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Democratic Meetings

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At Lymlon Center, Friday eveuing, üct. 27th. Messrs. Geo W. Turnbull, C. H. Richmond and H. Wade Hogers. At Pleasant Lake, Fieedom, Friday afternoon and eveniug, Oct. 27th, Messrs. Hurnmau, Burleigh, and a Germán. At Saline villaje, Saturday evening, Oct. '28th. Messrs. Richmond, Whitinan and Harriman. At Mooreville, Monday eveniug, October 30th. Messrs. D. Cnnier and W. f). Harriman. At Stoney Creek, Augusta, Tuesday evening, Oct. 31. Messrs. Harriman aud Richmond. At Thomas' Huil, Chelsea, Tuesday evening, Oct. 31. Messrs. D. Uramer and Chas. E. Whitman. At Merrill's School House, Webster, Wednesday eveniug, Nov. l. Messrs. C. B. Whitman and C. H. Manly. At Pittsüeld ïown House, Wednesday evening, Nov. 1. Messrs. C. H. Richmond, H. Wade Rogers and C. M. Woodruff. At Schooi House, Delhi Mills, Thursday eveniug, Nov. 2. Messrs. O. H. Richmond aiul W. D. Harriman. At Walsh's Corners, Northfield, Thursday eveniug, Nov. 2. Messrs. C. R. Whitman and D. Cramer. At Dexter village, Friday evening, Nov. 3d. Hon. C. Joslin and C. R. Whitman. At Parsons' School House, Saline, Friday eveuing, Nov. 3. Messrs. W. D. Harriman and Wade Rogers. At School House, Geddes, Saturday evening, Nov, 4. Messrs. O. H. Richmond and W. D. Harriman. At School House, Dixboro, Saturday evening, Nov. 4. D. Cramer.


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