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juixie wKKiBKooK, of a Brooklyn court, bas deoided to raut the motion of the defendant In the cae of Moulton v.i. B.cher, to ohange tlio vonuo to ft northem oonnly, and Delaware coiuitv will be selected unlesw a good reaaon for not doitm so is givt-n Information f rom St. Albans, Vt.. ia to the cffict that arms and ammnmtion are beins concontrated tluro bv tbs Feuiaii8. Mej. Hen. Kmitb, in Canada, ís taking every procautiou to hfivo voluuteera in ro&'iness iu caso of an eniergency. TiiF.suitof Mr. Francia D. Moulton iigainst Iïev. Honry Ward Beecher, form&Hcious pvogecution, in which damagas Were luid at $50,000. bad been discontinue., owing to the chanco of venno to Delawaïo county. THE WKST. An attempt was mado, one ovsning !ate!y, to perpotrato ono of tüe most infamous outragos ■which the mind of man can eonceive of- that of stoaliiig the bonea and aahes of AbrabiSi Lincoln. Tbc acht me as frustrated, 'through Mr. J. C. Power, cuatoiiian of Uio Lincoln monument, becoming convinced, in eome manner that thero wero deaigus upon the remaina. Ho eommmucatort bis suspicions to Leonard öwctt aud Kotert Linooln, who ordored a guard , ?. . at tho oemetory. Elmer Washbutu. lato Chief of the Uuited States Socret Bervic?, Detective Tyrrell, and ttiree other men were atationed in Oakwood cemetory on the nicht in queetion. Tho vmnüala were i.ot arrcBtcd, but Btrong hope aro entortaincd of tbeir capturo. Ransom ia the only conceivable roaeon Jor Uw met. &K accident occurred at BrowosvUlo, Iud., ön the Junción roxd, in wbich John Keiler, the fireiaan. au(J Benjamin Seams, the eng'inoer of a froight train, were Injured, the formar fataliy. A misplaced switch waa Uto Kuise. A BAIlwav accident occurredon tlio Hanuibal and St. Joe railroad, at a point about a mile thia sideof Brookfieid, onc morning last week, by whieh fottrteeu pwieengera were iDjiirec!, Uiroe or of thetn enoiuly. The Chicago bank clearings for last weel íoot np a total of #20,548,702.04, beiug .$1,500,000 lesa than for the correaponding week lasf year.. There ia aaid to be en immense stampedo from Deadwood, in the Black Uilla foi Wolf inountain, where marvelous diacoveriee 'J,aV ? made, surpaasing anyin tbe DeadThe Mariue Bank of St. Paul, Miun., bat failed. The olosod door bear the announceroent of an aasiguiuent to William Bhodes Capital , $100 000. It was Uio emaüest. bnl of )e oldeat bajiks in tuit citv, havina BDcceedod tlie private bank of Territorial dtye linown as Dtcan Caldwell's Bank A new road ia projected from at. Joaeph, Mo".,' toasf throngh Obdden, Greeu county, Iowa aud ST Uff9 "H to intewcot the Chilliootbe road, on tho Iowa atate line, in Page oounty ; and ouo from tbe State Line road, iu Appanooso countr, Iowa, which ia in operation from Kookuk. TUK SOUTH. A riEz at Hot Springs, Ark., one day last week, deatroyed lbo Ha!e Uonse and the large banking houso of Sumptor & Smith. Boon after, a fire was d'ecored in tho bauk ing house of 8. P. Yourg & f o., which, to gethcr with tho offices ol Dra. Westbrook and Aruaud. and the office of Morgan, Uiuted Sfstea Receivcr, vrere deatroyed, Loga, about -S35, 0C0. An affray oecurred at Stanton, Powoll county, Hy., oa the evening of the election, reauiting ie tbe wouuding of aoven persons, tbree fatally, oco of hom is misaing. A laboe lire in the depot cotton-yarda of the Ocorgia Central railroad at Savannah Oa., receutly, deetroycd one warehouae, twcniy empty cars, aud about 1,000 bales of eotton. WASHINGTON. TnitEK men, John Wright, Sr., John Wright, Jr., and James Bodrcman, were drowncdwbile crcssuig In a boat from EUia to Euglish Bay. Soflays a recent Quebeo, Can., dispateb. 