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Michigan Argus

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' -"nËvEEY FRiDAY Moswrsa B? i rv of the brick block corner of ? j aiu uiiHuronstreete, b0Bj - - MICHIGA' g, ■■' ' nnron Btreet, opposite the r0' ,orv ,, n House. riixr :eot 33. C gpiTOB AND PUBLISHER. ,rt,00 yar' or 1-5 ' 4lvanco. ! "5 f 1 25 1 O $a 6 jfjs so oo 7" - í ! So 2 50 ? i' 5 00 7 so 10 vj l SS ,. Jo 5 00 00 Ji 00) 12 „o j, 0O 25 00 lililí" " i5onso 00100 no or 6P ïl!0 ;1C 13 cents a line for the Siioi181 Jt'jforeach subsequent in►find' iftr J noticesfree; obituarynotices tf iiïfb.ave the privilege of changiug jifH1 ïiiis quarterly. Additional chang&' jrtiYged for. Sc' rftints unaccompanied by written or jTtins wlll be published three mouths, 4 .S'accordiBgly. SvertiBlng, first insertion, 70 cents per jlt8per folio for each subsequent inserAipostpoBemeut is added to au advertiseShole will be charged the same as the first lrJ jOB PRINTING. . ts posters, Handbills, Circulare, Cards, W' Labels, Blanks, Bill-Hoads and other cf Plin aud Fancy Job ïiötiag executed ffiptneeP auc n es; poseible style.


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Michigan Argus