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-Order your Bill Heads and Statements at the Akous office. - Kbv. A. A. Hopkins, pastor of the Baptist Cliurch at Chelsea, has resigued. - Kev. Benj. Parsous, recontly pastor of the Presbyteriau Church at Saline, has removed to tilia i'i'y. -The lecture of Prof. Tyler on Friday eveniug last, in Uiiiversity Hall, drevr a very large uuUience. - The loss of L. O. ftisdon by the fire of Tuesday evemug, the 7th iiist., has been adjmted at about $1,700. - The Bou rd oí Educatiou of this city has received official notiticatiou of a ceiitennial sward for " Pupiis' Work." - Uur foruier fellow citizen Col. C. B. Grant was elected Prosecuting Attoruey of Hougliton County at the recent electiou. _A fine lot of Letter and Note Head papers with envelopes to match, in stock at the Abous office. Cali and leave your orders. - It you want old newspapers to put on shelfes, under carpets, or to cut patterns from, jou eau get thern at the Abgus office cheap. - The semi-anuual meeting of the Ktate Homeopathie Medical Society is lo be held at Cook's Hotel iu this city on Tueaday and Wednesday next. fc- Fiíteen arresta were made by the pólice of the city during ths month of üctober : six fordruukeuuess, three lor using obscene language, two for vagraney, one for larceucy, and three for various reasons. - A tenant house on the farm of J. D. McMaster, below the city on the uorth side of the nvtr, was burued at an early hour on Monday eveuing. It was occupied by a Mr. Wood and tamil}', who lost all tiieir furniture. -Business men in want of Letter and Note Heads can get the best work and best paper At the Aköus office, and eau have them put up in books with blottin pad covers, without eitm charge. Nor is the time to order. - Tuesday opened with suow falling and melting, and it kept on in the same line duriug the day and night, and Weduesday morning snow had ceased lalling with a slight accumuJation, - enough to make it bad for pedestrians. - The tturdy Uerman Democracy of Freedom recorded a good vote in fa vor of the stitutioual ameudineiit iucreasing the salaries ot circuit judge8. Thöy don't believe that ecouomy lies in tbe direction oí cheap judges. -As our cainpaign subscriptions, or most ot thein, expire with this number they will be discontinued uuless promptly renewed. We ihall be pleased to have every subsoriber relew and shall eadeaVor to give each the full mrth of his znoney. -One Kepublicau ballot in the First ward j.'this city had the uames ot the electoral ididutes crossed oif, and "Cooper and Cuy" written instead ; that and nothing more. And that is the way one greenbacker voted for President without doing so. -The Register says : "The suiors are treubled about a prophet. They haven't seciired one yet." Those seniors are respectfulIjreferred to ouo of those Republicana who a few dnj-B before election predioted Harriman's defeat tlie largest majority of any man who was ever a candidate on the Democratie ticket. -As some of the Uuiversity boys were playing at foot ball a iew days ago the ball was purposely kicked iuto the carriage of a lsdy who was driviug by. The lady threw it out, but wheu it was kicked in a second time herolledit uuder her seat and drove on. She was followed and overtaken five or six niles out, and returned the ball remarking tlat if they had been small boys she woald havethrown it out the second time. She thought them too large to be iiutnored in that ffay. Tvfo professors of the Uuiversity met the moraing after el ection. ïhe younger one, who ta been impressed with the fallacy that the "n of the couutry depended ou the electioii of Sïminy J., remarkud with impresire solemnity , ' Thank God, the country is Wed ! " But the wiser head saw through the surtace oí thiugs aud quickly retorted : "ank God for rattlesnakvs."- Register. Well, why shouldu't a man " thank God " M what he deaires or loves most, and if that ld fellow wauts rattlesaakes on his plate, ko'll object ? It inay prove the depravity ot toto hia taste and heart, however. ït Ypsilanti Commercial of Saturday Ia3t %red up Harriman's majority at 32 : Uase's : Tuite's at 168; Mauly'a at 131 ; Gens%'b at 22 ; Babbitt's at 598 ; Burleigh's at 501 ; wdTüdeQ'sat 620. Will Bro. Pattison teil s vrhere he got his figures, or what time of % hs made them ? And then, Pat., wasn't it 100 bad to excite the imagination of the miliJri member of the "Star Combinaiion Troupe" aud send him trotting down to Ypsi'i to mquire iuto the source of your inforlation, only to find out that you were matheWiticaHy, ij not literally, a know-nothiug and "thehadsoldoutcheap. Our neighbors of he Commercial aud Register should read the lEW8and save themselves from so much tty. A' a meeting of the üommon Council held a Slouday avening last the oominittee apWuted 3ome mo„tli3 ago to inquire iuto the "ncial coudition oï the city, made a partial j'Pott, the substanoe of which was-that the 0 'Wing parties had reoeived moneya in the SE"is aamed whioh they had not properly med ovor to the City Treaaurer : M Webster, ex-Recorder, $208 89 . A. Lovejoy, " 1)47fj 24 ■ w Loveland, ex-Marshal, 88 00 ítf"í?s' " 1M06 ,, ,'1 " 313 34 ' cMtthon, justice, 292 30 J."!,"06 McMa nses to explain in "a ' 'n auother column, whioh, if true, and "'ave uo reason to doubt it, oleara his skirts iy design to withliold moneys belougiug city. M.v. Herrón inakes claim to fees ''ld, while the Council claima that hia "ry Was 'n heu of all feea, and that any c cted should have been turned over to tha J i Treasurer. We ftéar of no explaoatiou el'alf of the other gentlemen, and the retect buk"(:ia may bö Preaumud to be core9h6 reprt exl)oses at lea3' vicioua fiuansystem. Üe Kecorder never should auy moueys for the city, but should ij etc- ou the Treasurer's receipt, ft WUh h'm a"d furniBhlng a cf'eok upon the asurer. With Marshals contracta should JsUcmad " t0 'eaVe n chance for di8Putea. e 68 "'e üace necessarily receive moub, U'"?er tbe charter, but there is no occasion iock rBlmncy iu ttteir accounts if their ts are curreetly and houestly entered up.


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