3Ir. Alf.xasdeb K. SüKPnEBD, oí the District of Columbia, laat Wbtk, called togother a number of hia personal frienda aud creditors. atatinx to them that he wa pecuniarilv embarmeeed, and submitted to them a etatèmant of .seta and liabilities, howing au ixccsaof liabilmea of upward of $C00 0'. 0. A cemmittoeof uva 'a8appointlto.xanú Irito tho aotalls. and m a few duvs h meetire of hin creditora w.ll ba called to hear the report Tuis pardon of Wm. O. Avery, one of the St. luis wbisky-ring conepirators, was signed one day last week, bv tbe President. OKNKK.U. A heavy flood is reported from Cuba, causing damae in Borne portious greater than that by tbe reoent hurrioane. Tbe exact eatimatta onnot yet be made, bnt it in suupoaed that the migar erop has euffered by both calamitieá frota 15 to 20 per cent. The erop will Z'theless be about aa large as last vear'a Tho tobáceo erop will be retarded." The RoV Samuel D. Waddy, D. D., ,vho w mado ProsTl lla i TT MethodiBt Confereucl in loos, died last week. Wsr. McKek, membr of the St. Louis whisky ring under aenience of two yeara iu jai!, has been pardoned by the President. . . .The steambO8t Arlington was suuk r.t the Cumberlacd iBland dam one mornüig laat week. Bhe wiU öe a total loen. No livea were lost. Theke thousand five bundrod persons have beeu vaccinated in the Weet Eud of Montreal and 2,000 in the East End. On!y four objecüuus wero made out of 5,600 persons vacoind...._A. mooee from Nova Hcotia, that can t-ot a mile in harnpRs in 2:20 is amusiug 'he novelty seekera in PbUadelphia. The Q.iobec Legialature wasformally oponed on Baturday lMt by tbo Administrat'or cf the Government with the ciiitomary speech from the throne. His Esccüency complimontcd the House on tbe fact that the loan authÓriíed iifrt if Tí?" ."dvantafieouHly placed, and that the credit of the province occupicd a liigh powtion in tho Engligh market U aaul it was the lntentiou of tho Government to como to toa aid of the raüways in tbe proviuce ekingroliof. Ho beüevtd tl repórtalo II laidliorethollonaoon colouiz.tiou and repatnuion will stablwh the fwt that the country oontiuuea to make nnthractory progresa Honolulú paiHirs receiyod at Sin FranoUcö Ï5"K--no"'5f e "i Honolulú o?the bng Tiireo Brothers, with 190 of the crew of be wñahrg fleet abanduued in the Arcïic Tho ateraeuiü made by tbo maaterd of tho Tbree Brothers nd Aretio, aro corroborativo of tho stcry of tbOHo maatera of the abandoned ehipa wuo reached San Francisco. It is reported that negotiations are pending oetweon thia country and foreign powers looking toward an interchango of crimináis. In íeTt8f'lrf nOe ?n tllbl'„8weeDOy s oaid to hare left i'arw, aud Connolly ia traveling under an asaumed nsmo under a Britibh passpórt Comehus H Cali, a freigbt conductor on tlio Snrw ' CI?V f lnJ' Colllml "i India-ja u't w by a tram!) at Shelby' Ohio' politica. On acconiit of the excitemeut coccerning the election, and charges l.aving been mado tWat llie Retnniiug Bosnl of Oanvaseers of Louisiana wero nnfalr, the heads of the two j cal campügn oommittcea requf sted the ! enoe of a iitimber of diatinguisbed gentlemen I v,f fft at the official cnvaas of tbe oto of that State. TLe following wero among O.leana for