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A New Route To China

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Mr. C. Julián Dannfeldt, the ohief o f the Swedish CentennialCommission, has recoived news from his oountry that will be of tanöh interest to geographers ano Bcientiüo men and to all whofeelinteresl in the problem of tho Polar regions. Mr. Dannfeldt's information is from Prof. Vordenskiold, the eminent mineralogist and geographical explorer, who visited this country as a member of the Jury of Award, and who sailed for Sweden oa the 29th day of June. The expío rer has already sucoesafully performed the Biberian journey which he had con tem pía ted. He saüed from Sweden in small steanier chartered by two prominent merchante, one a Swede and the other a Russion, who loaded the vessel with nierchandise for Balo. Prof. Vordenskiold was placed in command of the expedición He sailed from Hammerfest in the beginning of August, and after an eyentful voyage succeeded íd demonstrating the correotnesa of his theory in regard to an open way to the Arctic sea. He reports having encountered no obstacles and oonsiders the way now quite open from Europe to China via the northern passage and the valley of the Zonessee river, by which streani communication is obtained across Siberia and almost to the frontiers of China. An immense unmeasured axea of extreinely fertile and valuable soü was found in this región, all of which is accessible for imniediate cnltivation. The commercial value and the important results to flow from this demonstration of the feasioility of a northeastern passago to Liberia and China can hardly be foreseen or overestiinated. Vordenskiold, letter is, unfor tunately, brief, writes that he has also obtained resulta of groat interest to science. Dredging and sciontiflc ob servations were constantly carried on during the ontiro voyage. Large accessio'is have been made to the previonsly obtained eollections from this heretofore tinknowu región. One of the nnexpectedly favorablo phenomena of tho pasongo, the Professor reports, was that the water was uniformly found to be surpriaingly warm. The lioss of the Dining-Room. The head-waiter at an up-town hotel where stylo is above exerything else ought to be named for foreign Ambassador. Ho is too consequential in dress suit and hair oil for this life, and as the gods doubtless love him the mystery is why he did not dio young. The way he inspects you before he designates your seat by a theatrieal wave of his soiled hands is simply snperb, and his airy manner is just breezy enough to be intolerable. One day a Western man carne in, and, catching the head-waiter by the arm and shoulder with an iron grip, hissed in his ear : " Givo me a saat without any airs, or 111 break your buck!" The Western man was advan tagoously soated. - New York Mail. 'J'lirn and Kow. The following letter from Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, written twenty yeats ago, is quoted to show the differenoe between the charges of lecturera now and in formcr days : " My terms for a lectnre when I stay ovor night, are these : " Fifteen dollars and expenses, a room with a üre in it, in a public house, and a mattress to sleep on - not a feather bed. As yon write in your individual capacity, ï toll you at once all my habitual exigencies. I am afraid to sleep in a cold room, I cau't sleep on a feather bed, I will not go to private houses, una I havo tixod upon the Bum mentioned as what it is worth to me to go away for the night to placos that canuot pay'moro." Thb child of a murdered Tndian chief was adopted by a Newark man fifteen years ago. It is now a big boy, runs away from homo, sloeps in the streets, cannot be indueed to go to school, and wou't be anything else but the barbarían it waa bom. The diatracted f oete-rfather is nbout to sppeal to the poüw,


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