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Democratic Meetings

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A large and enthusiastio meeting was held at Mooreville. Monday evening üot. 30, in tha Methodist Church, ad was ably addressed by D. Cramer and VV. D. Harriman. The meetiuowas a grand success. Ou Tuesday evening, at the School House at btoney Creek, Augusta township, Oct 31 Messrs. Kamman and Eichmond addressed' a large Democratie meeting. Tho speakers presented the politieal questious in a bold, fair and candid manner, to wluch the audieuce' gave marked and quiet attention. Tuesday Evenjng, Oot. 313t, at Chelsea, D. Cramer addressed a very large and enthusiastic meeting, the hall being filled to a jam and mauy bein2 naabl t.n uot ir Wednesday, Nov. iet, G. H. Richmond and H. Wade Hogers addressod a full house at Pittsfield school house. Ou Weduesday evening Mr. Nkhols, of Detroit, aud Bobt. E. Frazer, Esq., of this city spoke at Ypsilantl. An Ypsilanti telegram tó tlie Free Press speaks of them as "colored orators." THa Democracy was genuine. Ou Thursday eveniug Messrs. Harrimau and Biehmond expouuded the truth at Delhi Mills, and D. Cramer, Esq., aroused the Democracy at Walsh's Corners in Northfield. Both meetings were a success. Tue MiRTiN-MoLAuaHLiN Match.- The [ Turf, Field and Farm, a prominent New York jourual which givea considerable attention to "sports," g1Tes a leugthy and not very I fiattering report of the recent Martin-UcLaughlin maten in that city, irom which we extract the following paragraph : "When McLaughlm and Martin carne to New York with tüeir collar and eibow urüposition we were iu hopes that they would do cise irorn disfavor and d.sgntce. We haüed thern as the Kepresentatives of a new school and accepted the assurunce of themselves and the.r Jrieuds thatthey were ternbly in eaniest. We did what we could to secure them a coocl house m the city, and nursed the hoi.e that we had done nothiug to briny regret But all who saw the atraggla on ilouday aigbt aud who studied the management, could not heln but thmk that thinga were not done as they should have been done, In the first place tho tickets issued by i B. Hooper, aa " cha.rman committee ot arraugemenls," sm.-icked of the hlppodrome. In the eeoond place there were toomany "heelera" from .Michigan arouud 1 hese tellows did about ail the Bhouttng, and they reminded the initiated ot the clacque ot the theatre. In the third place Martin Ld McLaughlm pretended they were indifferent to gate proeeeds, that they were wreatlm te settie an intense rivalry rather than till their j crowd moro hungry for the dollars. In wrestnf')',g, tT me',' 7e'e Tery tender of each other. They aoted as if they were fearful tney miglit hurt eaah other. We never before saw hot rivals half so loving. At ihe eod oi elesren mioutos, in whioh no violent wurk was done, McLaughlin had succeedod in lavnig Martm on his back. I„ the seco.ut round they were still tender of oaoh other In fit teen minutes McLiughlin went down as careíully as it he had been a. basket of ers and was afiaid of the jar, and the clueque triod'to get upa storm of applause. Buch man „ow 'i, f?h'a t0,hVscredlt' andit was presumed thatthethird bout would be watched with the most intense interest. The athletes were approaching the climax by well-vvorn hippodrome stages. The tliird round lasted aoout uiteen miuutes, and McLaughlin was the winner ot ït. lhe matchwas auio.klv.wov u„.„ roen could wrestle in Michigan fjve hoiKs and obtain nuthmg decisive, and throw each other in trom ten to fitteen minutes in New York ïsoneot tue juggling questions of the hour Olil wrestlers who closely watched the performance Monday night agreed with tho excited individual who cried out trom the thick of the orowd, " I'H bet a hundred dollars to ten oenb that thi8 is a put-up job." But whether the match was bonafide or a sham it 13 certain that should MeLauhlin and .Mar fm come together in this city a.'ain there would not be fifty paying people in"the house A more d.sappointed crowd neyer filed from Central Park Garden than the one which made lts exit Mouday night. Two filter looking athletes caimot be found in the country tfcan McLaugh in and Martin, and it is a matter of deep regret that their ftrst appearance among us should not have giveu rise to more pleasaut thoughts.


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