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The University--a Baseless Insinuation

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Tho Courie roí last weck intiniated, without exprcssly oharging, that tho University authorities wero opposiog an iuvtstigation of the recent defulcatiou. Tho ineinuation is not only baseless bur moustrous. The authoritiea, from tho fitst, have labored faithfully and luirncstly to gut the extiet füctf, and thuy have callud in tho best ftttainable assistance for the purpose. A brief statement of fncts, as thny offioially appeivr in the report of the Hogen ts, will demónstrate beyond all pOMible cavil that not only have the Uuivursity authorities pushod inveétigation vigorously, but that from the first it ha been resisted by the persons wlio now ghout investigation so lustily. The defalcation was firat discovered in November, 187Ó. Immediately on learning that something was wrong in the accounts, tho officers of the University began au examination of tho aeCjpunts, which led theui to the conclusión that the fault was with Dr. Rose. On bis attention being called to the matter, ho made up a portion of the defioiency. Tho exeoutivo conimittee and tho chairman of the financo committee of the Board contiuued the investigation, and beoame satisfiod that the fault was deeper and tho ombezzlement greater thau was at first supposed. They reported the result of their investigalions to tho full Board, who invited Dr. lioso to muke a statomciit of bis versión of the facts, in perbon or othorwiso as ho might prefer. He made a stetement which did not, in the opinión of tho Board, tend to excúlpate him, and the Board suspended hiin from his dutkis as asuistant professor. At the same time they appointed a committeo of tho Board to pursue the investigation further and carry it back farther than had yot beon done. In order that the investigation might bo thorough and accurate, Oovernor Bagley was solicited to send an expert here to go tbrough all tho books and accounts as far back as any ono should desire. Ho eeut a person here who Was a stranger to the parties concerned, and who spent several months in the work. Meantime, Mr. Beal, who had assuraed the chnmpionship of Dr. Robc, employcd an expert to go over the saine accounts, and he abo spent months in tho work. A report was made of thedeficiency discovered, but without attempting to fix tho blamo upon any one, and as this was not complete, a now conimittee was appointed. In miikiug tho report, Mr. S. S. Walker, one of the members and well known in this city, called attention to the fftct that they had beun unable to obtain ariy nssistance whatever from Dr. Rose, who had studiously kt;pt aloof. The new conimittee oonsisted of Kegents MoQowau, Grant, and Estabrook. There is not tho slightest reason for charging or suggesting that this coiumittef) was not a fair committeo and composed of honorablo and iuipartiiil mea. Indeed, Col. Grant, as is well known here, had beea JVlr. Boal's lawyer and had workcd with him cordially in local political affaire. It is only fair, and porfectly within bouuds, to say that no committeo could to get at tho bottora fucts. Thoy invited the partios to como in, in person and by counsel, and assist in lixing the blame upon tho right party. And hore Mr. Sawyor appears as tho vigorous exponent of delay and conoenlmont. By his fidvice Dr. Roso refused to appear or to ronder any assistanco. The pretenso was that ho was too poor to pay counsel for tho investigation and afterwards for a judicial hearing, should ono be had. Tho value of this pretense oan bo judged of whon it is statcd that at that very time 5Ir. Eoal was oponly boasting of tho lar'o sums of moncy he was willing to stake on Dr. Rose's iunocence. Ho made one or two propositions which evideotly had ouly delay or bluff in view, but ho refused to testify or to assist tho committeo in any way. Tho committeo went patiently through the account, without such assistance, and reported as the re-ult of tho investigation that Dr.lloso was defaulter to tha amount of $1,332 G". At tho same timo they find that there is a further deíicienoy of $1,171 üj, which they roport aa requiring further invostigation, and concerniug which they proposed to look to Dr Douglas as tho superior officer untií it could bo distinctly traced to some one else. This covers a stim in respect to which Dr. Douglas charges Roso with a falsification of vouchers, a charge which tho Rogcnts decliued to pass upon. This report was made on June 19, and was accepted and adopted by the Board. Tho Board ulso proceedod to have suits brought, in order that a judicial invostigation might set the whole matter at rest. It will thus be soon that the staving off process bas been exclusively on tho sido of tboso who now pretend to doiimnd investigation. Investigation is not what they want: if they had wantod it they would not havo waitod for a whoio year. It is preposterous to talk about an investigation by tho Logislature. It is not at all likely that body would order one when the matter is already pending in court. The Legislaturo is likoly to ho coinposed of reasonable ruou, and they aro not likely to tako from tho courts a matter whioh can bo niuch bettor investigatod there. But if tho Legislatura dosire an investigation, thoy will find the Univorsity authorities ready and perfoctly willing to favor it. Wo can plodge this bocauso we know that thorough investigation is what tLey havo constantly endoavored to muko. Mr. Boakos also has no opposition to any investigation. Tho opposition, if auy, will como from tho samo ilion who huvo .stuadily opposod it hitherto. Now pretensos will bo sought in tho Legislatura to prevent tho facts boing brought out. Tho present cry is falso and deceptive, and the men who niako it are ouly crying "stop thiof " as A cover for private and porsonal schemes. Thoy can rail at tho University boro and at Lan8ing, and thoy may bo ablo to injure and cripplo it ; but no friond of tho University and no friend to fair dealing has any interest in helping them. Let no man bo deeeivod by a filse outory wkicli beliea the whole course of the parties wlio maka it.


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