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Xhe Harvest tand. TJio daylight waniog and the darkness near ; So little done, and etill so much to do ! Beforo mo the long night of cloud and fcar, Without one star to pitrce the shadowa through. I hear the rumbie of the (wnggering wains; I hear the burden of the harvcnt song ; And, through tbc hazy light in happy lanes, I sco the sun-browned reapers pfVHs along. Aiul I must !ay tny icltle doira and ko I'rom the dim flelds thut look so dnar and Ioec ; Alas ! that I have so few ghrovoa loshow! I shall not hear the-Master bay " Will done ! With what regret I look back to the past, When the long shadowB loomed bo far away ; And morning seemed on every wakening blaat, To waft the irhiirpero of an endless day ! So many mis3pent moment, waeted hours, PlayiDR with pebbU-s on 1he aea-TfaBhPd strand ; Searching for butterflies, or gathnrinfi ftowors, Infitead of toiling in the harvesL land. And now the night, stol'n on mo llke a thief, While yet I dreamt that it was scareely noon ; #arf that the stlnshine Is so ycry brief ! Sd tüat Úie ahaáows fall bo very soon ! O for one otherhotfr of God's briglit dmy In which to work with sinew, hemt, and will. Ere yet I leave the flelds and pss away To that myBterioua sleep Wüe all ia Ultt - WiUiain JLeight&n. Around the Farra. The Poultry World says cooked eorn meal and potatoes serred at regular time, for three or four weeks before slaughteringtime, ia the beet food ior fattening fowls. We are quite sure that in these plan ts (artichoket) farmers may defy drougths in producing food for hogs and fodder for cattle. - Moore's Rural. It seems to be quite a unanimous opinio among those who have tnecl crosses of the Jersey with other good milking breeds that the resrclt is a eow unequaled by any of the pure breeds for bntter or cheese. We predict that this cross is destined to grow jn popular favor. - Rural Home. AcöOBBlNe to an old soldier once serving in St. Helena, the great Napoleon had a leariïng toward rural economy. He ■vvould carry a stick about as thick as a walkiDg-stick, with an iron spud at the end, and, anywhere he went, if he saw a weed, e woüld always Bpud it up. - Loüdör Times. An article íímt will be dear for at least another year is sta.tcb. Many milis in New Englund will not etart up, as tho stack yi potatoes is so small that there isn't tinöugb to go round. A men is knoWn by his cattle. If h is kind and attentive, and ha a gentío word or pat for them, it has a soothing effect, and they will stand around and enjoy his presence, secrete moro milk, and take cm saore fat. - Des Moincn Ifegisier. Hobsëö nd cattle reqnire jnst as much light an(ï sun influenco a we ourselves do. Nothing" can thñve without the benign influence of tiiö glorious sun. Dark sínbles are a source of many diseases which bafDe the owners, and too often the veterinaria lso, as to origin. Windows should never bs placed i front, the many otherwise-petfect stblea to the contrary notwithstandiag, Coneötrated h'ght is in many cases the cause of shying, sore eyes, etc. The rinaows should be behied, if practicable, but may be on the side if well back. - Country Gentlemen, A few years since a sandy garden had a potato plot in it. There carne a dronght, during which about half of the potatoes were hiDed up with rounded piles of dry dirt. The others were left until a rain had wet the ground, and then hoed with flat-top hills. In tho autumn those first hoed were not woxth digging, aso the otheïe yielded abundantly. On adry, loose, rnellow plains-land one planted his potatoes deep and did not hfll, and had a fine erop, while Ma neighbor, the same year, alongside, planted near the siirface, hilled high, and with more expense had less erop. - Mirror and Ttn.rmjr. It was only a few years ago that swine breeders were vieing with each other for the greateut weight of carcass ; but this is now all changed. Hog that will weigh 500 pounds are sold ata les prioe per ponnd than those of 250 to 300 pounds. The market in England has long favoTed light weighta. London is chiefly etippliod with pigs of less than 200 pounds vreigllt. And this tendency of the market to pigs well fatted but of small weight is just what the farmer should encourage, for it is exactly in the line of his interest. It costa moro to make the second hundred pounds of a pig than the lirst, and stül more to make the third hundred pounds, and so every pound added becomea moro expensive. - Wallacz's Monthly. The Rural N'etu Yorker does not care whether high or low authorities declare that ground moles eat nothing but insects, but says that the assertion is simply falne, and nny man who possesses skill enoiigh to catch a live mole can prove it to be so. Without, says our contemporary, at this time goinginto any argument on this mooted question, we will Bimply state one fact easily determined by our highest authorities or anybody 'else, aud that is, the grouud mole will devour earth or angle worms when in confinement, or at liberty, and those worms are not insects. Furthermore, this worm, Lumbrioas terrestris, is the mole's principal animal food, il our own personal observation has not 1p1 ïïs far astray. But leaving the food out of the queation, a vigorous ground raole will lift up and küi a row of " plaüta in far lesa time than a thousand of our most noxious inseots, not excepting grasshoppers and potato beetles. It is to be feared that our authorities who talk so glibly about the uaefnl mole, know little oí cultivating gardens inf ested with thèsc pesta. One season of gardening v,-ith a dozen moles per acre would satisfy them to dispeuse -with these secret subterranean a&sistants. About the House. To revive the color of black clotit garments, use a mixture of two pints vinegar, one ounce copperas, one ounco ground logwood.and three ounces bruised gaJÜs. Beef Bboth.- Out in pieces a pound of beef, put it in a ste w-pan with half a piut of cold water, a piece of carrot, onO obíou, quarter of a pound of bacon cut in pieces ; set on the fire and mer twenty minutes ; then add a pint of boiling water, salt and pepper ; boil threc-quarters of an hour. Stram and serve. Fbench Rolls. - Into ono pormd of fiour rub two ounces of butter and the whites of three eggs, weU beaten ; add a tablespoonful oí good yeast, a little salt, and rnilk enougli to make a stilï dough ; cover and set it in a warm place till light, which will bo in an hour or more, according to the strength of the y cast. Gut into rolls, dip the edges into melted butter to keep thoin from stickmg together, and bake in a quick oven. Bean Soup. - Piek over the bean?, wash them, parboil them, pour ofT the water, anu put them on in fresh water with a few slices of ham or beef. Boil them all to rag, strain through a colander, return to ttie pot, and add a little chopped celery, onion, abunch of herbs, and boil slowly half an hour. Strain and serve. Closing Chaces m Cast-Ibon Stoves. -Good wood ashes are to be sifted through a fine siove, to which ia to bo added the same quaatity of clay ñncly pulverizcd, together with a littlo snit. This mixture is to bo moistened with water enough to make a paste, and the crack of the stove then filled with it, The cement does. not peel off or break away, and assumes an extreme degree of hardness after bcing heated. The stoye must bo oool when the apphcution is made. The same substauce may be used in setipg the plates of a stove, or fati ticg ptdye pipe, serving to r.A all ttie joints perfectly tigut.


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