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To onable our readers to undorstand liow the Democratie candidato for Senator in this district is regarded by thoso who havo beeu hia lif'e-long, we extract the following from auumber of letters addressed to ono of our couu ty officers. A Nuw York iawyor and Du in uu rat says : "1 have known Colonel Burlcigh intímate); sílice his boyhood, aïid have watched hia courao through liïu witli peculiar interest, iiot only Cox my lovo for hiia bat ulso on account of his ability and sterling character by which ho invariably commands notice and ruspect. When a boy ho evmeed a stroug and activo roligious nature, aud siuco ha attainod manhood he lias beeu a faithful aud promiueut churchman. Unou tho cominoncement of tho war he eatored the army an;l aorvod with diátinction, experienciug arduous servico aud winning the onconiiuma of hia superiors. I have 110 hesitatiou iu saying that I regard his military rocord as beiug of a brilliant charactor, soeond to not many iu tho country of those who held a similar rank. Hls busiue83 career has beun successlul, ho having exoeuted nnportaut truats, OOnducted largo att'aiis and aequirud a reputation lor ability aud uuswerving integrity in morcautilo circles which wil! adhore to hiin through Ufe. As to hia private lito 1 kuow bim us woll as I knovv mysulf, aud eau say,with tho strictost regard lor truth, that hu is a truu gentleman aud without reproach, affording me iu many instaiices au exaniplo worthy of imitation." A leading Republioau lawyer of New York writes : ".Colouel Burleigh has beea for years one of my friends, aud ia a gentluiuau whoae frioudship 1 regard. I fint becamo acquamtod with liiui soon aftor tho war, and as wo had boen soldiers together there was a bond of union betweeu us, aud our acquaintance ripened iuto frieudahip aa I discorereu1 tho virtuea of his charactcr. I nccd aay nothing about his abüities for they iinpress overy ouo with whom he comea in contact. We dift'er in politics, íor I have always been au earueat Uepublicun, and 1 could never undurstaud why so able and upright a mau could be a Deinocrat, but thij is the only thing I liavo agaiuat him. IÍ he should be olected, and deïeat his Republican computitor whom 1 doiot know, my consulatiou would be in tho reaection that your peoplo had socurftd tha services of auch a mau aa should hold public office, a geutlomau of ability aud the strictost iutegrity of character." Gonoral Lansing, now Auditor of the Coutenuial Üoard of Fiuance, senda the followÏQg letter, whioh wo publisli in full: Judcies' Hall, OsmsmrtiXi Gkounds, ) l'lIILABKLPUIA, ÜCt. 23, 1S7Ü. $ Hon. R. E. Fkazkk, Arm Arbor Mich. Dear Sir : You ask me what I know ot Col. John L. Burleigh, now of your sity. I anawer, everytliiug. Have known him from his boyonod. A Doy but ninetecn years oíd, he was tho first to sign my muster roll, and that immediately after the news of the bombardment of Sumpter. Young aa he was I made him 2d Licutcnant of tho regimont. Within a year he was promoted to lat Lioutenant for general good conduct, and Captain for bravcry on tho tiold at Ilanover (Jourt House, May 27, 18C2. ïle recoivod aeveral wöunda, was breveted üajor, Licut. Colonel and Colonel, appointed Ltieut. Colonel of a now rogimeaf, bul by reason of his wouuds ho left the service aud engrtged in buainesa in the West Indios. UI heiilth caused his return to Now York, where ho was ongaged for several years in the commision business, Ho ahvays had a groat dcsiro for public Ulo. " Politics noods missionaries more than the heathon " he used to say Tho better to proparo himsotf for this lite he atudied law. Colonel Burloih possessea extraordinary talent, aud onergy. No obstada dnunt.s him, and no hill ia too high for him too surmount wheu he has determinad to accomphsh it. Ho was a gal lant soldier, is a man of strict iutegrity and high chivalfic honor. As auch my faniily respect aud lovo him, and ho is to us as a son and brother. Knowing that you will on further acquamtanco ünd my opinión of him correct, I am with respect, Truly