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Ñlcd'ieal !' nriflK; !.■!. i'i i ftVfn hi êérvic X Washlennw ml tltè ucijjirtiWg Co'inücs, afe llivilr .... ■ ..n ifie principies ns i:,lti,),, ff, , ..i', no-i mntetl dise.i tlioTct t%vi virs Rccorilinj l theliiw of.'HoPiiB jp.fthy, - ( Si .''■■' W .■'■'' ■ rvnnlt'ir. ) t:iTir?it in'tftw nov3ch'j'l ol ■ ■■■licüip ; nn ingcoHluaic the siioc s.s f ili rwo in. iiV. rèipriain niKl sucrosfuí nii'iïi ! . 1 triUl. .ire :v.-v u 11 oï ei 3. i.erm üHMiily A foc'ioas of i ' ! .t-. &u. KirVe útw iWf&rtiiïii retnrtilita j iiepsy, ninnía; alyi! neriraJgii brwnchms, liver'iiiiJ (ll":t'!''bi.iclc nicaslüs, nuil-.-iiM src!. ervs .,r ivèk Wrtgtfe; crur nAanuniHQn "t IJ 1 braiii, Moioscfi, bowéts. &■?, &ö. nrporrfy a ( ..f tho JiiHgy iilsr 'hr have been suiji ' tOrriira by the timly ni;i;ioniun of loi ma ! eimcnis. ■ :il lirllmr ps.v, llw iiinicrsnicil woiü.i {pl, ... -,v. ..11 ut j : ítój !4ieihei llotm ;; c!:iin:s to bc )r Qöl. ![.- w 11 1 , 1 !,' = ■ sfnto 'ii :t bc !n js rel ir:n Nev Y-.i.-k Bil r:il.i.'i!.i. ,. mh n eom.tdie feïröneniof MEDIGAMRNTS, jnèi np rtc t fro; 1 Leipsiq, luthisplna?. vvi.iftie l:e wül : acióuJ W ftll cails, nVd furnisli mêdionrniits. büoki. iSbc. at the lowtst pítCPS Tr-.n; tho anti oxclusite att m : . ■ vin t tlie stüjly ' „■,.( -,- 1 ■.,-..: ü .■:■■..■■■■:■ 5':vf suíísfucilriü ' tli5o v. lm m:iy fnvöjr liiiu wiilt tlS. p St p :li!. I patioiitsbt .1 dïstancb, v.;il recóive pro ottcniiou. TUtsc w'i may wis!i to piafe rhcmsolvcji tin,],:r !ii f'.r arty clir., , c;n) btiiiii 1) luinxrs eiiht-r at his hoiisc. or in otltei 'Vicoá, atlövr pri , ; TifOS. ü.UCKWOOi). M. D. Hó'rtifi'öpailjist. f p'sil inti; 2f)t1i Xov. ! - ;- 2 ï:- 'y lVardwcH & .BS i x on, iKÍPoftTfiílS AND WliOLESALE ÜL:ALERS liV HARDWARE AXJ) CüTLERY. ECT.No 4, Cal " s-net. 2 ilonrg ü!ovc Ftuil st IVcw York. , J. M. WXRDWJtLt Ct.riti!..M P. DiM'N V. & I), nro rt'coivirtg n Kiil áhd nchcmi as II ut .if Ej1ísIi nnJ AnioricMU fíarJwarc. canaiáUíii} ín .rt of '!'a!!o np.;l Pocket Cmleiy. c . ,-' K 1. ir.-, Piles, Chtsc-ls, Planè lr.:is anti Saws, lmerican Bau?aiiJ Scrcws. Ames' S!m v,.Is 1 . Win. R-iwIiükI's Mili aiüi XCutSnv-. U.nris'. Tïlo.xlb'. Dennis' aod Tnylor's Scthes - vvïiïéh aré attpVed on tbc most ■ '; icnns lor cisii or tix hiourli'scri dif. Nciv York. Eet. Id G. 252- fimTo Wool C revers. Í7"E be-ir K-a vu 10 inforrn our W9.0I (':■ W fricn:'?, (!at we sii.ill Lo prepaic-J för.ilu pu: uiii-t: "i ioo?ooo íbs. of a ge i f!iri!ii;.l)'e nnick', a . nb i'. ■ OS WC ü; coñneijied wzih !.- . .n wöpl di llora, we y!ui!l be.jkble to ;iy lite i,: thc Easicrn mar kel will ;il".),i!. (I,, it coni)lqim w;i m.tde Fasí eeasou nmongsi ihe iv;.-i'-:n Dealers and M.inufacturers,.iñ referonco t ihc joor cojodiiíon o! Michigíin Wool - !iiic!i of ii being n l id oriíej muí a considerable portjon beíng viixcu:li.d. W'o vou!d litro t:kc occaíicí'n Id requost ihn! (lio uttmist pñino álioulu It {aken in hnve iho 8hoc() well washed hefore ehearing, iba: ihe ''(;.' I,vchs be cut olí', nml ihat cacli Floece be carcf 11 U y tied up w'uVi proper wool twine. (cost líj to'JÓ cis per 11).) lionij iwine is llio host : it wijl be fouuJ grc:iüy to the ndyantnge ot' Wonl Gnnv or8to put up tiicir wool in ihis ïnanncr. Un wnshcd wool is nút mercliantnble, and will bc rejüctcd by nioat il" not all of the Wool buyers, ii benig ilinicuk io clean. J. HOLMES & Co. W'oüLiw.iKo Avri r. Larcnds Blocfe. Dctroii, MarciiCG. 184G. 27-i( CLOTH! CLOÏHÜ TÍ1K Un'dersigned woáH inform t tic mblic that tlicy continue to rniuiuïhcture FULLED CLOTH AND FLA.M.ELSf at thoir mnnufdciory. ivo anJ n hr.h' miles west of Ann Arbor, on tho iiuroii River, near t'it P.ailroad. fÈi&iè. The priceofniantic:iirin White Flnnncl u-ill he 20 contó, Fullcd CJoih :7h cenis a:id Cassimere -14 cents per y.-in). or half the cloth In Wool wil! mhfcc. Wc will also exchónge Clüih for Wool on reasonable teims. Tiie colors will bc rny, black or hrown. Th( Wool breldnging tö eaeh individual wi!l be worked by itsclf when ihcré ia enoügti of onc fjüaüiy to niakc Bfl ynrds oí clo'th"; wheri ;his i not the case, sevcral p-irjels cf t!:e snnïc qu.:li! will bc worked togeiher, and the c'.oth dtvïdéd among the sbvernl ownbirs: Wool scnl bv Iliil road, markcd S. W. Folter & Co., Ann Arbor. with directions, will Ijc attendej to in ihc fíhk iinnneras if the owner werc to come with it. - rJ'he Wool will bc mannfnetured in turn ns ii comes in, as ncar ns nny bc consistent with the different lities of Wool. We have heen engaged in tlr's b:isiucs3 scveral year3, and from the very general suiisíacii' we have givun to mir niüneroua ciistomurs foi the last two yeara, wc are in-hiced to ask s Jareo abare of patronage wit!i cuüi'uieiice wi ehiill meet the just expectadon3 ot cnglomc-rs. Lettors should be addreïaeJ io h. W. Fottei & Co., Scio. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, April G. 1846. 2G(My"Slcam Fouiidry." TUK um'crsined hay ing bottgbt the en f i re interest of II. fc R. Partridyo and Geo. F. Kent in the 4iStcam Foundry." An:i Arbor. will manufacture all kinds of Castillas to onlur, aad will o happy to fiiniiáh nny kind pfOoatings t) the old custoinera o) Harrin. Partridgö & Co., If. fc K. Partritlge, .V, Go., and Partridgc. Ken! & Co., nnd to all o:her3 who may favor thoii' wilk a cali. IT. R. HAPJIIS. E. T. WILLIAMS. Ann Arbor, Dcc. 2(3, 181G. 2-14-tf COMTY OKDËÏr THE hi;,'licst prrce p.iid in cash hy ii. F. Lcwif, Exchahge Broker, opposito the Insurance Bank, iJctroh, fur oniers va any of the countifis in ihc Stafc oí Michigan; alsoforSfyate securiticj ol all' kiuJd a:id uneurrent funda Cali andste. Dec I, 1815. 2l!-tf CLOVER MACHINES. THRASIII.XC MACIiLMES flQ(j SeperatOM rñade and solí! ly ihesubícri!)