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The Buíülo Filot statcs the members ofihc Constilutional Convention oí that State at 123, of wliom nbout 52, or nearl)f onc half, are lawyers. Thè larger portion of the romainder are farmers. (TT Th following littlt piramph frni ilio National Jiitelligi neer reopecting tho Aincricrm Ariny in Texm is quiie significant. Wlio carf.t Uit the livcs of ten or a dozen k lüier&T ;''.Vc have reporta that Gen. Taylor lina put n check lo ilescrtJDiis fiom liia ranks hy ehoofin'g ron or twdvr men vfho wcrè ín the net olcrossm tlic ïivt-r.'' UT RTr Ilydc boa bcon Locturing in th's vi!liï(. luing tlio pa.-t week on Tempéfancé. v.-itli (jren Miccess. It has licoii the prvniling topic of tlifCiiFsioa. We shali give a inoro paiticulnr noúco next woi-k. (TT ín Frnnklm, Lcnawre C u Hy. the Li!i'!rty pnrty deewd llioir Snporvis.-, tb: J)? nö oraia aupporriug him gencraüy for the sake of defeatin;: íhe Whir; i-andidite