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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. DOJiALD MACliEAN, M. !., Physioian and Surgeon. Office and residence, 71 Huron street, Ann Arbor. Office hours f rom 8 to 9 a. m. and f rem 3 lo 3 p. m. tit J. HEKDMAN, BI. D., Physician and SurVV i geon. Office, outhwest corner Main, and Horon streets. Residence, 4S South State street. Office hours f rom 10 to 12 a. m. and 2 to 4 p. m. E. JIcFAKLiüD, Surgical and Mechan, ical Dentist, corner of Main, and Huron mets (Jackson's old stand.) Great pains taken in ,11 opcrstioDS ontrusted to my care. PriceB to suit Ut times. Allwork warrantc,.. Teeth extracted ntliout pain. Office hours : 8 to 12 a. m 1 to 6 p.m.; 7to 8:30 p. m. ir H. JACKSO'x, Dentist. Office corner of YV , Miiu and ashiuton streets, over Bach & ibel'8 store, Ann Arbor, Mich. Anesthetics administered if req'-,,re(], EIGENE K. FRUEAUFF, Attorney at Law, Rotary Public, and Commiesioner of Deeds for peoneylvauia. Consultation in the Germán or Uilieb lauguage. Otiice, Hill'a Opera-House, Anu Arbw, Mich. E CLARK, Justice of the Peace, Notary Pub, lic aud Couveyancer. Will loan money for otters on real estáte security. Office over No. 8 Hurón street, Alm Arbor, Mich. ■TTINES & WORDEN, 20 South Main street, yy Auu Arbor, Mich., wholesale and retail dealers in Dry Goods, Carpets and Groceries. MACK & SCHMID, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceriee, Crockery, etc., No. 6 South Mam ptreet. BACH & ABEL, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, etc, No. 26 South Main street, Ana Arbor, llieb. -ITTM. WAGNEK, dealer in Keady-Mado ClothW ing, Glothe, Oaesimeres, Vestings, Trunks, Cirpet Bags, etc, 21 Soiith Main street. JFREDERICK SCHAEBKKLE, teacher of , the PIANO, VIOLIN AND OUITAR. Kesideuce southeast corner Main and Liberty etreets, Aan Arbor, Mich. NOAH W. CHEEVER, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office Probate Office, Ann Arbor, Mich. EYEHYBODY SAYS THAT REVENAUGH IS THE Boss Photographer of Ann Arbor. 28 East Huron Street, up stairs. TINSLOW BROS. 32 East Huron Street, PiCTURE FRAMBS, BRACKETS AND VIOLIN STKINGS. 1505 J. H. NICKELS, FRESH & SALT MEATS, Hams, Sausages, Lard, etc, STATE STREET, OPPOSITE NORTHWEST CORNER OF UNIVER8ITY CAMPUS. Ororrs promptly filled. Farmera having meats to el should give him a cali. 1568-yl THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK Ann Arhor, Mlichlgan. Eeceives deposits of Ono Dollar and upwards and allows Five per cent. interest on all deposits remainiDg three months or longer. ÏTEREST COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANNTIALLY. ilso, bujB and sells U. S. Bonds, Gold, Silver and Interest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and ChiioExchange. ilso seUs Sifiht Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, Oemany, or any other part of the European Continent. Hls Bank is organized under the General Bank ing Law of this St:ite. The stockholders are indiilually liable to the amount of their stock, and tne hole capital is security for depositors, while "itk Banks of issue the capital is invested for the wrarityof bill-holders. This f act makes this Institntjon a very safe deposit of moneys. Married Women can deposit subject to their own drafts only. Money to Loan on Approved Securitles. I [Bbectoes- K. A. Beal, C. Mack, W. D. Harrimra, W. Deubel, W. W. Wines, D. Hiscock, W. B 8mith. OFFICERS : C Mjck, Pres't. W. W. Wikes, Vice-Pres't. C. E. Hisoock, Cashler. W. A. L0VEJ0Y, Tobacconist ! DEALS IN FINE-CUT AND SMOKING Tobáceos, SNTJFF, PIPES, &c, At No. 7 East Huron-st., Next to the Expresa Office, ANN ARBOR, - - - MICHIGAN EBERBACH & SON, üritísts anfl Püarmacists, 12 South Main St., wpi on hand a large and well selected stock of DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DYB STUFFS, ARTiSTS' & WÁX FLOWER MATERIALS Toilet Artieles, Trnsses, Etc. pÖRE WINES AND LiQUQRS. s! ■ lal a'tention pid to thefuruUhing of Phyuli'ï (:"'I1Jists, gchopls, etc, üu Pi.ilosophical ï" ijeoili Ai)ratus, Boi.u.uiau Chtniical T Purcelaiu Ware Pure Kcagems, efo. ,r ' 'cias' praKrlptlaaa rSrefully pripured at ■■■ 156


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