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GREAT WESTERN TUK SHORT LINT BET WEEN DETROIT, BUFEALO, NEW YORK, NIÁGARA FAILS, BOSTON ■ PMlaflfilïlia, AND ALL BASTEEN CITIIiS. '■■' ' Q ÏWlf.EStUeSliortest I.lne f rom L& JL 7 üfttroit to I;u Uitlti aal i'ointu Ktist. 8dS A Miles the ghortest line frora Detroit to 4=-4 J Niágara Fallti and points Eat. Surc Conncctious at Siiwpension Bridge mul liul't'ulo nilli (he New York Cent rul and Krie UlLilv:t}'N. The Track and Equipment of tl.e OltEAT 1 WKSTKliN are perteot. an( lt is magged with a vis"tini: the "CEfVTESíyaAL" Bullólo, "d is th' ouly l'in wwi181011 "' a"d roweapptr"011 " via thi8 popuiar . AgentM. C. R. R., Aan Arbor ilieh. I AWARDED TOe Firsí Preiiim AT THE CEISTTENTvTIAL SEPT., 1S7C, Over Tliousauds of Co.,,,,etitors ! I i THE CBOr I JËEL si s-uth Mata tet. Ana alo?; IUSI)ünS. , f]SHBTB.HIX,C, ATTOENEY AT LAW And dealer ,o Real K,lat(, 0,,ce % House BJnck. .„„ . -__!___ ANN ABBOR taOiopr SS Hotel. ïhis .s ,„„■,". ",? '■', ?PP?ft Ctook' FOK 81 IE. orboth. fora flrst-ilai, Vo , ,xilluso. ÜUfer Reaper. M l ouug Horsc or a Koixl 16(Mw4 I M. ROGERS!. Me_ v llfroe. SimsoN & Co., Portlnnd 1673 ' A DQLlül. SAVED NEW GOODS ! AndprlceeLOWIiR THAN KVBE. Sounty, con8iS8ofi SKI:];'! . ? JSï?l LINE OF TEAS, AU of the new orop-inclnding Xwankays, ndweUselectedWtocíToí Dd rOuud ful' [SUCARS, SYRUPS AND MOLASSES, BOOTS &SH0ES. HATS, CAPS, GLOVES KDWARD DUFFY Maynard-sB.ock, oor. Main ttnaAnn9tr;et8 hj... . Ani Arbor, Mich Prod111881 "I Pri=e Pid ior .11 f„m Scwinglacbines THE SINGER, I 1TEW DO2LESTIC, And iO HOWE, iXeedles for all xachines SJWGER ICffllS :?P?'red better therc Ihu ,„„„„„ .. . SÏÏRR? 5ï?L.- - OKice, Ann I . . (15W) _ RIWWEJLl. Airent. , 1 14 óvs'tS, -ou, with Hgoodsized brick house Lnd fï Alao ter -"Ssiaí L obt,ünfor Undtl goud &? , that.r "n ten per cent. inte8t r5r 'nT'tmenu Ann Arbor, Jan. s , i8-6. E" W' M0J8AN. 1 . 1664 AT THE ARGÜ8 OFFICE, ■ Corner M..n and Hurón st et5 i II Oí I I (D mm r 8 ? 3 O r - HOUSE, Thorough-Bred Pigr AT A BARGAIN ! ' Crida" bíT whl f rlundeft'k to keepte! aeUing: vpos d"p them írom onrlist,b; pair? ■ " Ka 3lllPPinS , tor eachor15 to mik. -rípSC '"Athi" .yanefAü ïapital, . . Assets Jan 1, 1S76, I $O.792,649.93. Loases Paid in 55 Years, $44,760,391.71. Surplus over all Liabilities, including ■Ke-lnsurance Reserve $4,735,092.86. eReUin!US Ver Liabilies, inoluding Re-Insurance and Capital Stock, 4w m _. _ 1,735, 092. SS. ____C_AC1 AgrentAiiii Arhor.


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