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[Vh& Literary World bas pnbliBhcd this extract froni a now poein, " Dierdre," -wliich Mr. Lowell has discovered rui! sent to J. R. Oagood & Co. for pnblication. The author's name is withheld, but the Literary World says that lic is an Irishman, and it pronounces the poem "the fincst Englieh poeni of the eentury."] THE PALACE GARDEN. Near Enian's hall, beyond the outward fosse, Thore was a slope all gay with golden moss, Green grass and lady fcrns and daisies white, And fairy caps, the wandcring bee'n dolight. And the wild Ihyme that scents the upland brcczo. And chimps ot hawthoru and fair ashen trees. And at its f oot thore spread a little plain '1 Uat never sceuied to thirst for dew or raiiij For round about it waved a perfuincd wood, Aud through its niidst thoro ran a ctyRtal fl od With niany a inurmnring soug and elfiu shout, In whose deur pools the criinson-spotted trout Would turn hiè tawny sido to sun and Bky, Or sparhling upwara catch the surumer Cy ; On whose green banks the iris in its pride Flaiuing in blue and gold, grew side by side With meadow sweet and white latïies' gowns, And daffodüs that Bhook their yelïow crowns In wanton dalliance with each breeze that blew ; And there the birds sang songs forevcr new To those that loved thei as friend loveth friend ; And there the cuekoo first his way would wend From far-off clünes aud kingdoms year by year, And rest himself and shout his message clear Round the glad woods that winter was no moro, And euinnier's reign begun from ehore to skore. 3eside that merry streamlet all day long, "rom inonth to month, was heard the craftmen'e song; 'or they weN galhered there from niany lands, And fast the palaco grew bcneatn theitf hands, Jntil each fretted roof and cornice fold ihone throngh the woodlaml spray3 lifte flery gold. Then round the flowery slopo and level space They built a giant wftli, from cope Lo base Jnbroken, save by one smal! massive door Vith the King's shield in porphyry fashioned o'er. And guarded by a triple gate of brass Through whicli, unbid, uo Jiving wight could paes. Liid never iipon mortal's proudest dream )id such a fairy sight of eplendor leam L8 that gay palace glowing in the light) Vith door-ways carven of the silver white, oid doors of bwrnishcd goïd and ívory, tnd halls roofed o'er with the pink tíedaf tree ; ind garden glorious with all flov,re?s tbat grew, And lawn in whose green midst a jet upflew )f water from a well of carmogal, iackward acain ftll diamonded tofall n breeze-blown mistB and showers of glitterin spray Upon the goldfish at their happy y And there they imrsfcd the babe on beast and knee Within these palace halls full tenderly ; And there ehe grew and blossomed year by year n ligui and loveliness without a peer, jike a fair fragrant flower that time by time Gains some ne%beauty in its summer prime ; iiid oft about the garden ehe would run And like a fairy dance in shade and buu, jou make companionship with everytliing 'hat through the garden moved on föot or wing. And scarce Beven years had passed till with h(?r I tong u e, Nimble witli elfish tuestions, she had wrur; 'ho very heart from out her mirse'c breast ; And all thie time did no eye living rest Jpon her, save the King's own royal eye And CaflVs, and the lady's proud and high Vho nursed her, and old Lavarcam's, the dame Vho oft in fear and wonder thiilier came 'o talk with her beueath Ue garden bowers ; And there amíd the brfghtest of the flowere, Laughing the child woujd say- ' Oh, Lavarcföi ! )ome teil me !- Oh, come, teil roe Thtt i ara I )id I come here just like tU Bttiumer fly ?o sparkle in the sun fcá then to die ? 've asked the flip full oft, but xnurmuringly ' 'hey'sakl íh-py were too filled with nresent ?lce 'o civo me answer, and the.y passet. Aws,y ; Aud Once unto th'fe streamlet áld I 'aáy, What am I ?'- for in prove or walk oft feel lonely am' perforce must talk 'o all thinL3 lound that creep or walk or fiy, nd woü I kuow their speech. And ' What am I ?' üsked the stream ; and it was churlish, too, nd would not speak, but froin its weeds iipthrew . great brown frog, puffed up with too much pride, nd ' Ugly ! Ugly ! Ugly !' hoarse he cried ; aid then from off the streamlet's grassy brim e made great mouths at me, aud I at hini, Until I grew afearod of aim and me, nd ran and ran by bank and rustling tree Jp to the fount to see my goldfish glance .nd with them iu the sun ïike this to dance !" 'hen as a swallow that from o'er the. foam teturns at ïast to her dear native home, nd filled with joy beneath. the branches cool n any circles skims her favorito pool, ío round the fountain with ligbt foot and free 'he little el&sh. maid danpd.gleefully. iow here, now there, ín her wild gambqlrogs O'er the smooth grase, as if she, too, had wings!


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