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Vote eauly ! Don't wait to bo sent for. Afïeu yoïï deposit your own ballot look up your iudolcut uuighbor ond see that ho votes. A í'ULL vote ia this county is a Deicocratic victory of glorious proporlions. Let us havo it. Smitii Wilbuh has made a good record as County Surveyor and deserves re election. Vote for him. Look OUT for eleotion day roorbacks. Republicana are concocting them and we don't know who tbey will hit. vote I'ou our fellow-cifizen, Zelotes Truesdel, candidato for Superintendent of Public Instructiou. 11e will raake a good Voto for and elect Martin Clark and Lewis C. Risdon Coroners, and they will hold a jolly inquest on the defunct Republican party. Look out for split or bogus ticketsSee that every name Í3 the name of tbo Democratie caudidato, and that a fraud haa not been committed. Voteus residing in the soveral townships uiust register to morro w, - unless already registered. Failiug to do bo they will loso their votes. The speech of Hon. G. V. N. Lothrop at the Opera House on Friday evening last was oue of the bost, and the meating ono of the largest and most enthusiastic of the campaign. - - m- If YOU own a good jjair of horses put them at the disposal of the Democratie Town Cojnmittee on Tuesday next or uso them yourself to convey agod, iniirm, or disabled voters to tho polls. Don't scratcii a single name from your ticket unless you know tho candidate to bo dishonest, imfit, or unqualifiod : Riso above porsonal jealousies and voto the clean ticket as priuted. A full victory is suro if you do that. J. WlLLAHD Babbitt, tbe Democratie sandidate for Proseeuting Attorney, is one of tbe best lawyers in the county, and will mako a good1 officer. Ho ouglit to recfive a generous and hearty support. Lot no Ann Axbot Democrat Bcratch his name D. Oliphant Chukck, of Saline, is the second candidate for Circuit Court Commissioner. His residencö in Saline is no obstado to his holding tho office, and his admissiou to tha bat both cortifies to his legal and otbor iJualiñcatioDS. Givo him your votes. The indorsemout of (Jol. J. L. liurluigh, incorporatod in anotber art iele, will givo tho Democratie electors of tliis county gomu kuowledgo of his charactor and repatation aoioog men who havo known him longost aud beat. Read tho extracta and givc him your vote. Evbky Éi.ECLOH wlio is interi'sted in tbo administration of juslico by courts presided over by competent judgos should vote in favor of tho salary amendment to tho Constitution. $1,500 will not procuro the services of tho best lawyers, and no othors should be Cíilled to tho beuch. Voto Yes. E.iia B. Nokuis, tho D-emocratio uandidato for Representativo in tho Third district, ia a young lawyer roBÍding in the Domooratic town of Manchestor. His nomination in a district so strongly Democratie, aud over somo of tho strongost men in the district, isa recommondation bettor than any words of ours. Ho will got a largo majority. JOHN S. HJENDER8ON is nnilsins; a good li'ht in the iirst district. Cftpt. Allen has the advalitage of him in the make-up of thü district, but tho Democrats proposo to i vu liim i good "shake up." Henderson is the candidato of the Dumocracy, the tooi of tio elique, ivnd will make a. good PMtubei of the House. Voto tor Lim. "VVouiis oommending Hiranj J. Beakes to the electors of this district are unneoessary. Hu is knovvn to ev;iy elector, known as a true Deruocrat and nu efficiënt offieer in whatever position tried. If eleoted he will cot only faithfully represent the intorests of district, bnt will take a leading place in ihe House. Every Demociat will vote for hiui. Dox't fail to vote on Tuesday next becauï-e you thiuk tho county is oertoin to go Deiooorotio, and tho State as certain to go Bepnblioan. A large Democratie majority in this county will ent down the Republican májority in the State, and your singlo vote inay olect the moiaber of Congress or the Goveruor. Note this faot and iiupress H upoti your neighbor. Charles E. Wiiitmax, oh e of the Democratie candidates for Circuit Court Coinmissioner, has luade himself wiilcly and fuvorably known to the Domocracy of tho county duriug thu campaign. We hoar his speeches generully coiumendcd in the highest terms. To this we may add tliat his qualincations, professional and otherwise, insuru the