í íhcir Macln'nc Shop, ntiur tlie Paper Mili, Lmvot Tmvn, Ann Arbor, "KNAl'l' & IIAV'JLAA'D. Jon. IQ, 13Í6. 247 tf To Sporfsisicii. AGRNKIt.ALogsorttucfit of Ctistèel nm! Í ot. ! Birrel lli:', döuble and pinole b:j r ' Sliot Guna, l'iro'?. Gun Locks, ( J ■■: fc'iot Pouuhea. l -vdvr Fh--k--. fersn'e by WAÍ, ft. NOYES, 2 18-1 y 76, Woodv.anJ Avenue. Detroit. [ TE.MPL%HANCE ÜÜUSE. Plï. Itli'LKY v.ould suy to his Iriunda nnd ' the iriciid-i of Tempen nee, ibat he baa takn the Teinperance IIuik', Irucly krpt by Win, G. Whcaton, whcre he woulcl be glad to - vm upon them. Hay and Oats and Stabbliny lo accommodate teams. Detroit, January I, 2'5if Cliattcl Xtortgskge, JUST printo'l and for sale at this offico in anj qunntity. MarcliSl, ld 10.: T A N N L. li T . ! - .1 j- -t FT:i'vq ! LEATHER! LEÁTHEU! 1.EATHER! TLDRÜD & CO., No. 123, Jeilbrson AVenue', ISldrcq Block," Detroit, takc J_J rtiis opportunily lu ufonn tliüir.cDstomcrs, and thu jmblic genergijl.y, lliat thcy still continuo to keep on !;aud a full assortnient of Spafrish S.-!o Le;it!icr, AI30, Ln's and Pi es, ('nrcs' Tooií, &c. Símrgfittrtfl Jó Hoi q'áiid CohafLc.-íther, Hcñifofck mnned Upper Lcnthcr, GorüóVjiri do Oiïk " ' Mótocco Bkiósj Ficik!) i;mncl C!; SkiiK-;. :-. .! d.t O;;k .-111(1 Hemloék laruiuil dó (',,m ]!n.' Honilock tanfaeií fiarnesa ;m(l Bnílc .Lcailier, f)o'er tfhd ] .1 nh íi White MiulColo.cdLinings. Ii;ir :iih Tip Ijijjiilior, Printtíil do Skininií. PlitladclfífiiamlJil O)iip' Slioc Trimliu.ssLt do iiing--, ainl Kit of ill kinds. As the Snbscribers are now inanufacturing ihoir own Lcalhcr, thoy are pro pared o solí ás low nscan bes purchased in this nmikof. Mvichants and manufacture rs will fina it to their advanlago to cali and examine iur stock beforc purchasing el'vewhere, 05 Cash and Lcalher exchanged for Ilklqs and Skins. ELDRED Sc CO. Detroit, Jan. 18-10. 2.48-tyThirty Thousand Persons gs s ;) AtfNUALLY ia.ll yictims tó CóhsMmpriÖn in ihc United Statrs. Tftëbau$e of ihccvtl 8 generally overlooked. A short dry cotfglr, or ncglccted colú, s the precursor. These are i dceitiéd unimponant. Poiñ ín (lic side.lieciic I lever, and niybt swenis fotiosv. und dcnili enda 0 scène. WuulJ ym lin J a Ul.T-.i'Y F0I5 Tu." I.VIL ? Fiere it is. The expericnea of more fliari 90 ycars in private practico has provcd its elficacy., ond since its inirod.acáon tu public noliee, alihongh t hls now been oflcre'8 l".it a few moiulis. itf sa!c has l-ecn iinprecedciutd. nnd its suceess bc yoiui quesüou, greát- sö niuc!: eo, that t is dodafcd to bc ihc greuicst rcuicely in ihc world. AST II MA, too. ihat fearfttï and dietrosijig mrilady. whicli rendéis lite byrtlicnornc iis curniniiaiue. Í8subdued wilhoiii Siflicntt'y by iliisreat rómi and tlie suiioror is enabled by its use tn blitatri quic-t icpose ; the s-hurmess ol' hieaih is overeóme, the cou!i isaü.iyed. and honWi.and vigo ; inke the .lace y; despondency and auTering. Dr. Folger'a OLOSAONIA.V, or. Am. lir.M.m Bïti-ur; :s ili RMnedy whicfa has been so .iu -.;iiiy sut lleviaiinp and curing the r.' ' has been used by the tirst pliyíícir.ns in Lhe city, who dcola;e it to he unrivü' u, i.-. lyuch as it does nol dislur'o the bow:l .n t'.tc le:ut !v. ;)rodu'_-ii.g rstivencss, v.hilo all-othcr reniedics rccoi:iiin nded for ;he ahove discscá invariubly aiiut up tlie Iju-a-cis, thiis rcndciin it nceessury lo resol t to purjative uïctlicir.o. Rcád thi i ' , which ' lieved ándeme1. w;;hiñ :■ f Iv weeks : DAVID irENDEilSON, HO Lnigbt street.tuok n severo culi] un the 4;ü Uay oi Ju;y. anu was hrouiiht very Jov.' by a !iwhich rcenltcÓ ín frequent nttocks 1' Mi fröra tlie ltuiL's. Atttïough lic iricd - in (hosfjapeóf remoü-s whicli eduM bö fórtrfd; vet lie wul: not behefhted. and l? i!ip tïiomn l Öoiob-jr v;:s o iiMi.'U ru ! Ly itigíii wc.tís ;! lic detpaircd of !i!c. One t.otile of M%ct' Qlosfjpnhrt re?ircil Im-i to hcftlih. GEÖRGK V. BÜítÑKI f. e Newark, N. J. . has sufferod umlér the ior more .th:ni u ycsr; I ' : ' the brink uftlie grave ahuost. I -i 't:t -wrais. l; ■_■ ■).ii:r.t.i-,i.c.l r..i. -;;._' ïiljJOil ia liivt inoiuh oí QoobiBjc lo :■ He. i ■ tlio OJowpnim, raid ly üe.oii Ijq waa 90 t'ar restorl iHal lic left for Pjttbjurgb wnli (;vei v prospect ol recpvewog li iitüiiii., Mr8. 3ELJL, tha v.ü'e of Robori J'. Jicll. o!" MorristowOi .'". J-. was dreadfully ailüclcd yyjtb As'.lima lor innny years. Her pliysicinns had di'spoirtd oí relioving her. Ünc paule of tjie Olosaonian s Hir ro.siitrcd her tliat slie was Bbje to get uut of lier bed and lrcs3 hcrself, whicb èhc bnd not doo bcfore in monihs, and she is now in a luir way to bo reheved. Mr. F. LAliAX. ói Piliv streef, wns $o bnd wilh üsilima ihat lie liud not slop in bis bed for ter. weeks, w'.ien hc commenecd the nse of tliis great remedy. One bpttle uured lii:n, and lic hns iiothad a reiura oí Lio compluíní now more íive months; Mrs. McOA.NN. 20 Walker streef, was al?o cured of severc asrarèa by the Olosaonian, nnd statc-s that she never fenèto médic'no givc such iriuncilinti; and [.eniinnent relii-f. GEORGK W. ilAYö, oí ihis ciiy. was ven up by lus pliyeidnn a3 iticurabíe. Jíis djsi was? eongupiniion and wlien he coüiincncotl using the Oloiaonian, was so wc-.ik ihat lic could not walk without bciu iissisied by a fricml. ])y strict attcniion hc was su (at restoieii in a fewecKs fis to oe noic 10 purgue nis uusuiceh. JAMES AvCROAIBlE, IvO Nowau street ; J. J. Parselís, Jl TcriIi strcct ; C. tí. B ?IU Bleeckor stroef j Jame? D.ivis, 58 Grcenp strect : and Mrs. Malle, ft Mortn stroct ; bnvê uj'I cxjicricnctid tlie goodefiecO of die OIon.iijiilnn in coughfl of long stanidini; nad nSljctiona ofilie Iñnga, íiikI witli ouo nccord. to bc llic . ■ -;;cciiy uiiJ dfftéffial, tlï.