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Electing Presidents By Popular Vote

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From tho New York Heralrt. We take this occasion to urge once muru upon the people and poutioians the expediency of a constitutioneel auiendment abolishing the useléss and cumbrous ïnaohiuery of an Electoral College, and providing for the electiou of President and Vice-President by the direct vote of the people. We see today how troublesome, and poasibly dungerous, is the present inethod. Had the people voted yesterday in thoir Congressional districts, not for a board of electors, but directly for President and Vioe-President, the cerlain result would have been known early this morning, and we should not be waiting anxiously for the whole vote of several states, in one or two of which, as in LouiBiana and South Carolina, partisan returning boards will manipúlate the vote, and may, unluss they act with conspicuous and unaocustomcd fairuess, cause grave suspicions'in the public inind fraud in a matter so serious that it ought never to be exposed to the slightest suspicion. There is no reason whatever why the people should not vote directly for President, but there are many reasons in favor of such a change. Sorae of the ablest men of both parties iu the Sonate have urged the chango, and we believe an auiendmont would be easily passed by bot h houses this winter, if the public deujands it, and could be ratified by the State Legislatures at once. Under the present system a close count in the electoral vote will always créate at least a fueling oí unoasiuoss in the public mind ; and besides this, the vote by Electoral Cohege, or by States, has, on a number of occasions, virtually, though of course con.-titutionally, and therefore regularly, defeated the popular will by giving the Presidency to a candidate who did not recoive a majority of the popular vote. Noither Mr. Buchanan nor Mr. Lincoln on his first election received a uiüjority of the people 's votes.


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