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Governor Hayes

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wo i.,, Frm thoNew York Iterald. int f k ,Upou hlm aa a mediocre, wellm ontioned gentleman, who has been hited by the accidenta of politics to a [posUiou to which he had no title tounded on personal qualifications. He has none of the elementa of a gieat and oommanding charaeter ; neither the breadth of intellect, the force of will nor tüe ascendnecy oyer other men with which nature stamps a man bom for I leadership. Ile is immewurably inferior to Morton, Blame, Conkling and half a dozen other KRniihUn„r,a iuZ _._ Cl , uamod m the qualities vvhich aiight fit a man lor influenoe over other miuds and make h,m feit a potent force in politics We beheve Mr. Hayes to be honést , but aotmore honest than-hundred. ot thousands of oitizens who are plain Uvelihood by meohanical skill. He is not eminent „ a lawyer, was not emiaentasasoldxer, he xuade no figure in Oongrosg as a legislator, aud tbere are probably few oounties in Ohio whioh oould aot furnish as useful a Governor, l We have nothing to say against the services rendered in public stations by wellnieamng medioority, Öut we are"unablo to see that a small man is reudared great Uuring thethree yearshe was in Congress he was as obedisnt to party behests themoh of ordi etbers. lhat was the period of enorinous land grabs ior railroad9) aud the record prove, that Mr. Hayes voted for theia aü. It would be a poor compliment to his sagacity to say that he aoted iu iauorance; but not even this lame excuse can be pleaded, for Mr. Ehhu B. Washburne our Minister to Prance, was theu in the Uouse and distinguislied hiuiself öy a bold and vigorous opposition to those wastoful, swindling grant of the pubho lands. üiifortnn-i,, ■„. a. - . -- - --■ "umimuaiBiy lor tilo t ofmdependence whioh is sot up tor Mr. Hayes ho never voted on suoh occasions with Mr. Washburne, but always with the majority of his party.


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