-it til'.". ilcajcr, nro j'on surtcring from t!c tbovèlisf.-;i!=c '? Trj ■'!}' Y'iu wiU ii'i!. por. regre't it. it t.i.'iy nrrcst. all ibosedisayrcc, .'.d:iis wliich .siriko sücK ttiror tu the ha prolonii 5'onr Furs.'ilcat Li)6 Nasa iü Bt, one dtfor above Ann, otad at Mrt, Iiayü. Ij39 Kuliou st., IJrookljrn. Agenta Cor Ann Arbor, W. S. J. VV, Maynard; E. SaniAsoD, Vpsilanti: I). C. 'ni: Dexlcr; PickfonJ & Cniitr. tí; Smiili & Tyrol. Clinton; !l. Bpvtër, Mnnclieatcrj P. I';iriick Sc Co., riymouih; D. Gr.egory-ïsnd A. (ront, Vorthville. '2 J !-(Jino FEATHERS -and PAPER fJANGINGS may lo all times at die MwiiArrAN Store, DoirDit, W. A. RAYMOND. Dec. 25, 1811. 'JJ1- 6m D1SSECTED MAPS- An instnicme rlrlá aniusing arlicle for tlie youqe. for aio at PERRY'S BÖÖKSTÓRE. Doe. 'j:j. 24bifJ. HOLMES d CO., WHOLESALE ANi) KKTAIL UKALKRS IN STATLF. AND KACY DRY GO O DS, Dry tifóèeïicSi lUrrpcliag, n.npér HffinghtgSi Xu. ü' Avenue, LarnecVs Moei,') Detroit. j UM.MKS, New York. ) s m. iinr.iiK-; Deifpjl. WV. tüke iliis ineihod o) inforjiiing.oui friends mul eustöÏHcrs ilironl)oiit t-he State, rlnn wc :uc siiij Hirsiiinii tliu even tenor of our w,) s, endo.'ivoriújj to o uur bufiese upon i_ir and bonprubie principies. 'c would aiso tenJcr mr ac!iiuwicd:ii)Cii!8 (qt, the patronage extended to lis by otir cuitojuers. and wpüld bèg feave lo cali tho nitention c i f the pulilic tb n voy wel] ïelectcd assoriment of stasonablo Goods, wiiioh are o ic red ;it wliolcsaie or rciaiJ nt very Ioiv prices. Our fnciltties lor purciiitbiiig Güuds are unsiirpasued by nny concern in the Suite - C)nc of the hnn, Mr. J. Holmes resides in ihe oity of. New York, ;md from liis long experiencc in the Jobling trndc in city, and tróni hit ihorougli knowlcde of tho iiunkei, lie is eiuib!cd 10 avail liimséir of the aneiiona anj any decline in priecs. V'e also purchnso fiom tht imporlers, MarjufactureV's Ágenos, """id ftoni tnc oiictiotis. by üfe [jésknge, tb'ê snh?e rs Ñ. Y. JuLijeiy purcliaíc, thus süvincr il.eir profitSi - Wiili liit-io we cüii s-.'i'rly say Huil uiti Goode ure goid i rt.n1 iur the eyitience ol wtícíi v.e invite the aiiemion of the public to om sioek. We hr.Id to the greaí cardinal principie oi ■ 't'" jrrcafèsl _ ' ■ lic vh-b: unwtícr." so i' yon wnntto liny Goods ct{np aiid bu)' a luiit (i:anl'i-i (br ü V Cc fnji.i :r 'ixe ü" a iri!. Our sipek is üs è's' n lbo city. nnd wé r.rt: eoiii-miitly. reicaïviug n'éw andii(.sh (JwouoJiuni New Yorft. 50,000 ïbs. Wool. Vnntcii. the aimvé rj'antTty ofgöbd morclnnti ul::c!i tue lïiglioSt ui-ulut ju iet vill be paid. J. H0ÍM1 S & CO. Vu nier af JfJ . Bi i are tff.ikint; jmrchcsA. Tl . i I . Vou wiil ImuI there . ;iy aiu! ;. : li m ; fieo: VS e li Good Heavy Öhccüngs, Alapiii Uii'.lii' . ' rfo.-t, 'ritkingtj, ?.■;: -!::i !Ji t.tiiiCS, Linie) s. Ku! ::ii;l w liite Flanni . ; . FjjII Cloüi-., i j;..r:c-c-, CassiiiifiL;-, Glovbs, Husibiy, tiroddclblh ;. t': ■.'..: r-, Bhawls, Uibbutid, Lincn Catubric JlJhls. Laces. ■ . .c. , Coiton Wicking, WlulcCnr-ct VV,! : Jo. iK'. . ötraw 'i . hleathe:! Coitoi'fe ol ;ill qur. 1 i ■ : sr Fine ui.blt.-iclitJ C'ottoria. Bnrrw) Muslins. Jfec. &c. Áísp, I'K.i'l'llKJlS anti PAPER FIANGI.(.S, Bur(!t;iiiir, VVindow-ppper, Fire board papers. Tiavcling Butliets. Fiks' rafóTEA and COFFEE, Ac. &c. And other anieles ton numerous to inoniipn. FarnioriJ ciiniu.t iail of iiiiding the Mnnhattait Store n '!ctirib!c place to do their tradin;,'. No p.-iins will bo tjiarcd in wauing on customerö and n]{ are iuvitcd to r-all and oxnniine our guods bcfine m.'.king their purchases. While wc nrc coiiiiduu that all m!io examine our stock wiil boy, yet wc wil! take no ofiencc, if arter shown our goodu. peoplc choose to tradf clsewhere. W. A. RAYM0ND. Detroit, Dec. 25, 1845. 244- Gm1846. VVO OLESALE & RETAIL. A. M' FA E REN, BOGKSELLER AND STATIOMER. SM ARTS ÜLÜCK, 187 JKFKKRSON AVENUK, DKTBOIT. KEKI'S co'nsta.niíy for salen complete nssortnicMit óf Miacjéllaneou8, Schooi jind Class:cal Uooks, Let 'er aml C;i[) l'npcr. pl.iin nnri n:l el, Quills, luk. eainig W.m.y. Cmlcry. Wnip; ii ' Pnpcr. l'ririiing Peper, of ;iil sizes; and Book, Nèwénnd Cannisierink. 'ofvnriuns kinds. BLANK 15OOKH. !ul! and jmll lio-md, of évcry variciy of Ruling, Memorandum Buoks. Ac. To and ótliera, buying iii 'MH;iiies. ;i lariro uicounl maiïe. Ü:il)Lu'.h School aud Bil-le Society Depositor. 2i7-tf WflOrjVKIt vií!:cs tu ii-.y ihcir goócls (o jom! advahliige musí not ilnnl; oftnnk'injs ihcir purclii'.acs lili iliey iiavo lookpd v( r t'.n oóÚ3 and pijeca ca the Manhattan Stoub. Dei ruit. W. A. Il VY. MOND. Dcc.Q5, 18 J5. 244-6mDEALER IN F0RE1GN AND DOMESTIC Hardware and Cutlery, .Vuüs. Glns3, Carpcntors, Cooper's nnd Hlackrnith's Tools. Also, Mamifnctnrcr of Coppcr, Fin Wari?. No. 76, Woodward Aven ve, Peoi i. 24d-Iy ?ff Kes of Easforn Nail?, ji:st received O"" and for salo by WILLIAM R. NOYES, Jr. 70, Woodward Avenue, Detroit. Dcc. 12, 1 SI. 242POR COIIIÜS, (-OI.l).-S (ONÍ!CMrTIO. iVt MIMlTOT TO MI. TIJO.SB AKKI.K Tí:I WITIJ DI r ií ' : ":■■ TIJU JL.UNGS A.N1) BRHAST. ll'ill Miracks crcr ictifií' A'ure evidcnre nfil [From Dr. Jínker. Sprinfield. WafRi ('o. Kv.] Si rjkBíu i o Ky., M.iy 11, 1,S lo. SlcssrSj ariforu1 & l'aik: - ;, ss - 1 take iliis opporiwciiy of infufnüne yrou "i a most rctn.iik.abli: cure iciIoiiih il upyn ti.f ly the use l "Dr. i?ti's Uulsum of w lía,, t ■.' Ju ihuycaj ld-'i i wns t.-ikcn witli an li fl 1 1 1 - ótion ■( the Bowi 1 w Inch F ll)ored uhdér r ix tvselck wlifen I gfríMldnfty rtcovefett ín thuliill "I I.