th&fc pnrpoae ! Wiliiam M. EvarL John A. Dix , E. W. ötonghton and Van Allen WfcW iork ; Mr. Öciianmberg. W. D. Kcllev, PennsylvaDia ; Cortland and Parker, Now .Je'rl eoy; feenator S'xcrman, ex-Gov. Noves. Gen. GarBtiJd, sud Judgo Stanloy U&tthew Oliio O. Irrmg Ditty, of MaryUnd ; J. A. Kasaon' ' i nva (ie;i. Ben Harrisoa, Indiana E. ! wool Uoar, Maasachaetta ; Uenry D. i Menry, Senator Htorenaon, Heury Watteraon Kentncky; Senstor McDonald, Gen. Lovo, Indiana : ex-Gov. Palmor. Lyman Trumbuli, Illinoia ; ex-Sjnator Doolittle, Wieconain Oov. Carroll, Marvland ; Senator Bragg, James O. Jroadhoad, Erautus Welln, Charles Gibson, MWHOuri; tx-Gov. Curtiu, Ponnsylvania. hevcrul of tlioao ïuvitej decline.-l- amoug tbera Pintora Jjcgun aud Edmucdfi, aud Hou. W. F. (.oclba.!Kh, of Oh.'ogo- but the dolegation is one v.Mi whoae deciaiona the country will fofl hat.slicd. Gen Grsi.t telegrapíed tlie followiug orders iu relation to tbo canvas from PhSaaélptfa to W4bfo(jtoB : Qt-n. W. T. Sherruan, WahiUKtou : Iiimm.t 80. Aoser, in Florida, to be viiiilaut witn ihffon-tat liia coumiwid to preserve pcacc ! i jood ordw, aml to sec ttat the pror and Ical ! umrdnof Id lieperiforni! ?UB!?'0I?no' a fraudnlci t count on eitfier sidc 1C8UUUU bo repii trd and de'joimml at onre No ■vorthyol tlic nm,:o ei Jr,.Bident taould be '■ wiltog to hoW ii ,t " oounted in," er ntaoèd thcre ,í",. 4?" ca'' aff"r:l t0 b! aiiappoinUd in ! tns resul. Theocuutrycanuot afforu to huve the r.nut taiutca a Bunjiicioa of meKal or faire retUraii- , I,'. S. GttANT. PHILAurtviiiA, Nov. IC, 1870. To Gen. Shrrujan. Vi a.}jiiiK ton : ttf ntl all the frK)j) to t'.teii. Augur tbut Uo in:iy dtem tífceetuy tj Inrors ent!re quiet aml peaceable count of the ballota rtualïy cast. They n,ay bfl takt'ii from tíouíli Caro?iua Dtiien tberejBrcüHon ti Mispect in otiti rcak tliire. : citizeug from othet1 Matea, uiiderstaud, II ri cd ín Lculiiana to tet that tbe Hord ot' Cnv&oin ! k fair wnot (, thd vot wtiwlly ot, {f ia i to be hoped tbat representativo and fair men of 1 both partíCB will go. U. 8. GbaHTv I The total vote of the Stato oí Oonnefltieut iS j-in, with tilia re-mlt : 5tr. Tttden's plnrality is 2,989 ; lúa majority Ib 2 390. Hubbard's pluralïfy (for Governor) i 8.5 3 -, bis niajority ib 2,144. Tho total vote o f the Stato is. for the Presidential tickets. 121 44C ; ful' the Governorn', 121,696 Lleut (Kn. Shiridan baa loft Chicago for New Olean to take cunimaml of tuo troopa there iü persou, ro&stoft. I LSBDO TcJdn rÍ3 ueclared elected President oi Mtótóo by 131 to 45. The Pronunciados are throwiug down tlieir arma in vaiious directioim. Their reeourcen are al] exhausted, and a final colUpae ia expeoted. Onxaca atill giren trouble. Imt General Díaz and hi followftrt are cnmpoiled to koop In the laountam, and aro afraid to moet the Öovcinment troope Th'o Pu-heen of Aosta, the ex-Qneen of Spain, ia dead. . . .Gen. Tcheruayc-ff rrived nt Belgrado lant week. acoompaniod by 2Ö0 Itussian ofticers. Tuf. district of BackergUDgo, India, was ravagéd by a cyclone one day last week. A tbouHind native housca were destroyed. Dik town of Dowluttkan waa ebmered by tho wavos, and 5,000 persoaa aro believöd to haVo periahod. The Government has. Bent rolieL to the denolated Bection, . . . . A dispatcli f rom Vieiinft Btatca t!i&t Jloliiouegro, fluding uornolf injafabip :f maintaiiiK troopa in their proi-ont pöfeitioo dnring the armistice, has opened negotiationa with the Porte for