peoplo of the couuty a first-elass ofh'oer. He will get a full vote. CHARLES H. Manly, tho Democratie candidato for Register of Deuds, bas served one term in the same cupacity, and to thu satisfaetion of his constituents. His experienco is tv strong argument in his favor. Uis Democratie record will secure hiui tho Democratie vote, while thoso Republioans who aro alwaj's praising the loyal and patriotic and disabled soldiers will of courea vote for him and aid in swelling bis majority. The campaiqn in this Representative district ought to have been run on political issues alone, but the Courier and the Republicau candidato willed otherwise, and so wo are couipelled to givo considerable space to issues raisod in the Courier and outside of it, and which aro relied upon to take Mr. Sawyer through : tbo laboratory defalcation and the repeal of the charter clauso taxing saloons. Lot ovcry votor read the articles on these subjecta. John J. IloitisON, tbo Democratie cundid ate for Congress, is entitled to tbe voto of ovcry Democrat in this county. Ho is known to be a truo Democrat, personally abovo reproacb, as a patriot tho peer of bis opponent or any other Ropublican, and if elected will faithfully represent the interests of the district. And his Republioaii neighbors and friends, who know bis record during the war, ought to rebuke his traduenrs and libeleis by giving him their votes. Peter Tuite bas' been tested as Ccunty Clerk, and no man can say a word against the way he has discharged the duties of thafc office. Ilis opponent is making a desperate effort to votes in certain quarters - say from Democrats who are Methodists - but ought not to make any headway. The religious test has no business in politics. Let it bo ignored, and let aJl Domoorats, without regard to naiionality or denominational connection. Vote for Tuito. Josiaii S; Case, of Manchester, the Doinocratio candidato for Sheriff, bas been for years a dnputy sheriff and bas provod biniself a careful, faithful, and prompt otKcor, diacharging his duties efrioiently, inteUigcutly, and in gentlemanly manner. Tho present Register of Doeds says tliat no ofh'eor makes a better return or paper tlian Jlr. Case, and correctness in tbo pajers of a Sheriff, which includes deeds of real estafo, is tho ono qualification in a sheriff which is tbo most important. Givo Mr. Case your voto. MATTHEW Gkxslf.Y is tho Democratie candidato for Troasurer. Hu is a young Germán resident of Freedom, of good family and diameter, and is vonchod for by somo of our best business men wbo know him woll, as competent and honest. In addition ho has but one arm - hrs loft - and is tliorcforc disabled from physical labor, whiob, taken in connection with bis dependenco upon himself for his daily support, gives him a claim to overy Democratie voto. Lot him havo them - regardless of bixthplace, accent, or broguo. Mi!. LoiHBOF literally sliinned exSpeaker Blaino on Friday eveniog last, and from tho official records provod him either Insincero or a falsifier of kistory : in tho matter of discharged soldiers froui tho employ of tbo House ; in the matter of tho bill opening tho army to rebel ofrioers ; in tho matter of general amnesty - recommonded by Graat and passed by tho House, in tho 43d Congress, on tbe recommendatiou of Blaino's oomiuittcc ; and in tho matter of tacking general legislation to appropriation bilis- a tbing tho IIouso has done for years. An IN8INUAT10N in tho Courier of last week loads us to suspect that this week it will operily attnek Mr. Beakes for bis connection with tho Aun Arbor and Toledo Railroad Company. Wo happen to know something about the history of that road and of tho connection of Judgo Beakes witb it, and wo oan assort without the fear of truthful contradiction that thero was nothing unprofossional or not Btrictly fair, honorable, or bonest in tho sorvices rendered by Judgo Boakes, either as a citizon or an attorney. Turn a deaf ear to tbis or any other oloventh hour roorback brought out against Judgo Beakes. No DemocRAT should vota against Judgo Beakes liooause bo is told that in case of his election fraud will bo covored up in tho University, or injustico dons to Dr. lioso. Theso aro falso issues, never should havo beon raised, and should be troated with contempt.


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