í"'41 1 -vr.s aiíackcíl wilh i küvci c culd. wliiili SCatC(Il8cIfiiun my 1 un ;;s. niul (or ihc sprn-c úf t'iri'O ycars 1 wnsodnl'incd lo my beil. i uiod ul! willis of iücJiouirs :nil tivrry y.nrieiy. ol inccljcnl ;c! nnd wilTióíit !)on fi-: aru! tlniá I wcuriod nlon't uniil ilie wiat'tit of Ib4l. when I hcárd ol '"Wiim's J'.iils.un oí Wiid Cliorry." My frioíltls prtUaded mo to give t n trin!. i!nnili i u] givfenop uil tiopcs o t' n recove' y. nnl had propared ruyscH for ihc clinnyo l anu'.hrr wüild. THföiigH thcír soücii.uion I wns iidiiccd to innkc use ot' tlic "(Jcnuiiie Wvsttfp'e ]!;il.iii!ii of Wild ('lieiiy." 'l'hc i'il'cct wns trulv nstohiuTihíg. Aticr five j'énrs ofafHiction. phin nitd-BUÍlbring: oñd aftor bavJn-g epéú' fouror Ji'vr. htntilrcd dollars to no un poso, and tiic bes! and inosi rcspoctoblo phyi:cifllia liad provecí i;nnvniling, iras so:n Tdtncl o ctitirc hi.ubh bit t'ic blcfsblg if Gód mul ihc v3c of Dr. TJ7'. Uítlsmii J' Wi!d Chirnj. I om now ci:jiyinrr goöd licallh. nd skc!i i;-inyaltcrod .Tppcarance that I ani no longer ltnow when í nieei my, fonner ncquaintüncfis. 1 iiiivc í,'HÍiicdr.iid!y n woight, and n:v i.'t.-!i s llrm and sol d, 1 con now cae psrnüch nsnny peison. ar.d my footl jíeerñ'sto agireb wit}i mc1 hnvo eau-n moro dtiririg thc í-ifi.sí.x months ihnn 1 liad caten lor five cars beforo. onsidpriiig my cago ni most a inirncio. í deorn it n'ícessa'rV for tl.o góod ö( lbo nifïlicled and a piity 1 owe '.o tlic proprietors niul my fellow mon. (wlio should kiiüW wheie roiiof niay lio liad) to niake tlit's statement pubites May the blmsing ol (J.)d rest upan thc )nprieiois t.'f en vimiable a nieJiciiiü as IVíataVa J);1sain of Wild Clierry. Y-ours rcpccfnllv. yiLLÍAM II. RAKKil. Thc fnllnrin? has jvst Ijrrn rere oed f rom Mi . Edteard Slratíon. of „ivrjmi. WoV, icfiidí s'ioirs fluit Cóyufiinption in i s trm.-t ffirrtt mu 'iciuretl bij "Wislurs Bulsam of Wl Cherry. Lv.ainoton, Mo., Jan. 21, 18-13. JJi njnmin Phclps - Dcar Sir: I Uko prcat pleasiirc in coinmunicntinir lo vou wlir.t I bo%8Ídér an extraordmnry cure, eflected on my dnuyhtcr. abonr 14 yeirsof age; liy Wis trr's Balean) of Wild Cheriy. About ilio I stof Scptenitêr last. jiiy daiíghtcr wna tí.kcn sick. and was aticnded Ly scvcral [iiysicinns, whosfe pij:ÍCíípÜonS proved itiedcciiují. .r 6co.ned lo tfo no goot!. Shc wasatícndcH with acons;ant cough. and pain in ihc brpast. ílcr fíliysicians and all ivhu saw licr. cnn.c lu tlic conclusión tliat &ln was in a coniírmed sxnq.c. of Goriíamprion; J mude no othrr calcujattbn ilian for lier to die. - Dut os'áoon osshe commetfeed tnking tho Bul- Bom sho bejgan lo improvè, nnd continued so tf do ti n til her luaMi was rostored, nnd 8 now ciitircly well. Wilh a view of behefiíting thosc who niny besimilnrly efilictcd, I takc ploastirc in rocútiimcnding thia roincOy lo thc confi icnce of the public. Yotirs, wilh respect. EDWAlil) RTRATTOy. WISTAll'S BAr.SAM Ol' WÍLD CHEMIY tbai not b'tily r üeves but curis! (rFPni-eíl ;cr botlle, or sixliottlcfs for '. For Me 'ín Cincinnali ouly by SANFOltl) & PARK, ;:iu! n Anri Albor by Haynardp, m'v Aiíctits for thisCotuiiy. 238CAN'T BE BEAT ! ffHin 8ul)scribcrs woiildinv-nri ihe Publïfc flíal JL lliey cominue Wsupply the State ui Michigiril witii L. B. WALKER'S PATENT The hirijo iiiiniócrs ;il these Maclwnfa tha.1 have !iccn!. and the ster)jily iucrcnèing dóniafid f'i thei, ís ilie beat óf rcïil v.ilue, !i" llicir c&: i . ) i ;: 1 1 ■■■■ w.ho h.aVi (mniltf.r wiih ilicir mei ' i i ■: .'.- Siuut Macliüic ;=otipciior to oil.citjii ihc (ollowing parl'iculuis: 1. As it comiiiucfa the Deal Ing. Sotirmz, niu! ifigès, it clcaiib l!:c sniuttii'Sl .t raiii in liic lici úianner, retaintng all tlio i'nc ü''ii ol' t lic vl;c;U, am! iliachargjag ihe smul and Sust u's fnst is sepajated froiTi tíio.vvhent. 2. It is simple in constrvclïon, and is t!icreFore Itss lioible to 'otcouic derangedand cusís !css f'iir ièpairs. 3. it runs vcry light, and is jierfccily secure from firc. 4. It isas durable as auy other Machine in use. 5. It CQSts considcrably r.rss tlmn othcr kinds. TIn sè '-iiiDöitaht poitits of Jifferfihce Invo {jiv cu ihis Machinó tlic prefurenco with tliosc wíio linve liiiriy incd ít. A'ñfóqg a hirge ñumbcrof Qcntlemou in tho Millin Búéinese wiio minlii he named. thc (oUowing have uscd ilic VlacLioea, bii4 certífied to iliu-ir excellency nndanporiurUy; 13. N. ilowAKu. Poniiíic. Mich. K. V. Cook. Roclicstcr, do E. 13. 1)am-oi:tii. Mnson. do M, F. FiusK, liranch, do H. II. Cojístock, Cotnstoglt, do Rcfcrcnces niay nfto be to Jqhn J'.aco.v, Auburn, Mich. W. üvo.v, db do 1). C. Vki.laxd, liock, (o John Pmrs, Monroc, do II. Dol'smw, do do A. Bkach. YVaierloo, do GkO. Ki.tíhdm, .M.'i)sh;ill, do N. IIí mk.nway. Oaklaad) do All orders lor Machines will bo protnpily qitended to. Addrcss E. O. & A! CÍUTTKXTO.V, Ann Arhor. (Lower Town) Wa.sli. Có: Mièh. Auí;. 24', I -I.')32SiJy "Crockery at Wholesale." ] FREDEItlCK WÊTA1ORE. has constanlly on hand] llíe largest stock in tlie West ol' Crückcry, China, Glasswarc, , Glasscs and Piales, Briliumia Ware 'irajs, Lamps and Wiching, Vla led Ware, China Toys, 8,'c. fyc. J I ís Btoek includes uil ihfi vuricües of Crock ory and China, froni tho (nest China Dimior ; and 'fea Sctfs to the most coiinuo.'i and low priced ware - frdrn the richest cut glnss to thc pl.