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Letter From Dr. Douglas

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ÜíDitok Anaus:- It is atated in certain quarters that the friends of the Umvemty and myself are opposed to the election oi Mr. Sawyer on the ground that they fear an investigation by the Legislatura. So far ia lam coucerned, and so far as I have auy knowledge, tliis is absolutely and unqualiftedly false. I have not uow, or have I ever had any fear of the most searching invostigation of my public aots. Months of time have been expended in investigations betore three eommittees of the Kegents, the only legal body iiaviug charge of the affairs of the mstitutiou. All this time Dr. Kose and his friends have steadily aud persistently refused to appear in his deteuse or allow the Doctor to go upon the witness-stand for cross-examination. There was uo power to compel him to appear or give testimony. The whole matter is now in the courts and no party guilty or innocent eau refuse to appear aud divulge under oath what he may know of the transactiou. The talk of a legislativo committee is but auother arbitration farce. This committee if raised will have no legal power to compel the atteudance of a single wituess except with a view of impeachiug the Board of Regents, and can acquire uo such power short oí a revisión of the Constitution. Should Dr. Bose and his trieuds be requested to appear before suoh a committee, I venture the prediction that he will do as he has heretofore done, refuse. The whole object ot this legislative cry is revealed in the following paragraph trom Beal's Courier : " We have our " consolation, aud it is this, if justice is done, " then the naxt Legislatura will reimbuise us." Should Mr. Beakes be elected to the Legisiature I hope aud trust that he will go there, as any honorable gentleman should, pledged to faithfully serve the best interests of his constituents. I have not and shall not ask him to regard my private interests in his public and official acts. Ann Arbor, Oct. 26, 1876.


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