yours, H. S. LANSING. Wo conclude this notioe with an extract from a letter written by General Fitz John Porter : " Colonc! Burleigh was in my okl División from lts organizaron, and in tho 5th Army Corps so long aa I commanded it. Ho served faithfully and gallantly. I havo known him for several years and havo no occasion whatever to commond him other than as a gentleman and honorable man." RiAd what "lighting Joe Hookor" says of Gov. Tilden : His'history through many years bears abundant tostiinony to his high qualificatious for tho performance of this duty. If 1 knew of any one better qualified to perform it than Governor Tilden, I should voto for him, regardlcsa of politics; but 1 do not. Duriug tho war I was made to foei that it was providencial that we had Abraham Lincoln for our Chicf Magistrato, and I am now cqually satufled that our candidato is uecessary for tho country. And yet the stay-at-hoine Republican patriots and flaunters of tho bloody shirt pronounco Tilden a rebel sympathizor. And tliis is what " fighting Joe Ilooker " says of how the uegro isporsocuted in the South : I do not say that ba:i men aro not to bo fouud Kouth as well os North, but I do mean to be understood that thoy are no more numerous iu ono soction than in the other. Were I a uegro, I would seek tho South for for my homo sooner than the North, for the nogro is accorded a consuleration and socurity in tho which I havo never aeen him receivo in the North. I only regret that more of our people have not boon ablo to verify my observatiou of tho relatiou of races iu tho Southern country. And now lot us havo tho scalp of "fighting Joe Ilooker." What right bas ho to turn traitor to tho - liepublican party 'i SlXTY-ONE leading Republicans of Bay County say in u requost addrossed to the llepublican Stato Central Comraitteo, asking tho reraoval of General Partridgo from tho ticket for ineompetoncy, laok of veracity, and general dishonesty : " Should his namo not bo taken from the ticket wo give notice that wo slmll considor it our highest duty to uso every honest endeavor to defoat his election." Tho 8tato Committee has not removed General Partridge, and honest Republicana, or Ropublicans who desiro an honest administration of tho affairs of the State Land Office, should erase the namo of Benjamin F. Partridge and put on tho name of Josepb. Brush Fenton. If the Now York Republicans wero so confidont of earrying that Stato for Hayos by a largo majority, as wo are daily assured on ovory streot corner, would they send up hero for University boys to " come straight home," - and pay their expense loth ways 'Í And that is just what they ar doing. Vote for William L, Webber and the whole Democratie State tioket. A CIRCULAR has boen issued by the Kentucky Democraey addressed to tho people of tho Uiiited Stats, boaring the signaturo of the Governor, the United States Senators, the nine members of the House, the nieinber of the National Committee, the nieinbors of the State Committee, the Secretary of State, and tho two Electors-at-large, which repudiates the charge that " tho Southern people expect that a chango of the adiininslruUuu of the Federal Government, and tho advent of tho Democratio reform party, will enuro to their pecuniary benefit in securing for them payment for loss or damage to property suffored by them during the war." The address further saya : Their loss in dobts incurred in support of the war, and causüd by eiuaucipatiou, is barred from j);iynient by tho fourteenth ameudment to the Constitutiou of the Uuited States. Uouipensatioti for all other injuries to their property causod by tho war is prohibited by the luw of nntious aud the decisión of the Supromo Court of the United States. They have, theret'ore, no hope or expectation of bein; reimburaed for oither, and we deuouuco such charges as injunous and fatse. All we desire is pence, prosperity aud jtist ííoverntnent, giviug equal nyhta uudur the Coustitutiou. Isn't that a frank indorsement of tho doclaration of Mr. Tilden ? Elect Hayes and what reason is thero for suspectiug, rauch I088 