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Miscellany: Province Of Woman

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Ib a recent letter on Capital Punishment, Mts Cliikl occasion to sa y of a recent work of Dickenl ;gainst hangng - "I am glad Dickeius has writicn on tlris aujyectj lor no man lias liad better opportunilies ío observo the eO'ectofexsting lawson crimináis, and no man is so univtraaily read. I atn glad, loo, lliat a man lias done t. If.i woman said prejciscly (bésame lliings, she voald bc lia ble lo 1 1 1 o cbargo ofsiekly senliiHeniality: jopponciüs woiiid profesa thcmselvcs too gqllanttö reason with lier on such an impofíant topic, and graciously snggost lljat i love stories wore beller odaptod to feniale intellect. Th is mode ofrejoinder is extremely conimon, especially when the case will nol bear such plain questions as '-Is liie argument an argument? Is the fact a fact? ís the liil a fair onc?" - Hut, comnion as it is, it never seemed to mo u peculiarly manly slyle of It alwoys reminds me of llie boy who, finding himscli worsted in an encountcr, cried out, "Well, if I cnirt lick e, I can make moulhs at your tiáler." Tlicrc is however, a visibie iniprovement. 1ormerly, when wornen ventured to disctiss any general principie, lliev wcvq politely adviscd to "mond iheir sfocfcingSf51 ]ut sinco ihe inven'ion of t!ie stocking-loom bas made hose socheap, darning st-eins to occupy a loss prominent place in tbc imnginalions of men; and iiovv, when we meet in tbc field of intellect, wc are courk-ously recommendêd to'Conlhie otúselvestb the appropriate walk.s of pootry, rhapsody, and romance. Rut, nolwithsiandingtiii.sadvice, Dorothea L. Dix 'piiotly moves ön in her noble mission, inilucncing the nclion of Legisl.-itmvs fröirt onc of the Union to the öthor. ííarriet .Martineau attracts the atccntioii oi MalesmtM), by her popular adpiation of political economy. Mr?. Somervillo benefitS tho seicntiiic worTd by her accurate astronomical calculations, vithout heedingByron's suggestion, that 'Uhe business of a female astronomer is to discover whelher there bc It man in the inoon." In view of these thingsit eertainly does begin to be diinly that once in a great whüe, a women maynrise, who "knows e'n-a-most as mud as somc men!" 1 observe, with a quic smile, how at every onward stop man at tempts to inke, he encounters the vexñ tions "woman question." The momen any subject, connected with human pro gress, s diseussed. or acted upon, it proves an e.xploring travelor, which walks, like f3elzona right into the mummy-cases ol oíd tradilionary opinión nnd usnge, nnc makes the dust fly at a fearful rate.- 'J'here is no help for it. Woman is man's mate, and not hisservant or liis playtliing. Slie is co-sovcreign of the world, in all its departments; and, as things tend towards ïarmony, slowly but surely sho moves nto her place."