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To The Liberty Friends In Michigan: For The Signal Of Libert...

To The Liberty Friends In Michigan: For The Signal Of Libert... image To The Liberty Friends In Michigan: For The Signal Of Libert... image
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Dear Bkktíiucn: - Volt are awarc that nt our Jale Anniversary, Iiold ni Marshall, prorfóslíidná werc ninde (o enErraft other principies than ihose of Anti-SInvcry upon the Liberty pnrly creed. This was rrgnnled Ijv tnyself nnd soine olhcrs ns nolliing' Ies3 flí'nfl fuivalont to n projiositioií lo abandon theprësehi Li! erty paity, in(' to organi.e u riew party out of its ruins; cinbrncing, t is iruo, Anli-slavery tis ohc of its principies. - lint éíse cotila it bc? Vou are tflsö iware (lint the propricly ui' doing this was discussed somewlirU at lengih by all ho delogatfs preséTll w lio clio.e to particípate in tho diseussion, and t'hnl liv nn il most miarriifious volc, in n l'irll tfelègaion, the? nroposilion was n iccln!.'í'ho Sociciy flien óppoi'utetTn cócnmïlco, of wliom I was one, fo sel Ibrth ils views as ilu-n expressed n'y íts io'f dli rliis subject. Om mucH esieeintd (Viejui, C. (I. Stewnrf, from mv üvrn nomínátióh, was nppoinled cliainiian ófíhis Commillee by iftíbrri iba adihoss was natural ly oxpecled lo he ivrittefi; Bixi as il uppenrs his views, ers t&pfesïsëd nt tliai timo, hnve nee urfdèrgófitf sólñesligh't modification, né mny be the case also wiili some oíhers ot the commiite, í fcel mvself rio lon;cr íit Liberty to withhold tiy own views )n lilis most irtipoi'tant sulject, from our riends artd tho public. í decm them also ubstanlially the views as expresséd b he State Society with tuuch uuanirnity.More especially do í regard this duty as imperativo upon me sincc learning mucíi to tñy surprise tliat our only organ ihe Signat of Liberty, has not copied inlo into ts columns any of the maíly very ablo ru:d lucid nrgíímeñts frorri most of the Liberty presses ngainst this new "dollar and cent" scheme to abolish one of the most gigíintic moral evils in tho world, corrupting as it doc3 to ihs very coro, boih church and the state.' And more especialïy do I feel col led upon to speak out on this subject without further delay as one of tho com.niíteé; siricè learning that such is the impalience of some of our good brethren, that they are now nddressing circular letters to friends fuvoring their own views to get petitions up to the State Contra! Committee ío cali a State Convention to be held at Ann Arbor on the 8th of July, for tho purpose of inducing our friends, if possible, who might be present to adopt this new plan and by thiá means cómmit the whole Liberty party in tliis Sfato ío this policy. I trust, however, that our State Conimiltee will not be in too nuich baste, and that they will cali no' such convcntion, unlil our friends ín tho State shall first have the benefit of all the light in the columns of the Signal, which has emanalcd from somb of the most ablo and comprehensiva minds enlistcd in our cause. This light can easily bo nfforded by our organ by jtist copying those very able produclions from iis cxchaiVgc Liberiy papers. I have also another reason lor exprcssing m'y views at the presen? lime: Shotíld such a meeting be called, for such an object (which t do sincérily liope and trust will not be the case till all our Liberty friends have had ampie time and mcans for lookfng at a!l sides ofthis vila] (iicstion) my appointm'ents as the travelling State Agent would probablydcprive me of the privilege of altending it. s painful ds fi évér1 is lo me lo bc compelled' t'o difler from brethreri hö' have long been endcared to me as fellow Iaborers and fellow sufferérs while passing through the fiery ordeal together, yct the stern mandato of düty - even at the loss of valued friends- propërty - nny, life ilseif, C need be, must bo obeyed.' The tendency with all men engnged in any cause, howevèr high and sacred, is to "go down lo Egvpt" or lo descend on to' the plaius of Orio for help.. Why should vo theiefore suppose ihat mcmbei's of the Liberty party should be entirely above those evident tendenoes of our Irail human nature? Those who have read the Signai hav'e seen my views brieflv out decidedly oxpressed at the l'ate mening cl our1 State Society outirely ogainst this proposed new plan, as suicida! to our enteijirise. Sincc that time, m Hir from sfieing n. , ren'son whatyeí fnj t'hcir sTigblesf iriodification, I have socn almndruit cauc, as I lliiiik for 1 heir doublé con fi r mat iir;: Nay, more: such is rtty setllèd opinión on the subject that in any eVenf sliouKl eon a large majority ofoia' brethren (of whicii 1 have no great fcárs) be inducid by tíay extrancous induencei; m 'iahver to s-codc Irom the suve, an'd ns I conceive (he only feúsible Antislavcry groutid upon wliich theLiljerfy party first organizct, 1 hope nnd trust I should stijl he luiuid even il' alone, on the oíd and stalde platform. No newly organizeiJ parlv, even though it be cal red the relormed Liborly parly an, of coursc, over havo any claim whatever on my support lili [ givc my voluntary assent to membership. I trust 1 shall never ngain be a meinber of any party that will takc my [rollier man from ihe high rank ♦.vhere his Creotor piacini liim - a little lower than ihe Angels, and put him on a par witl four footed, orany ol her species of human propórtj . This any party would virlually do that should etabiisit is au oijual test of membership, financiai with antislavcry principies. And to my niml it is fnr aapte tlmn probable, (ha? the ritottèy would ímuu bury ihe MAN enkolv otil of -siijlit past hopo of J3.iurrf.elion. No parly 'hut wil! not üioai cheeriillv l.ny all these comparatively paltrv tiloresls on the comnion aliar of! Libertvbr the linïe being, can, frorn the very tature of I ha cas?, bo fitied and quiilificl br su grcat n inorai work as ihat olabol sliini; .-lave -ry ii lhis cuunfry.Tlic inonlinato love of ■"noney of Urn ni.MÍc;in pcojilc above ibnt of any oiher )Ci)]ii in the uu;)il, staruls tnoic rn tiio vay of ihis enterprise than any thing pise. Tfien wby euinmend onr argunehta lo ibeir várice - their covetousios, wbich is idulatiy ? liCt DS intrue aitlil' nial lovo lacher r1 prove Ui pirit, and t-how to iho peop!e that the gods ihcy worsbip, aro goiis of sjlver and rö]d,whileon the other hand we. hold p to beu) the tcup God of Liberfy and Justice "or their liomage. uFaUhfól are ÚtQ wounds of a friond, but the kisos oí nu enemy are deceitful."