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Telegraph Between Syracuse And Utica

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lighlnïng turnpiké was opencd ycsterd.iy afternoon. Tlie word utterccl from Syracuse were - "IIow are you, my old friends 1" addressed by Mr. Patridgo, who has charge of the Syracuse station, to lus furmer associates in the office there. to the great delight of every one. Il was found that lh is batlery here, altliongh having at this timconly 38 cups witli acid somc seven weeks old, could workthe Albany and Syracuse line at the saine time, without the operation of cilher being interrupted. Tlio fluid froui thebattery divides, and pnrt goes to Alkiny and part to Syracuse, instead of the whole ruhing around one circuit. - Utica Ga.An Infidel Association in Calcutta is publishing anddisseminating infidel works inthat región. SirHugh Gough attributes his succcssful slaughter of the Sikhs, or rnther the glory of it, the arm of Aumighty God ! Mnrlborbugh at Blenheim, Nelson at the Nile, and Collingwood at Tráfnlager, did the same. The Devil would do as much if lic dared to. We are sureho is malignant enough to pitch the tune on his hell-fork for all the Te Deiïms that have been sung fohistích victories since the Christian era commenced. If such wholesalo butcheries could only be ascribed to him by Christiahs, war cease in the civilzed