predicting a reforru in tho Exocutive Dopartment of tho Government? Tho ruling spirits of the Sonate will continue to bo Cumoron, Conkling, Logan, Morton, üglosby, Spencer, etc., and no one is fooi enough to imagine that they would permit tho confirniation of a Bristow, a Jewoll, a Curtís, a Cox, an Evarts, or any other man whoso name stands for reform, even if Zack Chandler, who as chairmnn of the National Coinmittoo is tho acknowlodged head of the party, would pormit Prosident Hayes to send in the name of any one save the merost party hack or tooi. Reform oan ouly como throngh a radical change, through u breaking up of tho rings having their headquarters in the Capitol and in and around the Dopartments, throngh a thorough cleaning out of the Augoaii stables. The White House is thu placo to begin. Hayes will have to suecumb to tho Sonate and the politiciuns, and Grantism will bo porpotuated in and through him ' with all that the word iruplies." Tho safo way is to voto for Tilden and a completo change. Wiien Tilden's letter was givou to the public, putting thu foot of an elephant on tboso terribly dangerous rebei war claims which havu doprived our timid and feurful Rupublioan friends of 80 many hours of refreshing sleep, the Republican journals, orators and streot-corner politicians ejaculatad " but there is Hendricks, he won't say so, and Tilden may dio," And now comes Hendricks and ays : " I am glad that Mr. Tilden has been afforded tho opportunity to place himsolf on the record in such an admirable manuer. My own position in the premisos is hoartily in accordanue with Mr. Tilden's." So down goes another prop of the Republican shanty. A promixext and well postedRepublican living in ono of the out towns, a day or two ago, conceded to the Demócrata a largo majority in this county but addod that the B.epublioans hopod, by thu aid of " slips," to sqeeze in a man or twö. Korewarned is forearmed. Lot tho candidates and their icorking f rienda stand by each other and every man is safo. Work for the whole ticket rathor than to get on ii " slip," and let every candidato set his face, secretly and openly, agaiust trading. If a Ropublican will vote for a Domoer&t, allright, but let no man claiming to ba a Domocrat, or who has the interest of any Democratie candidato in charge, offer an exchange of votes. Pull together. Just preceding tho election of 1872, cortain bankers and brokers of Wal] street and morchant princes of Broadway, issued a oircular threatening finanoial ruin in the eveut of Greeley's eleotiou. Grant was elected and the flnancial ruin caino and nono is. Aad yet these same bankers ana merenants again threaten tinancial ruin in the ovont of Tildon's election. Can arrogance and impiidonco sound a deeper depth. Voters, rebuke them on Tuesday next. Did the Adrián Times ever hear of tho success of tho vipor in gnawiug a filo ? It is certainly imitating the feot in its venoraous and slandorous attacks upon tho loyalty and patriotism, of John J. Robisou. Tho record of Mr. Robison is known to every elector in this county, and there is not a stain upon it. A cause niUflt indeed bo desperate which calis for such dirty work in its behalf. , 1 , 1 A OKAVK-YAUD WIIISTLB ! that ÍS what tho address of " Z. Chandler, ohairman," issued undor date of Nov. 1, moans. Let no Deinocrat bo alarmed. Brag and bluff won't count on the evening of the 7th inst., against the votes of an outraged and determinad peoplo. Thomas A. Hendricks, tho next Vioo-Presidont of tho United States, addressed a monster Democratie meeting at Kalamazoo on Tuesday, and another at Grand Rapids on Wodnesday. Western Michigan is alive. Look out for thunder from that direction next Tuesdoy. If patriotic blood courses through your veins and you wish for peaoo and a restorud Union, for a pure governmont and fiuancial proeperity, vote for Tilden and Hendricks. We republi8II this weck tho noble letter of Gov. Tilden burying the rebel war cltiims fatboms deep. Read it aguiu and hand the paper to your Republican neighbor.


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