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I he friKhtened editor of the New York Commercial heads his leader on the October eleotions "An Imminent Peril." The imperiled party consista of Boss Shepherd, Gen. Babcook, Gen. Grant, Mr. E. B. Hayes, of Ohio, Mullott, BuÑ ler, Anamas Haya, Morton, Pattersou and other illustrioua citizens and re íormers from within. -Hartford Times There ís not a State in which eleotions have been held this year in which the Repubhcans have done as well as they dicl at the preliininary electiona in 1872 They have abeolutely lost Ccnnectiout and Indiana, and have lost largely on theïr majorities in Maino, Vermont and ütno. They practically carried West Virginia at th el p.t.írr ín a ., . -mr when they defeated tbo regular Democratie candidate for Goveruor by 2 583 majonty. This year West Virginia is írom 12.00Ü to 15,000 Democratie.-- ■L f 6 SS Samuel J. Kandall, Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, says : " I believe tho real, natural, safe and permanent way to tho resumption ot speoie payments is ia the reduotion of the expenditures of the Government to what is needed by an eoonomical administraron. Human foresight, in my iudK ment, oannot fix the exaot hour or Ay when . it sliall take place. But, the trnth is seit-evident, if we save $20,000,000 or $30,000,000, or $40,000,000 a ear, we do not only provide the means íor a spoedv resumption by the establishment of a ngid eoonomy and just expenditure, but we estabhsh that confidence which must inevitably precede the desired result " L7 tno present timo Gen. Dix is marsbalmg the Boys in Blue, and after eleven years of peace he is trying to revive in their breasts feelings of seotional ammosity, ranoor aud hato. Tan years ago Dix was presiding officer of a -tniladelptua Conventiou in whioh Tiluen and Hendricka were prominent aotors aud he joined in the deolaration that " it is our duty as brothers of one JNational family to forget the past, and stnve by true einulation to perpetúate tne principies of American civilizatiou." tovr ten years of partizan solfishuess caá degrado a man !


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