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- Areii't we glad the campaign is about over? You bet we are. -The weather during the week has been very inuch like April, but last iiight promised to tuni colder. -Vice-Fresident Ferry addressed a large meeting (of Republicana aud Democrats) at the Opera House 011 Monday eveniug. -The Board of Supervisors adjourned on Friday last to December 18. Alter election we shall make a note of some of their important dnius. -The Rev. Dr. Brown will lecture Sunday evening in the Presbyterian Church.on "The evideuce of the iuspiration of the Bible from its revelation3." -There will bo a meeting of the Ann Arbor Scientific Aasociation npTf .- _ t7 1-2 o'clock. A paper will be read by Prof. Lsngley. Subject: "The Manufacture oí Telescopes." - Moses W. Field talked greenbacks at the Opera House on Saturday evening, hiring his own hall, his own band, and all the rest of the bilis himaelf. That is provine oue's faith by works. -Rev. C. H. Brigham will give the fifth Iecture of the course on the " Middle Age " nest Sunday evening at the Unitarian Chureb. Subject "The Heretics of France and the Alpa.1' Students' class at 9:30 A. H. - Some of the boys were on the rampage i Tiunday night, and among the heroio deed the old boiler taken out of the basement was rolled to the cat hole half a mile aw&y, and the State street skating rink transparency was raised to the top of the Hayes id Wheeler pole in front of the same. - Senator Ferry was serenaded at the Gregry House after hia speech on Mouday eveting. As a Senator naturally would he made a responsivo speech, in which he addressert -u, M uiy cuiureu menas, thankcd them for the honor they had done him, underatood that they had been organized but a few months, aesured Prof. Freeman that he could be proud f hia band, and hoped to meet the membera ia Washington. About this time somethiug mnding lite " Cot tam " was heard and "tramp, tramp " was in order, bef ore the Senator finished. It was the Germán band. IT 13 curreatly reported that a Bepublican Tmanonary has been convassmg the Fitth ward d offering a bag of apples for votes, and that good honest Germán told him to get or he Yould bag him. Olll! mas reports m offer of #3 for hts vote, and othors give evidence of having been'"seen " Tha rtatute ig very severe againat bribery' and n ampie ought to be made oL the voto brokAregiítored voter may be challenged tor ue and cequired to take oue of the oaths friMcribed ia the electíon laws. See to it that ery applicant not clearly a voter is challeaged. RKTüENS-We shall seud blants to each ■rd aud township, hopiagthat the persons to whom they re sent wül get them properly íled and certified to, and seud them in to us Hhe County Clerk's office, on the night of Ballot BoxEs.-It trili be necessary for wh ward and townshlp fcoard of inspectora of election to provide ioor ballot-boxes,-one fcrthe Electoral, State, and Couniy ticket ndoneforeach of the three Constitutional nsndmeuts. Inspectora sometimes permit lectors not members of the board to assist ia counting the Wte8 after the polls close. This is illegal. "he count must be public. The electora have fght to see it made, but Done but members of the board should touch a ballot. The Cantass- The Totes polled in each d and township must be canvassed immeJmtely after the close of the polls, before the ord can adjourn, and the result publicly declwed. The law does not warrant an adjourament until .after the count is completed. Those saloon keepers who are forgetting r politics and giving their support to Mr. Wyer, on tho license tax issue, should think Jst a minute that if elected Mr. Sawyer may otbeableto control the Logislature. That iy will be more than likely to listen to tho Common Council and the citizen of this city. Thk POLLS.-Inspectors of election must Psn their several polls at eight o'clock a. m. on Tnesday next, Novembet 7, or " as soon ttereafter as may be," and close them at 6 oclock p. m. The law authorizes an adjourn"entfrom 12 o'clock M, to 1 oclock p. M., proclamation to be made of such adjournNo nnregistered person is entitled to vote ' absent f rom his ward or town on the tai or daj-s of registratioii during the entire nn the board was in session. The tact that 9 "PPüed tor registration on the day the d met and was rejected does not entitle ""■"o "swear m his vote." ■ ■ i i ■ heu the canvas or count has been com;k,. Ia tha niKht of election the ballot w ba sealed up (not thrown loosely iuto ox) in a wrapper which cannot be opened wout being destroyed without exposing the " nd so kept subject to the order of a court " e of a legal contest. lET evkey Ilegal voter be challeuged, and if ote, 1"" 8WearS ln his vote who is nt . have him immediately arrested. In 'cy a number of students, temporarily ng here and having no right to vote, 'procurad rogistration and will probably kt k 'r TOteS' ObJ'ect to no Zonest voter, challenge any man who is not a bona fide ""nt here. (1C0L0BBl MEiTborn"Tn"cüada( who have elaredtheir intentions to become oitim9arnOtVOtOr8- Thy e entitled to he Ho tD ta M White foreiKa Dorn residents and 1auYnd WUh0Ut naturaliz"o .re not et t n by any constitutional araendmont lered ' Sl3val such have regis 'n this city, under advice of Bepublican ïr who ought to know better. Let them


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