-iincbt ylüis ware. liii,-nini:i Castorsof every ' kind. Britannia Tea Sctis, Coiléü Pots, Teo l'ots, Lamps. Cnndlesticks, &c, Soi. ah Laiid Laíii 3 of every desoription from I the most costiy cut Purlor Camp tu the eheajicst s Store All the above anieles nrc imponed by Iiimscli ' diri'et'y Ir om the manufacturera and will be f-old at WBoIesalo, ns low as at any Wholesale House, r cxicnses from sc;ibonrd oddéd uní,'. i A liberal discount given ípr. ensh. M'rchants una others aro inviled to cali and ' cxiimiiu' tho above ariiel(S at ihe oíd stand, No. ;l -7-, Joflcrson Avenue (Eldred's Block. Dis"' troit. ! y tLOUD CALL lí y the fïi'st of April. HOUSC nnd lot?, nnd Cooper shop, for snle or trudc, nonr D. Kclloggs dwclling in Ann Arbor. Tradefor horses, wagon8, hnrncss, cows, hogs, eheep and fiirming uicnsils, or cash. and givc credit alter the first payment. For furher inforniation cali on Jxcob Duel, on the premisos. Fcb. 17th, 18IG. 2öO-tfI fTilK prcceiling figure is giveri ti represen! JL í he Insensible PérVpiráíiori. It é ilié grfeal evacuatioii for thc iiiipm nu-s ofrtbo body. Jt vútll be íiniiix'i! ili;it a ihiek cluudy.misi issues froni pll pöin'ts oí' lio súriáce', whicli fndtcntca ibni iliiíi perspirntion flovya unlnierrnptedly vvhfcn vi are in lit-:i!ih. lut oéí)sea itferi we' nr'e ció. l.i i erinnoL be suetalnèd without it. liis rhiown ol! Jroni the LIoúiI nml other juicea ol ihe body. phd disposrs hy tliis ni-; Ms. of'ii(ir!y ;il! I he nipnnties witliin us. T!ii Mood. In ihis rríoAní oíily. works iifcll puro. TliéInlTguftgo ol .npI u reis, "in thc Blood a :jc Liff." H jt eyei hecotiieí íinjníre, it m'áy be n;iol Uirecily to (lie .siopp.tgf oi ilie liiíiiiíi'ilc l'orspiraiion. It hètfei i'cquircs any inictiinl medicines to clcanee t, as ít ahvny pitrifics jself !y Ua o.w'ri heitt nnda,c; ticn. aml ihrowa fl' n)l thc olfendtiig bnínora. iluoui'li ihc Inscnsililu I'iispii.-.tii.u. Thiis wo sce all that is necesehry vftfon tho dlooil ís Hagr n.Mit. or iiiícctcj. 'ñ lo open ibfl pores, aiulit iíílii vea tseífffoiu u]l impuiiiy inst.-mtly. lts owii lieíit ahd vitalnv are siillicicnt, wíilioul oni partióle of irtdicinc. exccpl to öpèri ilu; port's uijun tliesurfaco. Tlius wc s.-e tito fojlv rtl tnkíng eo mrich internnl remo.Hícs. All prac tionutaf, hnwrer, diicet thcir cííbris lo restore tln: In pérêpiratiöh, bui íl's'ceihs to iic ni.t .1 1 -. ;i - ilnproper onc. ''lie Tlíótripsonrnií, fbr iiisiiin-e. si.aiip. iho IJydi'ipaihii sluotuls us in uct blnlik ets. tile fioijiopntJi 3tdenlsoiit inliniíissiniaU, tluAUopaihisi blecfía ;:tici doees us wiih rfiorcurvtañ(í the l.lustering Quaek gorfes 113 with piüs, 'piüs. piils. To ive soiuo dea ofilicamniint oí thr In.-jfii siblc Pcrtpiratinu. wc wil! staieihai Üff learncd Dr. Lcwënliock, and (lio gient ïfocrlinave. a&qértained ili.-i! ic ::li'lft oi fill ve reeeivc íum l!ie síomnch, pasted oíi liy tliia nieans. )n otlier ïwords, if wc cal and drink eilit puumls per d -iy. wc cv, ente five pouiiils uí' it ly tlio Iuensiliii l'eippirntioii. Tliis is noiie uiluT ilic -uepif up p'orircle's ol ilie Muixl. nnd ollii'r jniee íí i i n lT placo I" the ticw and freen önce. To.check 1I1 ■. 1 ia to rctoiii ín ihe eysicm 11 v .eightha of uil líe virtiléh'í intiiier ihat natüfc tlcrhnndaillould-fífave i he bódy. Ani.evrn wj'ten this is iíiíj case, ihc bLiud ia of sj .ictive a principie, iliul it deicrtiiine8 t ue pai lides lo the ski i, wheie tiie torm scabíf. 'íüiples, u'ceis. and oihpr íims'. üy a ttiidiien ÍMnaJlion Irom hcaí lo eold, thc poros aro atopped, tbe pcrspiraiion cOascs, .ni,; diveasc hegins at unce lo dev lepa itself. Hcnjeo. a 8to"ppgé ul ihis ílow ol'ihe juiöéö, on'yin ncso maiiy eom'pJnirrtB. It is by etopp.ijug ihe_parog, 'i:':t ove: w!ielm; mankind wiih eoughs. (■ii!. aml oonsyiuiHions. Nine-iciiiliH [ lié woflcl dio ('ruin disensos i.dneed i. y a éto'ppñg'b ol the ffièèrisibie Pèrepiralion. It is casily 8ccn. thercíbre, how heceesary it the íIíav o' his sulnic hutnor to tiie suríñee, lo prcsi :('. hcalili. Il eaniiot h'e tttopped; it ennnot be even checked, withoul ihdticingflseflse:. Leí 1110 nek now, every cahdid muid, what eontfo cocuis ihc inp6t roeanabje to purfi.v 10 unstop '.be [jóres, ahor they are elo;!f typuÜ yon tve phjsie touns'op the pbVflsi Or um;i!.í you-npply soinc-thing thüt would dü ih; sipoi ilie SJirfcCQ vyhfire the doging actuaJly is? Would not tliis be cpmmon aense? And yet 1 knowpi no pliyeicíqn wno inakca any cxieruq) applicaiíon to cHbí't it. 'Vbx rcason I iin is. that no iñcJieinc wiiliin their kuowledgc. iscapablcof d(fíb'L it. lrpder thrso eirc#jns:anees. I pies nt to physiciíins. r.nd to all oliior?, a.pieparatiori ihnt ha? thiR power 11 its íulirít exteiit. It is Mr.Af. I&TÊRS ALL 1ÏF.AÜNG OWTMEÑf:or i'.ic WOtU.lïS SALÍ tl! It has powr-r to ïcsiiorc persgymtjon oti thq fcet. on ïic head, i round orld sous. upo.n iho chest, in siun. upou iin, i..iitc tiiu Doiiy, wiicihcf diáouecd tlighily or sevtrely. it bnè power to cause ni! extor.Ti! seros, seról"u!u;is l : 1 1 1 1 1 ) i - . !.ni dise,ie:. luismiou,-' woim.l. 10 didcharge ihdr puir.d muiter, n,I ijion In a't tl:. .11. It is n reiru'rl? Ifint fñvr'rps off thó wlioie.cíitn'logue uf .: . ii'! roítores IÍk Miticie. tu ípllS. It is n rei ■■ llifti forljíji tifo ncecsíiiy ofso iimny unti delulerious dru; l;;kui i lito ilie .slom.-icli. Ie sa r&nïedy ilirst ncTtricr siclícns. gíves-'jn convcuiciict1. or is danj.foris íú iiüisiuc?. li preserves nnci defenda t tto turíhpc frojp al; dcráiííí'éiifeiu bf i;- iTiiiötiöifs. v.-hiic ii k'ei ps "- pen thc channcls Tur flio liícwd lo void nll ts impuriücs and disposp of íill iis uaolftSa paineles Tho snríacc s ih; o'tílfiít of five-cipitlie -T (he bilí? and used up maitcr wiiiiin. It is pierced wi-li milliona o] opcjiina to relieve tho intcstim.p. S.'np up thcBö poreet, and (oaili kiiócks ;t your doov. It i;s tjgh.tly ur;m:d AIIKcilinsr, Inr tuero s senrcoly a dtseasé, exicrnal ur íntern.