a prompt oh'.m sion of peace. Thk poït ftud Pfcaeleaá oí Cronetadt, in Rusia. an? Fiotiound, and navigation is stopped. fhb liiver Dwina ie frozen, and uavigation Ir cloaed. The Biver Neva is alsn cboked with floating ice from the Lake of feadog&. . . ÜWn. Loma haa ordered the IshabiAtttt öf tho Ba-que proWnces tn 8áib lo immediately doliv.r Ml h3ir urnis to the authorities New Voric city bad a L50,000 flre in a Broadway business block one day laat weeli. I The followiug ui the teit sí tíits Speech de, livered by the Oar kt fioacow, in reply to an adJrtsi ;f the citizens, on Friday of last woek: ■' I lliank you for your entiraents respecting ■ the pnlitical Bituation, which in now more oloaply deflned taan before. Yon know that Turk [ haa yielded to my demnda for ai itttnio"tu . armistico to end the Useleaa Blaughtcr v servia l and Montenegro. In thia unequal otr'?SiB thö Alonteucgrins, as hefetofons !(Avti8ViniHicm■ eelvea real horoeo, ünfortunaf'y the Bame caunot be aid of the Servians, otwitbstandiiig tho assistance of cur voJnieerei many "- whom ahed their blood for 'ne SMrOn.c cause. I knuw thst all Busai Joins me in w.rml? sympathiziug in t!ia aering of our brethren and oo-i-oligionists. f ''e true intoreets of Bue' ia are, bowever, Joaror to me than all. My . wiah to the utn' t0 8Pare Bussian blood. ; Thereforo I iv0 triven and will utill ütrlre to ' obtain a re iniprovement of the poeition of thb i ChriBtiai by Peful moane. In a few day mr■ gdli9ti'i'íiW'llí:?mineü6etCooBtantitioi)l3. fiy , mosf srdeut Bh [a tliM wö may arrive at a I goneif.l sfeohioht. Should this, howover, I not be achleved, and shonld I see that we canuot obtaiu the guarsntees necesRary for oarnring cut what we intended to dem.n"' 'rsiii the i'orte, I am firmly detclmed tö act independently. I am coavintieil Ihat the whole of Iiussia will respohil to my enmmons ahould I coneidw il lieceseary, and Ruesia's honor require il. iloscow will load tho van by ita example. May God help na to carry oat our gawcd ra!asiou." Gen. Gonziiea sxrivod al Ban Bomingo, Hayt, on tho 10th Uit. Tho inteiior I tonn of 8aatigo aiid eeaport of Puerto Plata eapitulated to the Gonzalos party, and communication between tho seaport and the interior is eetabliahed. Gen. Gonzalea bas not imprisoned or banished e. single partisan of tho fallen Gevehimoni It is reportcd from Calcutla, India, that 20,000 persons periehcd in the cyclone of Oct. 31, and aome eatimatea place the loes of lives as high as 40,000. In a towu of Barrishol, the capital of Baeliergunge district, 3,000 houaes wereleveled with the earth. Letters from survlvors report that a great wave niño feet deop swopt over the large island of Dakhln, Shahabazpore. The whole of Eastern Btngel appears to have euffered eOVeiely from the eyelone, and Caleutta narrowly etcaped. The reporta of famino from Bombay are worse. A water fatnino ia feared in eome diatriets. Cardinal SmooHl, i-ecently Papal Nuncio at Jlacïrid, Spain, ha3 boen appointed to succeed tho late Cardinal Antonelli a8ecretaryof State to the Pope Tiiree etoamers have arrived at Havana, from Spain, since tho last report, witb 3.000 troop and four Geneials. The Generaliu-Chiof, Martínez Campos, with staff, have loft that oity to take tiie field A Greok bark waa run down in the English channe). one day last week, and oight of her crew peiiahed. . .". There bas been a hunicane at Lisbon.


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