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Democratie National Ticket. For President - SAMUEL J. TILDEN. For Vice President - THOMAS A. HENDRICKS. ELECTORAL TICKET. For Elector of PrMldODt and Vies Piesldent - At Largo- GEÓROE V. N. LOTHUOP, if Wuyne. " - AU8TIN BI.AIK, of Jackson. lat Dist,- JAMES HEINTZEN, ofWayne. 2il " - ALFBED I. SAWYKU, of Monroe. M " -JAMES 3. UPTON, of Calboan. 4th " - MAKSIIAU. L. HOWELL, of Cass. Sth " - FREPERICK HALL, of Ionla. etti " - HUGH McCUHDY, of Shiawassce. 7th " - JAMI'S B. KLDRIDGK, of Macoinb. " - ALBERT MILLER, of l!ay. Mth " - MIC'IIAFX FINNEOAN, of Hoaghton. STATE TICKET. For Governor - W1LLIAM U WEDBER, of Saglniw. For Lleuteriant (ïnvernor- JULIUS IHHSi;.IAN, of Kent. For Secrctary of Slate- GEOKQfi II. HOUSE, of Inghain. For State Troasurtir - JOHN G. 1'AUKUUlt.ST, ofBrancb. For Auditor-General - FREDERICK M. HOLI.OWAY, of HUbdale. l'or Attorney-Gcncral MARTIN MOHUIS, f Mimislec. For 8npoiintenctent.of Public ÏDstruotion - ZELOTBS TRDËSDEL, of Wasliteiiaw. For Commlutonor of tho State Land OiViee - JOSOPH BRUSS PENTON, ofOnae. For Meraber of State Hoard of TMuration OHARIiES I. WALKKH, of Wayuu. Kor Ueprosentativr In Co&gxeas - JOIIN J. RQBISON. of Wubtenaw. LEGISLATIVE TICKKT. l'ir S'-natitr JOIIN L. BURLEIGH, of Aon Arbor. For Kcprcsontiitivti in the State Lefïtshiture - Ist Dist.- JOIIN' B. HBNDERSOH, of l'ittaficld. 2tl " - IIIKAM J. BEAKES, of Ann Arbor. M " -ICZRA B.NORKIS, of Manchester. COUNTY TICKET. For Jmlge of Prohata - WILUAM 1. HA RUIM AS, of Ann Arbor. ForShnrifT- JOSI.VII S. CASE, of Manchester. For County Clcrk - PETER TÜITE, of Scio. Foi Iteister of Deeds - CIIAIiLKS II. HAMLY, of Aun Arbor. For Proseoutin Attorncy - J. WILLARD BADBITT, or Ypsilanti. For County Troa.surer - MATTEtEW QEN8LEY, of Freedom. For Circuit Court CommiMsioju-rs - CIIAUI.i:s R. WHITJIAN, of Ypsilanti. I). OLIPHANT CIIURCH, uf Saliuu. For Coroncr - MARTIN CLARK, of Ann Arl.ur. LEW13 C. RI6D0N, of Aun Arhor. For County Surv.'Vi.r - SHITH WILBXJR, of Ann Arbor.


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