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The following are the recent transfers of real estáte in this county, deeds of which have been recorded in the Register's oftice during the past two weeks : John F. Stierle to J. G Alber, 111 1-4 acres off section 6, Saline. b',216. Stephen Geer to F. P. Galpin, all that part ot the uortheast quarter oi section 9 which Hes north of the two lakes thereon, Superior. 8(3,000. Loreii Babcock to E. S. Barton, 200 acres off sectiou 3, Lyndou. Y4,000. Christian Bohnett to John G. Huber, 120 acres oñ sectiou 17, Lodi. $5,400. Loren Blauchard to Wm. D. Allen, 80 acres off sectiou 18, Sharon. $4,000. M. C. Brooks to E. W. J. Delaforce, 40 acres off section 26, York. 81,400. N. A. Waugh to Jas. Waugh, 40 acres off sectiou 31, York. $2,000. S. W. Cooper to Samuel Bobbms, part of a lot in Norris' additiou to Ypsilanti. $1,000. Louise Bupf to John Keek and J . G. Seeger, land on sectiou 29, Ann Arbor. $2,100. Chas. Thayer to A. J. Sawyer, the west half of lots 1, 2 and 3, in block 7 south in rauge 9 east, Ann Arbor. $312. Wooster Blodget to B. B. Williams, lot 24 in Mary J. Raywalt's addition to Dexter. $350. David Haggart to Geo. W. Haggart, 19 acres off sectiou 32, Biidgewater. $800. Chas. King to John Warren, lot on Norria street, Ypsilanti. 200. Nathan Herriok to Jas. H. Dailey, 60 acres off sectiou 6, Salem. $3,100. M. D. Gordon to Sarah Wheelock, 3 acres ofl' 8ection 25, Salem. $1,000. E. D. Smith to T. D. Lañe et al, lot 11 in block 1, village oí Salem. $475. Wm. Jarvis to Jay T. Dimiclf, west halí ot lot 1 in Jarvis' addition to Ypsilanti. $125. J. S. Lapham to Jas. W. Gage, 20 acres off section 11, Manchester. $1,200. Jas. M. Congdon to Chas. Neuberger, lots 6, 8 and 9 iu block 1, Cougdon's third addition to Chelsea. $400. Horace Canfield to H. G. Baker, lots 27 aud 28, in block 4, Chelsaa. $125. Simeón Preston to Caroline Preston, lots 45 and 46 in Bonuett's addition to Saline. $380. We hear a story of a small boy in thia city (say seven years old) good enough for " Harper's Dratver." Getting permission f rom his mother to go to a school social some twenty ods distant trom home, " provided he would dress himself," he made his toilet and started. Returning in a few minutes be assigued as a reason, " Why, mamma, I got my pants on hind side before and they wouldn't go but half way." The obstinacy of those panta was , too much for even a strong-willed boy like Fred. Ia view of the fact that the Democrats have made a clean sweep in this county, the Ypsilanh Commercial congratulates itself on the fact that the Board of Supervisors " reformed the salaries " of the couuty oiilcers. About as good a reason as the members of the board was able to give for their action.