusiónate tho oftico to which each peruon named [on the ballot] 18 intended to be choseu." How eau such olïioe be deaignated, as on the Indiana confedéralo ballot, by simply say ing " lor Conress 't" Kxactly : that section is familiar to us, but if our Lansing cotemporary will read it again he will suo that neitherdirectly nor indirectly does it prescribe the title of the office in question or of any other office. We didn't indícate thut " for Congress" was the correct title but asked only for the law proscribí ng the specifio title given by tho Iiepublican aathe correct one. We fail in getting the desired information. Now, if our friend of the llepublican will turn to section 32 of the compiled laws of 1871 ho will find the title definitely given, " For Represen tative in Congress" - that and nothing more. It is unnecessary to give the niniihur of the Congress or the number of the district. If for a nacancy, of course "to fill vacancy" should be added to the title. It is just na necessary to iusort Michigan after the words " for Governor," or of lngham eounty after the words " for Sheriff," as to desígnate on the ballot the number of Congressional, Senatorial or Representativo district and just asneoessary to give the number of the Legislatura as thu uutnber of the CougrüHtt. We agree with the liepuhlican that " too much care cannot be taken in regaid to ballots, or election laws in general," but care does not necessarily lie in the direction of lumbered up titles. Republican speakers and journalists who hold up the rebel debt as a searecrow in the face and eyes of timid voters have a poor idoa of the iutelligence of their hearers and readers. If the Con stitution did not stand in the way of the paymunt of the " rebel debt," if the Southern Mtates and Southern politioians had the least desire to pay a debt owing to Northerner8 and foreigners they will be denied the privilege of doing so, for the simple ruason that there is no rebel debt, that is, no deSt contraoted by the late Confederaoy now outstanding and due. We copy one of the Confedérate bouds, the visión of which disturbs the nightly druams of' the averago Republicau : " Two years after a ratification of a treaty of peace between tüe Confedérate States and the United States of Americu thu Confedérate States of America will pay tun dollars to bearer." That is the legend inscribed upon the Confedérate bouds aud notes, and no "treaty of peace" having been mado or "ratified," as " uominated in the bond," there is no debt to bo paid by auybody. Aud now we hope that our Republican friends will get a quiet mght's sleep. The campaign argument being used against John H. Henderson, caudidate for Representativo in the Second district, is that liis daughter married a son of Dr. Douglas, and therefore he ought not to be sent to the Legislature, and we understand that this reasoning, rather than the promotion of temporáneo through the election of Ctipt. Allen, procured the withdrawal of Mr. Childs. No Democrat is gudgeon enough to be ur of)T.iiinA,i ,jtwi ii ... I - - -- """"ui tüe procuring of Dr Douglas and as the Democratie candóte he is eatitled to and shouÏÏ oeivo. the Democratie vote. Let no Doorat be trightened at ftny made THB Detroit PoU, Wmm'TOngon the I ÍTAZ r.1!6"' .the D,mocratic (W?7 , 8te UonilnitteS of the Con,tjtuüoa.l a.aendmeat i„crea8ing the alanés of Circuit Judges to $2,000 year, suggesta that the membors of the two committees WOuld also no doubt o th. nendment relativa to conSitufaonal amendments. We think not The firstamendmeutisriKhtaad,,, Wed. ToempowertheL l nuLTr C0U8tUuti -t„Jraen I a the! attorpart of March anrf eubmit obe heTd 6 Mhe PePle at the electiiVt k n Mnda in April to push ameadmeut toa vote beL ' ".oreveatolearnwhatthey : i feS55SSa3Li ; Kravest resulta. How Z Til ,Jeatl to e i of a Hfetime Costh hf" d ,tlle ear"lex a mortgago or bv hi fa''"1K toi'ig acleod.adiudbfi lmPl'e'ly recordJarge an.oünt of t''"'ey a'ííd ï"1?1 W'" st a to remove." "ney and great annoyauce to he "'T01100 WhÍCh ls -'-We ., 'Ch Wl11 "" the public a-inst ter 80 vividlv portravH. wmer a„ horstman as well asa tho h ula have repudiated wonld IÜ8Ure the allowanoo and Dav the f f Wrd8 ftW-Wld.i.i. oug Dtar to the seotional Kepublicau. bunestheslanderthodeep. i" -oble letter, a„d ought to b0PrJV; evory yotor in the laad. PaM t ..7 truck hands with the Repúblicas and "" of Graat 5butW.deHa.up. ton „ yet a rebel_because he J the Deiuocracy. Th.if w l.sistency.


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