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The Vatican

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-Tliis imm me pile ui building ibeyond n)l irnnginfuion. I was lolil ts extreme Icngrb ilirougli ilic opnrlmcnis, nnd not duplicaling n single room. was 7i).OOO fcet. or nenrly II Englieli miles It hns10(.0 rooms, 200 flights ol stairs. Tliis imrrpnse pile cnntainn niO6t of the aniiquitics of Rome, as well ns most of ilic cclebruicd statunry nnd paiming of ihp oarly ns well ns the modern nrtist. TIicd you will sro Ji;iphncrsimmortnl Trnnsfiguraiion, as wcll ilie grent tresco of ilic Lnst Judgmcnl. wiih nn immense nirrñbor of liiglrly nicritorious paintings. Tlic scu'piurc is.ildo great, the iniminble Cso cullcd) Apollo Bflvidcrc, and ihc truly great Dying Gladiator, wiih 10,000 more, ome very fine. nnd odicrs common; uil die Cncsarp, nnd all the Roman Rmporor, Presidrnls. nnd Senators. ts wcll na all the orators aild poel?) nnd a host of goda of sea, l.ind and air. In iact, ifn person vas to visit ihe Vatican onec or nvice lic only ocs the building. It will t.ikc him .'50 days tri o get fully to understand the road irom room o room. without o valet. The whole is n world f the fino ons. on a nuich greftter scalc than ny otlier i'vy can boaat of, in fací, tlian all the niea in Chrisiendom togeiher. The Li!rarypnrtmcnt. whcn all thr doors are llirown open, ves a sinlc view of 15 10 fuet. and the giller? vhich ynu h'rst enter whore all the inscriptions n Lntin nre plasterd in the walls on eacli pide. s immense. TIkt.j y m will sce ihousanda ot nsciipiiona. wilü nanies of :he persons who vere merchnnts.or sliopmon in cnrly ae3f giving list of iheir anieles, and ihe iu;ility ns wcll s price. Many of these werc from Pompcii. nnd some from the ruins of Flerculaneum, and cry many of them from the haths ot Carncalla. hc pnlnce and baths of tho C.iesars, nnd from Adrion's pnlacc, coniïnonly cjilled the villa; and alao from lio Pantheon nnd Tcmplrs of Minc'rvn and Júpiter, nnd otl er gods nnd goddesaes. making a number ahnost irtcrediblë.Queer people were our forefathcrs. and queer )avs did they enact. Among the records of South Ueading, Mass, tho following en.ry is made undcr tho date of 1G62; This year the town ordcred that no 'ornan, nmid boy or galy shall sit in the soutli alley of tho meeting house, upon penalty of twelve pense Ibreach ilny they sball sit in the alley after the present day. It wns furtlier ordered that every dog that comes to meeting, after the present day, eilher tho Lord's or lecturè' days, except it be their doga that pny for a dog whippor, the owners of these dogs shall pay a six pense for every time they come to the meeting.' Raihvays for travel and ïrnnspnftation began to be constnicted about tho year 1820; now therc are 78 raihvays completed and in progress; with a capital of L85,000.000(377 millions of dollars) and VSO npplicalions beforo Parliament the past sossion involving a capital L96, 445,G50, of which 2,860 miles, with a capital of L58,4.52,100, u-ere nul horizod. In addition to all these, thero are two iiindred other projected raihvays, not yet bcfore Parliamenf, involving a capital of jC 100.309,000. Should all these promseil roads bö constructed in accordance with the designs uf their projected, there wil! be jL3G8,000,000, or $1,840,000, 000, investcd in railroads in Great BrUain alone ! ! Is not ibis deplorable insanity? and yet millions ot her popul.-uiun are famishing for a morsel of breadf