-il. i t will not buiuíli. I Hnve use'J íf'fó) the last iuurtecii yonrs, i'or all discafiea (' ihc chest, consuiiiplioii. Ii v;r, inyulyíng thc utrhosi d.iii'rir and rospdnsíbílfíy, a'id I deelure before Heavcn and in.ui. iha m.t n onc single case hqc it failtid to liemílt. wlicn tlic patiënt was wkliin the roacli of mfnns. I bava liad pbyiicinns; learned in tlic profesaion; 1 have liad ministers of tlio Gospel. JudosDii thc B'dn'ch, Aldertfion ahd Lawyera. jren il;incii of the higjifisi erndition und multitudes oí the poor, usc it in every variety of wáy, áhiá therc hnsbeen but onc voiee, onc united. universal voicc, saying, "McAlister, your Üintment is ood!" CONSUMPTIO,V. It can hardly be créditod that a salve enn have nny eflect pon the lunes, caled it tlicy are witrrjn thc systpnu JJnt wcsay once tor all, hai this Ointiiieni wil] reacji the lungs quickor ilian aiiy medicine ihat can he gíyen itnernally. Thus. il placed ujon tlic chest, it pcnclratcs dircctly lo ihs lungs, 6e;mratC8 iho poisonous pü'rticlos tliat are coneuining thum, aad expela them from the systsm. Í neci! not eay ihat it i curing pcisons of C.'onsnn ption contimially, allhouyli we nrc tolt] it ii lodl.shnéss. I care not whai is said, so long as I can cure severiil thoitsand )t:rsutid yctirly. HKAD ACHK. Thid Salve hoscured pereons of the IJead Achc ot ]2 ycars standing, and wiio had it regalarly overy week, so that vomitina of en took place. Deafncss and Ear Acho are help'éd witli tlie likc success. as alao Aguo iu thc Kace. COI-Ü FKF.T. Consmnption, Livcr cornj)laint, pains in thc chcBl or aide, fullin? oi'the hair. óric or the othei always occoninnnicfl cold fcet. It is a stuo eign uf disease in thc sy.stem to hav-e cold fcot. The Salve will restoro the Insensible l'erbjiiratipn and tlius enre cvery caíe. Iu Scroïulft, Kiv.-ijK.I;;.) and Stilt Ulicurri, nm) oihe-r diaoiises of thia na l ure, nd in'lernal rornéJy Ijasyetbccn discoverèd t!mi ia so jood. Tbe same mny he naid qí QfoAchiÜSi Quincy, Sore Throat, l'iks, Spiual üibua&ey, iïioke or Sore Breast, Ac. And as forthe Chest Diflcnsccj s:ich ns Abthma, I'ain, Opprcs-sion and tlielike, il is the most wonderui miidote in ihc Vorld. For Ijver C'ouipl;ni!t il is ciii.lly eíilcacions: or Burns it hun nol haa Itóequal in tho WorM; liso. Kxcresencee of every kind, :-ueh as Warts. Futnon rimplcs, &c, it inakes clean work of ' hem all.SORK 1.VK3. Tho inflnmmniion and disenso nhvnys licsback of the ball of the oye n the socket. Henee the virftie of emy medicine must reach the fciuoi the inflínníi t ion or it will do littlc irood. Tho Salvo, if rubbcd on the temples, will penctmte dirccily into the socket. "The por'cs will bc open cd, a proper perspiration will beercated nnd ihc discaec will soon pass oiFtothc surfnee. ri.ypi.KS o.v rin: kack, frecKí-es, tan, mascüMVK SKIN, OIIOSS V(K. Ita first action itto exocl all liinnor. It willtint cense drawipg ii!I iJie thee a freo frotn any matier inny' bc lodged ún'dcr i !■ skin aiid (-■] nou t ly brcaking OUt'.tO fhe muriato. Il ilion lio.ils. When tliore is iioiln ur bül gtÓBBtiVBb) or (.'uil repulsivo surfaci il bcgins lo sollen and suften imtil tlie skin hfconics nssmooth nd JcIicate as a chiltl's. Jt throws n freshness and [blushing color uport tho ridw whiio. transparent skin. that is pcilccrly éiïcliniirtilg, Sömo timce III oase il' Kircklcs il will lilal Start. Ou! luivo I : i : ii liiiMiMi mm' si fu but.aeldum. Purïhiu ilic S tlv'ó oud all wijl sooii disiippear. WuVMS. Ii'p.irrnts knrw hmv fnlftl niost medicines were lo chihlicn taken iiPMiiil'y. iluy wou ld ba slow tg resui t to ilieir. lLpcciajly "n orcjritj) lozents." cnlled "inedicated lozenger," pills, &c. The friilli is. rio onc enji toll, iúvuríiibly, when worms ui-u present. Nftw fet me si;y (opílenla. lli:it iliis Salvo will :i!viys teil il' a cliütl luis onns. It will drive every vestigt ot' tlicui awny. This is fi simple nix! sale curo. Tliore is probably no medicine on tlic face of tlie eanli at once so sure und to safe in thé expulsión ol woi ms. i It would bc crue!, n.ny wickcd, to ve intert nol, doúbtful medicines, so long as a hayiilèsö, I exiernal onc could bc n.-ul. 1 TOll.K.T. t Alilniiiüli I li.ive Söül little a!)out it ns i hnii i rsatorativo, yei I will i;iku itngainst ilie WoihJI 1 They may brinjg ihcir O (;ir .mul near, nnd 1 mine will restore the hair two cáeos to tlitironc. ■ ii ii sorV.s, Mnr.Ti! katio.vs, i i.c).i:5. Gtc. Tiint hi)iiio Sores aro an oiali't to the impuii3 ol' tlio systcni, is liecani-e they onnnot páia " ift' thrcuuli ilio n;ini ;il chuonels of (he Inm iimr li!(! Pci'-pIiniiKi). II" aucli sortö aro lieriltij up. 3 tlio intpiiritirs muit hive som e oiher o ut! tl. or it r will i-nJ.i n ::'-r lire. This is tlift roason why it iti 5 impoliiic to use ihc roinmon Salve oí Uie dny ' in siicli cpses. Fir iliry have no powor to open ollibr nveh'ues. lo let oflTjliii morlnd mniter. ñiül t lic ('inM'(iirnct'R irn; latnl. This Salvo ' will ölwnya próvido Cor sucii emergèhcicB; 1H-; A'KS DK CliW.DIU. ficiw inany iliouynmls are swrpi 6fT !'V L.'iviiiL' intern 1 medicines, whon iluir yoiing bodies nn'cl ti'iidcr (retines íiVc ro berir np agaíiist i In ut WHhlb ti'hiios oro tliiiti sènt-fo ilieii graves imriiv Ir. m pouiint: in'o iluir wenk slDin.-ii'hs i'iw.'l 'i, ii iii-il ! Il ÍS. 10 sui-li ihat ilie 1 i' . l:i ■' üniur.ènt iéijder's'sr s'níc, in'i-fifMtir. :ii(! !;;w i;!t rs ri CTHC Slii'll CO.'(:;) 'in Gröup, ('liolii'. ('iiukra I n T;i ri i u m . I W'oni's, ainl all glimmer 'on .tiini.--. by vyliieh 30 lll.iliy (in! ll( !! (I í ■ . the OlhüllCJIt will r móVè so'pp'cedily nnd sürtly; iltat n phy witl novcr lu' i:c,!f. Motherp! thrQUgfioiH i nll tlii.s lánd. we ;i'w pölnijiiily nn'd feocrêdly decljjro ik yctxi i!f,it ihe AH-,Ucalifl{j OjHuncnt will , 8;ive ytiur i hiMic ii früiri b'ri nurfy i;r.'.(: ii you . wil! u so it. V(; aro höt fíoVÚ :M'i;tf d !.y tlu. iens' (!i:iio to uain: bul rkiipwiog ;-- v.Q 'lo ihol vaat bóijiejs of tVilnúte and cli'íldreñ wli cd to hc int viuiWc nnd un i n'. ye Ijirid up uur '. . ;;]:;!