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South Carolina canvassers, holding that the State Supreme Court had no jurisdiotion. Judge Bond's coutempt for precedent and law exceeds the ooatempt for whioh the canvassers were held. The St. Louis Globe-Democrat, the leading Republican journal in the West, has been aniusing itself in constructing a Cabinet for President Hayes. It bulletins Ulysses S. Grant as Secretary of War : and don't give our Zuchariah even a smell. In AN OFFICIAL message to the Senate and House, dated February 8, 1865, President Lincoln said : " In niy own view, however, the two Houses of Congress, convened under the twelfth article of the Constitution, have complete power to exclude from counting all electoral votes deemed by tlieiu to be illegal." The members of the Louisiana Returning Board have rofused to appear and testify before the House Committee sent to New Orleaus to iuquire into the facts surrounding the recent elections and the canvass of the votes, and the Secretary of the Board has refused to furnish copies of papers, returns eto. Mr. Hurlburt, a member of the committee, also protests against its jurisdiction. The Eepublicans evidently don't waut investigation. Secretary Fish indignantly denies that there is a word of truth in the report that he disapproved the action of the President in using the military to control the organization of the South Carolina Legislature, and declares that there is harmony in the Cabinet - " we are all in accord." Of course " we are," and was noedless for Secretary Fish to define his position. The fact that he has remained in the Cabinet almost eight years is evidence that Grant can do nothing that will drive hiin out of it, nothing that will not meet his cordial and hearty approval. If HIS iiigii-HIOHTINESS, the president pro tempore of the Senate, cannotgo back of the certifícate of the Governor and " count out" thn vote of JVIichigan's illegal Elector ; if he cannot go back of tbe certifícate of the fraudulent Governor of Louisiaua and reject the votes of the fraudulently-elected Electors of that State, how is he going to get behind tbe certifícate of the Governor of Oregon ? It won 't do for him to say that the people of Oregon didn't mean to elect Cronin ; neither did' the people of Louisiana mean to elect the Electors who assuraed to cast the vote of that State for Hayes and Wheeler. The Eepublican prograrnrne : Ácting-Presideut of the Scnato Wbat 's 'is oame (it may be Ferry or Sbermau or Blaine) is to " opon all the certificates,'1 decide upon their genuineness, oount the votes without the aid of tellers, and declare the reault. This he is to do in the Senate chamber, and Senators and Representativos who choose may see him do it, but not a m;m of thetn must make aniotionor suggestion, or even ask why do you this ' And if one shall forget his inferior position and venture to question or object, the Sergeant-atArms and bis assistants are to preserve order, - close all mouths, - and the military, under the order of President Grant, are to aid the Sergeant-at-Arins. How do you like it ? The Republicaus denouncs Gov Grover, of Oregon, as severely for refusing to give a certificóte of election to Watts as for giving one to Croninr Whatever question thero may be of the legality or propriety of Gov. Grover's action in certifying to Cronin's eleotion, he was certainly right in refusing Watts a certifícate. Watts was ineligible, Watts being ineligible was not electecl and Gor. Grover having a knowledge of his disability could not certify to his election without a violation of bis oatb. The law requiring bim to give a certifícate to " the persous having the highest number of votes " could not bind Gov. Grover, for the reason tbat Watt's being ineligible was not a person in the eye of the law. Had Gov. Bagley, of this State, discbarged bis duty as intelligantly he would not have certified to the election of Benton Hanchett, who could not be elected and was not elected. Our COTEÏIPORARY of the Lansing RepuUican has turned censor (perhaps executionor, we trenible at the thought) of the so-called "independent" newspapors, and the way he goe3 for the Springfield RepuUican, Nation, Methodist, and Chicago Times is indeed terrific (in his own estiination). No Louisiana " buil dozer " ever made half the havoo with the Africans - poor innocent, timid souls- of Grant, De Soto, or East Feliciana parish. We shall bo surpriaed, or he will, if the journalists named do not immediately cominit hari-kari. Just think of it : Bowles bas worked bo hard as to " induce dyspepsia," and besides, " is personally (why not by proxy?) a doguiatic, disagreeable man, with an enonnous conceit in bis own wisdom which hurries hiiu into absurd positions." Godkin, of the Nation, is a. " British snob," and " either sour and dyspeptic, like Bowles, or he looks through distorted spectacles." But as our cotemporary declares he won't take and pay half price for the Nation any longer, there will soon be no paper of that name: financial " bull-dozing " like that must finish it. And the Methodist, why the Methodist bas presumcd to speak well of Tilden, and even to intimate that he is elected, and that is the unpardonable sin in the eyes of our cotemporary, and only equaled by a nogleot to swear whenever he sees the woids "Catholic" and " Pope " in print or hears thoin spoken. Well, " there are souie copies that will be stopped this fall in Michigan " (says our cotemporary), and that is some consolatiou- to hiin. He also goes for the Mcening New, but Scripps knaws his critic umi will take car# of himself. ■1


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