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Revival In Vermontville

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Letter to the Editor
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1 R . f,UIT(l, I fííuífot ivc yoii óncoiiVajing accounts o' mnny coming uvor lu tfïe Liberty party, L-ut Can tjivé you 5oi:ic ncci:ïntof nuni!orb turning to the Lord. About ilic flrst ol Jnnuary I.isf, a let'i iciousncfis bccanic npiKircnt in tlie Meili.niiüi Church in tlns ilaco, principally owiy, as f;ir as inu.1113 were coucortn-il. to ihó fnftJiíir? laliors ot a .Mr. Rrynolds. a ftfcthoilíát nrracluv, w lio ce;scil nol fufaily In ilie temt, Ie. nml lr.)tn lior.s.tu liousc to to.u-li and prf.n.-h JcsOa Clinst." Tlio Coni:if.iiio!i:il ('Inircli soon Caughl ünllnuciiiul ilio piona of all denomina:. ons begnii to nwnkc: meetings liccamó' moiü fio]iiciii. and tlionli 'no displái was made - nu nbw tneasuréj rcForicií to. it wns snon fobod tliat religi u; vn the all Pn,irro'sing topic among tlie people. Al i!i.ii::ii w. lu.pc aml Miove iliat llie ffooJ woik of t' e I.ord Una not ccsi-d, fheie linvp been ndded 10 the Órt'ngrpgntionnl Church. as the re sult of tilia revival IÍ; 10 tlte Methodist. 18.