_ VOicPj , md tjió w!i' c wol 'i!, ,' Gil) N'ÓT DIE MÓB.E i'ilAN OTÜKKSM Dul it ia front tho want efproper'nourisf'njciii - and ihe conslniit rl r i : ■_? v 1 1 : ; tlw -y iiikIim h" w hw-ii DRiw.s (.';ioiii ilnwii as i'ie ronk yiaüs fulls bolou (lio scythe: AJoilirr! wc icpeat airain, an! if ilir.y worc wuui.s Ui; WCtö ( vi tn uili.r. ;.ik! i'i I coüise p.'.ít iIil' r'ju'h í ;i!l interest, we would . s:iy. "usetliiï All I Icaling Oiiiluieni foi eicli ik'ïs ■ nino'ig childicn..V Ril) VM TIM. j Jt retnóá nlnúist íttuií&liáuiy tlie iüílan.aliou n n.l s_y#jojlij)g, wiieii tlio pain of ei; ui. m ccav'és. It,IHS. ín c.iïpa of.fcvcr,, tlie tliiüculiy üos in the pufes Kciñg Iiícbe'd lip", aó tli.ii the heat and perspilRÜon cMimot i)..;; ó'. Jl ihc least moisiurc conli! be starud, the crisis ir, paread :hj:I (lie danser óverl TÍio"AH-ÍJenlrig Oihlnieii il in all ciiffcsof févers Alnfosl fiistnntly únlock and uring forth ilie persjiiration. n:Mr.K cöiiri ü.nts. In.i imaiioti oí tlie kid'iicys. o( ili'! Wonflij nm! itsialliny down. wrnkiifs, md rn'irulai iiy ; m SÜOrt, ;ill lliu-;_' (Ililicillncy wi.i.'h tStë ttrin 11! (VI tl j fama Les, filW ro.iriy :iml periiKitient retieH V: hayo had ogoc] l.i'üos uil ns tlioy c:nl;! jiot live sï.x inonihè wnhniit it. Üui o fémalcs abont in hecorfre intl,r. ff uscii ii'rsnme weeks miecedmt tu ilieir eonliiiciiiont. vrry few g'llio8C iai;is and conrttlfeinh iii h atund tl cm ril ih i! period will be ieit. Thiufact oüght lo bc tuiowi; ihe vyorld over. S"I.!I III.W'. We have ourcil enc-is lint ;hiii;'Iv di ii; .1 rn. rylhirig wll as the alulny of l.lioci, ur twerïTy doctors". Ono m'tin roüj he h'ri'tí spe UI 500 iD lus clnlditüi i:I:.iiii .niy bi-iiciit. wliüii a few boros of ihe Oinimejit euied tiiem. COH.S'S. Peojilo noc 1 nevcr he iroiibjcd witii jhe.u il they will uso ii. As o KA.MIi.V MFlMri.Vi:. „o ,. rU cVti iiií-..i.-tic iis viliu'. ) Iiiiilt na the staf$ ill ilong ovci the lleavcnti - to ionj ns man trend? ihi: cárth. tilbjccl io all the nlii mui.-s ftfífie ile.ili - so long as 'list'.i-i; and gckneu i luipwji - jn.-t so lnigw'ill ihls OjnVinent bc uscd and ( ti nvedi '' i. n rnui ceasus l'rotu ofl' iKé eiinh. theii xhuik-tnaiid will ce;;ie, aml nol ijll tlien. Tu allay all eppu'lH'hsiöns ön nccóunj ol l ingredients. in pusscssinr snelt powerfnl nuperlies, we vw 11 Sla 10 tlnit it is componed of some ot the niis' oiniiioti anti hnrnilt-83 lie.rhe in e.vistenee There is río morcuiy in n. as can le 1C( H from ihe fad ihat itdoes not injnre the skinone pnriicle. while it will pnès ({iroiiffli nnd 'tliv.-uthe bowels. JAMRS McAI Í&TÉR & OO. 1C8 Souih streel. N. Yjrjk. Rulo prpprii lor of ího hboyó Medicine. ú whoiii all comiminicnfi.)nR uiupt ln nddrèssed (jiobt paid). Trice 'Jf centijpnd "0 cents. DyCAÜTION., j As the All üealinj: Ointmeiit fin's heen reat!y eotinierfciled, we have given ihis gautioH to ihe public, inai "no Öijitnient will bc (renuine unlfss ihe names of James lVicAlisier. or Já'thc? .McAliMeriV Co., are written wiih a pen upqn every labtl." The label ia a meel engravin' wii !i the figuro of "Insensible rersiiiaiion" on tho face. : Now wo lièrehy offer a roward of $.00, lo !( i paid on convietton, in nny of the constitutoÜ courts of the U'niled Stalrs. ol üiiy individual counterfriiii!.'.' d';r name jiikI Oiniinont. MAYNARD'S. Ann Atlmr, Wholesale Agcnis; Sniiili & 'I'y.roll. Cihnlon: Ketchtiiu A Smith, Tecuméeh": I). C. Whituoml, Öexior; ' II. Bower, Maholicsierl John O wen &, ('o.. ; Detroit; Hurrnan fc Cook, lirooklyn. Dee. 13, 1815. ' 211- ly ' _l I. I I 1And Stoves of all kinds. TJic subjoribor woultl cali ilie altentiou ui t lic pnl'lic to Woo2sonrs Hot Air Cocking STOVE Wliich lic can confldeñtly rrcommmd es beiny decidedly superior to any Cooking in nsv. For 6in)licity in operuiiüii - economv ui iucl. mil lor uni.qualleil Bakisu and iioAbjiNo qualiity, u is unrivallod, Tlic röw and importnnt mprovcmcni introduced in iis ennatruction bcing stich as to nsurc íírent ailvantngcs over all othcr kinds oí Cooktiig iátoves. WIM.IAM It. NOYES, Jr. 7(} Woodward Avcnuu. Dtvroit. Dec. 12, 18J5. il i SABUATH SCÍIOOI, JJOOKS for anluat l'ERRY'S UüUKSTOKK. Dcc 23. 211- tfBÓÖKS! " BÓ0K8Ü At Perrys Book Store, A'r.rl door Eal of the .V. York Chcap Stor. TIJK subscribor bas jusL opencd nnej i8 now ïc-uly to spil ihemosi extensivo assorimcnto B.&QK& lil.AXK F.OOKS and STATIONovc,,nc(li1VJnniA;,,:;hrkcon6i6(so of nrarly every varioty in uso in tlw, Slntrmm, liu'llxo, 'I'i.-ivck MantoJMg. Misccllancuus, Rcligious and Classical Books. BIBLKS and TÉSTAMENOS ' cvai-y vnnciy of mzc, slylaand binding.' Soma t.ilcii(ii(Ily finished. " f-M BOOKS, POEMS & ANNUALS iully bounil for Ilolyday „f,8. l'(ircnl8 nndolhers wishing io ihnke splendid liolydnv pres. nía nri stnáll enát, vvill do well lo coll al Icrry s and muka (hcir sdcetions from n full steek. Don t delay. Alsq, on hand ilio largè?i aesorimcht of PA l'KJl dvcf oTTcred weii ƒ Déirüit; such a8 Cup, l'lnt (.ap. Letter, Prendí L citer. Hun kers Pom Copyijig, ''"issi.-o, Card Bflct, Kim-lope, and 1(1 kinds 61 noto pnpor, wiih n (uil ass'ortiQont of Steel Pens, Quills, Wafors: Black, Biué, Ilud nfld Cöpyiüg Ink; Sahd, Inkstnnds. Kolders' Pen Helers, Pü.nips. Motto .Scils. 6old and Si) ver VVafer, Indiq Rubber, Pencilsnud Pointa EtTvelO' s. aud innnv vricliea f 'ijint Carda, Also, (U)],!) PENS, tin rtivle combining elcííonco M-iili ti-ononiy. lic hns on hnnd a coqd solccnon of Booke suimblu for FamilM ScIuhI Diatrjct .Mui Towneliip . UEEARISS. It.wiíl not he j)ossibje íp, nnniQ all tho orliclca in lus üne: Sulüce it to sny. that bis nssorlinent is yc-i:cr;il and cheaper (han is ever bcforo offercd u t hts viünc. Ho liris made n rapgetnonta iri New Yoik wliicb will enablc liim n! alt times to obinin any. ihing n bis lino djfocl from New York m &!i,,r n.'