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The Beal-douglas Controversy

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The Courier of Friday laat contauied the following ' Open Letter: " To Silas H. Douglas, Esq : ])kar Sib - Sorae months ago you commenced a libel suit against me ia the Circuit Court of this county, laying your damages at $50,000. For reasons well known to all, the suit did not come off at the Juiy term last. 1 surely expeeted that you would briug it ou at the next term ; but you have failed to notico the case for trial, so the auit goea over to soine diatant day in the future. Now, Mr. Douglas, this failure on youi1 part to bring on tina suit looka to me as though aouie other way oí' trying thia caae would auit you better, and I am led to this conclusión Ir om the f act that at the laat term of court your attorneys tried to have referees appointed in aome other casea in which you are iutereated. I make you the following proposition : I wiit submit thla matter in controversy as to the guilt or iunocence of yourself and Dr. Kobo to Hon. John J. Bagley of Detroit; Hon. Wm. L. Webber, oí Sagmuw ; Judge Huutington of Mason; Hon. C. M. Croswell, of Adrián, and Wm. B. MeOreery, of Flint, the decisión of these men to be final- no appeal. In catse their decisión is in your favor and against Rose 1 am to pay you 1 00,000 for your own private usé, to do with as you see proper. If the decisión is in favor of Dr. Bose and against you, you are to pay the auin of 150,000 -10,000 togoto Dr. Boae and Ï40.000 to go the TJaiversity, to endow a chair to be called "The Bose Profesaorahip." Both partiea to give -bonds to be approved by these tive men, for the faithful performance of the agreenient. The above are all prominent men. Ono is the Governor of this State, one is the Republican candidate for Uovernor, oue is the J udge of thia district and the other the Treasurer of this State. If these men will not act as arbitrators, they to aelect three or five men to aot in their plaoe. If this offer is not in proper legal form, the arbitrators to have the privilege of putting it rnto shape. This offer is made with the conüdent hope that it will be acoepted, and the vexed question be settled at ouce and forever. Bespectfully yours, K. A. BEAL. The next move in this "game of bluif" is the following reply of Dr. Douglas, given to the publio through the Free Press of Sunday morning : Ann Aeboe, Ootobee 21, 1876. E. A. Bbal, Eaq : Sie - A friend has placed in my hand your paper in which you publish what you are pleased to cali an " open letter." Had you sent the letter to me instead of publisbing it in a newspaper it would have received prompt attontiou. You say in your open letter : " I will submit this matter in controversy as to the guilt or innocence of yoursolf aud Dr. Kose to Hon. John J. Bagley, of Detroit; Hon. Wm, L Webber, of Sagiuaw; Judge Huntingtou, of Mason ; Hon. C. M. Urosswell, of Adrián, and Hon. Wm. McUreery, of Bay City, the decisión of these men to be flual no appeal." This proposition, although you arrógate to yourselt the extraordmary aud unheard of right to name all of the arbitrators, I unhesitatingly accept, aud have directed my attoruey, Mr. Kiuue, to give all the aid possible to have the necessary papei-s prepared to submit the questions prouoseil to these gentlemen for their early and prompt decisión. I would have preferred that your proposition had also included the queatiou of your guilt or iniiocence in the panding libel suit, so that that suit could have beeu disposed of at the same time. But you will permit me to say that 1 have no faith in the siucerity or honesty of your propositiou. From the commeucemeut of this cuntroversy you have expressud your dissatisfactiou with tha tribunal befoie w&ich the iuvestigation was pending. When one cominittee appointed by the Board of Begents had lopunou iu iny lavor and against Dr. Kuse, you desired a second ; aud wheu a second reported you wanted a third ; and when a third was grauted, and they had reportad also in my favor and recommended the tiismissal of Dr. liose, and the Board ot Kegents had patieutly and carefully examined all, the reporta and evideuce, aud had votad to sustain the committees and had removed Dr. R se, you wished the matter to be investigated beiore a legal tribunal ; and now, when a oase ia at issue and ready for trial, you wiah it taken out of oourt and submitted to five gentlemen ofyour own selection as arbitrators. You kiiow periectly well that these gentlemen will not consent to reviüw the actiou 01 the tíoard ol Regenta deolarmg me innocent, but if they will, Í will gladly have them act. 11, however, you are so anxious to have the suit and controversy euded, I hare otter, in case of their ref usal to act as arbitrators, to have the case placed on the docket for trial at the coming term, or the court may appoint one or more referees to to act upon all the questions, so that it may üually be disposed 01 at the earhest day possible, and betore tlie election, so that thure wiO be no neeessity of electing any une to carry this controversy to tte Legislature. SILAS H. DU UJL AS. When any deflnite arrangemeuts are cotnpleted, lookiug to the proposed arbitratiou ir otherwise, we shall advise the public. The Cikcuit Couei.- Judge Huntiugton opeiied the Uctober term of the Circuit Court on Tuesday, called the calendar, made the lollowing orders, etc, and then adjourued the term until November 9th : People vs. Wm. Bell ; horse-atealing ; plead guilty and sentenced to State Prison tor one year and six months. Peeple ts. Clinton Wade; horse-stealing ; plead guilty and senteuced to State Prison for three years. People ts. B. F. Crandall ; burglary ; plead guilty and aeutenced to State Prison tor two years. People vs. Wm. Harrington ; horse-stealing; plead guilty and sentenced to State Prison for tive years. People vs, Lewis Bush ; forgery ; plead guilty and sentenced to State Prison ior threo years. TJpon applicatiou the following persons were admitted to citizenship : John Geo. Klager, Geo. 8hipmai, Ghristian Leffler, George Mast, Martin 8eitz, Jacob Kaimbach, Hugh Ros, aud Godfrey Rehfus. Susan Vaugun vs. Samuel Vaughu ; chancery ; decree oi divoroe granted. Mayor, Eeoorder and Alderinen of Ann Arbor vs. Clark fe Oropsey ; tima extended 60 daya iu which to file aud settle bill of exceptionB. Fred. Rettlch vs. A. Widenmann ; chancery ; decree of foreclosure granted. Silaa H. Douglas vs. Rice A. Beal ; on motiou of defendaut the case was stricken from trial docktít tor the present term.


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