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Ann Arbor, May 15, 1846. Büt littlé doing ia Wheat. We quote as last week, GO to 65 cents. The woather has been quite wet of late, and Wheat ind Grass are growing rapidly. We find no account of sales of VVool iñ the Westej-n markets.Buffalo, May 12. 6,000 bushels Wheat sold at 84 cents. The sales of ?lour are 2,400 barrels, Michigan, Indiana, and Oliio, all at $4,00. New York, May 9. 1,200 borrels of Genesee Flour were sold at $4,663. Wc cannot resiat the nclination to lay bëfbrc our reailsrs tlie following extract from a [ellei ddressed by Klihu Burriti lo the Chicögo Mechanica Inititute, undor date of April 14. Il uggestions decply concern the pooplo ot tli(Vest, os a grain rnisin? people. VVheihor i ïot Mr. Uurritt is over sanguine in liin ■nlicipnions of the blessings ot ''plenty ml lancckce," time must duterniine. The Wesi can r n -e nlmost any amounl of i'rnin, nfati) lind, that tlie world wiil buy at a luir pricu. "There are four million of human beinga in reland who subsist on pjiatocs, und as many nore in the United Kingdom, whuau means ui subustenco ore not niuch bctter. And ihishuno'ry pnpulation is fast incrensing. Now your 2reat West muRt open its Egyption grannrics to licse hungry iiiillioii?, tnd fecd nnd nt them with linst y-jiiidtlin{.', hoe-cakes, lumiony, cornrcndandall Dthcr ;corn doings," known to American housfwives. I believe that ns the starving milltuns shnll get n tneto of the luxurics hat may come of corn-meal, and when thry hall have lcnrncd lo propnro (hosc luxuricá in all hcir variety. the condition. nttitude and eeniimentol thetwo couriirio8 will be entircl) changcd. Sucii a market will be opened for yourgrcai tnjiltiB, ns it has never entered the hcartsofyour iriners to conceivc. Thcy will plow and sow nd renp, at arm' lengih, ns it were, of 20,0(.Ü,000 of huncry pople looking lo thetn for rcad. This mutual interest in each ot ïcr's wnnts wil! niake ihcm Iriend?, and the very nionion of war will be repugnant to thern both. - Vhat a commerce will this rclation bring iit? - in arrival from, or o departure for, Bntish pons every day in the year - yes, every tliree hours! - Great railroads reaching toward the ííocky Mountaina - the gull of Mexico - intersecting nnd connecting all regiongol the vaftt Union: all hearing the blesfinga of your golden grain to thosc who neither sow, nor rcap, nor gniher into barnsl - This is my hopean! the faith that sirengthens my hand and heurt in laboring in the aue oí peaco. The Weit is yet to. fced not only inillions in Great BVitain and Irclnnd, but million more in other IanJs: and thus be n Peace maker and reap with hur othcr haryestB, one of bleising from the poor of the world. Nov, then, I hav this atnong onc of my leading induecmentst visit England - to pass 'through the secüom occu pied by the mannufacturing poulation and Icctur upon the sublime science ef making hastypud ding. hoe-cake, homony, corn brend, &c. I be lieve 1 could not do bettcr service to the cauto o universal pcace and brotherhood, than by en deovoring to iniroduco corn meal into general us among the ill-fed myriade of the mother country lonfident that in tlie end it would do more fo. tl defense nnd rccuriiy of botli nations. and for th pneiilcation of the uorld, thau all the granulatcc sulphur that evcrcxploded on the b;ittlcTicld9 o this warring world. I intend to prepare myae previous to my departure for auch an importan mission." Indias Con. - Mr. Cowdin, tho Unite States Consul at Glasgow, ia inaking great anc Buccrseful esertíoná to introduce corn meal int general use in Scotland. lie gavo a report short time ago to which a largo npnjbcr.of person wore invited. On tlris occasion he presented In dian corn mixed with ryc, wheat, and hoe-cake. Indian puddings, Sic. ; tho entertainment wa well attended. Othcr oxhibiti of the Indian men in food are now making in .different towns i Scotland, through the indcfatigable exertions the Consul - nnd the meal is said to be every whore approvcd. Safkty Fvhv BAtrKS.-Mny. persone are un der the im.neèfion that the Snfeiy Fund Bank 'fcposit ecurities for tkcir circulation. This i not so. The Snfety Fund Banka must procur cou htcr8Ígned ñbtéa from the Comptroller's o fice, but they depositnosecurities whatevcr. Tho claini9 now Standing againsl the "Ban! Fund," or ''Safcty Fund," ns t is termed, ar so great that l will take the conlributions to tita fund froni the n'ewaolvent Banks for eleven year to pay all off. Net even the notes of any snfet fund Bnnk which may now fail,can be paid froi 'lic Buik Fond, unttl after 1837. - Thompson' Re a'rtcr. SrKciK. - A Inte ntjmner of RicUnell's Reporter, in spiakingof the etneunt of specie i the world. says: "It is8upposed that the specie in Europe anc America is at lenst $ 1.580,000.000, nm' that th United States is cntuled to y7O.0O0.000 - bcin nboutI6per hcad for every nhtbitant of th whol! country."