üec. by Exnna-B. h will Le scen iliat lus ia cüiüis ('..! accümqdaling bis custoniers with nrtirlci- riót on bnnd is heyond precedent, ond he ia réridy rtnd kvillinptp Üo'cvery thingrof-sonóblö to Mnke hls es[.iliiVlm:eni enich ;m ohe ns on cn'-s (lightqiw d ;.in (üí-ccruinjí connimniiy require, mul be hopos to njerit o shnre i pat.ronniio, l'urspp wisliiiVg' any artíclQ iñ hts lino will doweíl w cj'ill bclore ÜMclin8Ín; elfiewllere. I( ybii (rct lbo place, enqiiïVo for Ferry's tiopfolote, Aun Ailor. lippcr Vi!!nc- -2d duor Kn&t ol" Rlain su eij on lluion slicct. tVM. II. PEIUIY. Dècènibc'r 1!5. SJCKNKbS IN CH1LÜKKN. AM) ihe f-uJloriiijr whicb thc undergo kofn wcii.Mi" (iliin len.d to a fatal (ei rinnatiuit, wlnli: t!:e e w ■: isixMcr s'ui'péc.tcd. OilQiinvi bitfith, picUiii'.; :n thö nose, gu'ndihg tho oeih iliinn bi((.. blüi-iiiif; in sliep wiih' friühi ;-crean:iii;r. .lrüub.curc.coivghi .rul i vern-lnn s.-i, u ilic Vrpminci'it Sijvi] tomspf thVpreseriëe of tfriiis. A tiincly iisV o! B ñLIÍM A A ' S W O R M LOZ K N GES Wil! MiiiiTdi.iicly fftirtove ll iliese ünpioaiBril jon ■. nnd i-cfltow (ó perfect hoiiltb. Simer lí.rwuu,e Snpcriiir nf ilio GöiboJic HiilfOrphfirj A;y!i in li.s iidiicd lier !C3[imony in tlicir lavor, ílíoüsi nJs whifli lüiye'gbiiq before. Shu s;,,it 9 Ihai tii. 'M; nro over IÖÜ chiidren in ilio A-1 liim. nnil iJj.-it iliry li.ive lucn in ibc hnbit of l;ei hii.n't. Jj(,y.cii;j;cs. ntul .sbo luis alwnya fi imd ii: ui tn !■(■ with tho most bunoiir '■il ■ Thf'y have Ihciv trovud lo be i n ('al - liölc i over 400000 cose?; ( ■srArr'nOi, nfíiritn, fónghí ('uhis. Whooping Cotigh, Tiuhircbs ol J.ungs or Chest inny be curod. j'l'.v. Darius Amhony wns very JuW rom Con■lüiipii.'n. Jonatjinn IKwaul, tbe eeltibrolcd n-niju -riinre Iccturcr, was fcdücf d lo ilm rergeof the 'grove-by raising blöiftJ: Jlcv. R]r. Dunbnr, ■ il N( w Vcrk, ilic Rcv. Mr. Do Foiett. Kvnngeliwi in lbo Western part of tbis smic. fiov. i?ebnstinn Strceter, oi Boston, the wifrof Ornanina Dibblo, Ks(. in Moiiravia, irinl litindr'eds oiotbe:s. bnve beeri reliuvxil nnd ca red by n propc U0 't SiiKKJIAN-.S (Ol'Cil l.OZLy.GV.S, And no nicdicine luis ever been nioie illLcliiiili n the reliof óf ilioke d6e,flLC8, or wbicb cm h0 recoftinii ndcd wii!: riforc roi frlcncV. TKpy u ray ni! íícrring or irnjiition, fl'ïidér Ibcéoiijdi raev, ("'):: ou e[icc!(r.iii: n. ri'inuve ibe r:iiit'. nnd produce Jic mest höppy nnd lastiny t IFecis. IIKADACnii:. Pa!pt;iiion of. the lleaii. louncpa ol' S.iriis, StaNsickncea, Pc&BíHi.dpntíy, Fiiinujcö Cliolic Spngfii. (' ol t!,e Stgniai:b. nnui.i'r or l!,v:i Complallits, also all ibe diliosi?inp syniptoWá arií-in;' Iroro íree living, r n nfclrt of di.tst;ation aiu quickly and ontireiy re}ifvcd by iibin,' KJIKKMAX';-; CAMPliOK LQZFISGrF. Thcyfrei ppói ;!v nnd relieve in a rrrj'üíiorl .piicoof úiiÍL. ríx'úig tonetfnd igor to i'lie sy.s :.;! n..,! : .i ]j( (s,,„ parng liicMii lo undVrgo great iieiüal oi bodily fttiigue. RiiJJl'.MATÍSM. Weak [fncic, jiam and weakncis in the lire."sf. ];,-,rk. binjba ond fltjier pnrisföfilie lodv ure spcedily ainl cliict ictlly relicvcd ,y SHLRMA.VS I'OOR MAX'S JLAKI:. wlyel, costsonfy 12 ei nis. and is within tbc roaoh ■(■ nll. Sögfeht lilitfbecótiiè fhc tcpiúatiorf "of ibis unicle. tbat onc millinn will not begin to supply tl:o dutnaiiii. lii.s HcknowTcdgod to bo the bentslicnytbennii; Piaster in tbc woild. Bi: WA RE OF IMPOSITIOiV Dr. Slier ma n's Poor Mon's PLster bas bis nnmo rt-iili dlrcpii.ria prini'cd on the bnek of tbc Plaslor. imd a ïïjf'ir nv tcj ot ihc Doctor's wrii len name uiidcr the direcnons. None oihers are Licnuinc, or to bo rol iel oo... Shcrninn's nrcnoiise is No. IJ; Nrisisftii st. New York. VV. S & J. W. MAYNAiiD, Agcnw Tor (nn Arbor. .j(}CJbeap Hardware Store. TT1Í1K Sulwrihcr takes-.tliis inethod o infortn X !iá olii custpmerd nnd ihc public L'enernlly thui lic still continuos lo koop a largo and general aasortroent óf Foreign uun Domesiic HARDWARE, CUTLERY, b. Als.), Spike. Wrpugli't, Cut nnd Ilurce Shoo .Va il.-. Glaea, Sheet Iron, [loop Ij on, Sbeet nnd Har Lc.uii, Zync, J3ii'lit and Anemia Wirc, MolaBses Gatea and Fnseettèj Mili Sawa. Croís Ciit Sows, Hond nd Wood Snws, Back niid Key llo!c SnwB, Anvils, Viccè, Belluws,Adzc8,Coopu's rl o... , DrawÍDg Knives, Spokc Shnvea, Tap Borer?, Coet Slccl Auursf Common AuSiirs, Augur Bitts, Ilollow Augura, Stucl muf Iron Squares. Ground l'lasier, Wnter Linio, Grjnd ÍSionua, l'oliKslCaldronind Sugar Kcttle, Cable, Log, Trace and Halter ChoiriB, Jürond, Hand and Narrow Axcs, Spirit and Pluiirib J.evojs, logetbor wiih n genend nssonment of Hol- e.w Ware, which will be sold luw for Cash or npprovcd credit at J'i3, Juilurson Avoiuio. El.lroel's Bbck; R. MARVIN. l;troit, Jan. IGih. J84G. 24S-ly BOOTS 1%Ï SÏÏÖK AT WHOLESALE. A. C. M'GÏÏAW & CO., WUOLKSALK JiKil nKTAIL I)ALEltS ÍN BOOTS, SHOES, LEATHER AND FINDINGS, Cornet of JiJ)-raon nnd Woodivatd Avenues, JJdroit. AC. M'CRAW & Cü. would rcspcclfuily nfurin tlio Merclinnla of Michigan, thnt ihpy hayo opened a WHOLESALE BOOT AND SHOE SfOilE, in the rooms over their Reuní Store, Smart's Corner. Tlifir long oc'jiiainiancc wiih the Shoe business, aiid ihe kinds of shocs tliat are ncedcd in this Siatc, will cnabTe ihem to furnísh nicichants wilh such shoes as tliey netd. on beller lerms ihan 'hey can buy in tliu New Vork nunkct, os all thcir gnods aro boughi from grsl hamds, nnd particular atlcntion is p.ud lo the selcction of sizea. Detroit, Id 1G. 248-IySHAWLS, ürcss stufls of nlï Uind Lnces, Veils, Cravats, Ribbon?, fcc. &c. At tho Mamhattah Sxetm, Deiroit. W. A. RAYMOND. Dec. 25, 1P4." 244_Gm BROAÜ CLOTJIS, C.issm.crcs, Vctüings, Sntinei(8, Gents. Cravais. &c. &c. cheap at the M.NHAiTAN SrtKK, Deiroit. W. A. RAYMOND. Dcc. 5, 1815. 211- öm