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A Voice From South Carolina

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After l'arke Godwin bad fiuished his inasterly oration to the business men of New York city, on the eveuing of Octoberlltb, Judgu ïbomas J. Mackuy, of South Carolina, made a forcible speech. The followiug is portion of the Judge's oration : juuob mackay's adduüss. At the close of Air. Gudwiu's address Judge Thomas J. Mackuy, Judgo of the Circuit Court of South Caroliua, and wbo until latoly has acted with the Kepublican party, was then iutroduced. He met with a very warm reception". speaking at great length on the past and presuntcondition of South Carolina, he said that the poople of his State wore dotorinined to throw off the oppressive yoke whioh they had borue for the past sovon yoars. (Cheers.) " We are carryiug tha ilag ot the Uuion, and consider ourselves good aud loyal American citizens. (Ctieors.) We niwm to stand firm in our cfïort to f roe ourselves froni the abuses hetiped upon us by corrupt rulers, but wo uuuin to acoomplish this by the ballot aud not by the sword. (Cheers.) Since the close of the war we have greatly suffered froin the present pernicious govurument. At that time the population of South Carolina was 700,000, composed of about 400,000 blaoks and 279,000 whites. In July, 1868, the dobt of the State was $5,000,000, and in six years it has increased to 120,000,000. The publio printing alone one year cost $300,000. The wholo taxable property did not aniount to over $1 30,000,000, from which the Eepublioans extractad $2,000,000 yearly. All the work of the Legislature eould be ooniplbted in thirty duya, but the session is extended over one huudred days, costing each year $012,000. The systoni of taxatioa in the State amountcd to uothing short of conliscation of property. ("Shame!") Columbia, tha capital of the State, has a tax of 5 1-2 per cent., while the bank rate of interast is from 18 to 30 per cent., owiug to the great risk of luakiug any kind of investinent. We cannot draw capital from the great North in exchange for tho products ot the State, now wasting for the want of a proper uiarket. Thore ire out of 16,000,000 acres of arable land only 3,000,000 acres under cultivation, owing to the high rate of interest and the vicious systeui of government. The only olass of persous who have done well in South Carolina are the carpet-baggers and the office-holders - the latter grow richer as the goveminent grows more corrupt (laughter), and are likely to do so until thoy are wiped out at the coming eleotion. (Applause.) The speaker then referred to the uomination of General Wade Hampton for Governor of South Carolina, who, he said, was free from political taint, as were the other Demooratie oandidates for office. They intended to do their duty, aud had dared to face their Kepublican enemies even in spite of the bayonet. (Cheers.)


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