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Wo have already published a tabular statoment of the vote polled for Presidmitial Eleotors, and the State Board of Canvassers having oompleted the canvas of the vote for the several State Offieers and on tbe Constitutional Amendments, and officially deolared the result, we copy the iollowiug Hummary from the Landing Itepublican: FOR OOVERNOR. Chas. M. Crosswell, republican, 165,920 Williain L. Webber, demoorat, 142,492 Levi Spark, greenbnck, 8,297 Albert Williams, prohiiiitiou, 870 Soattering and imperfect, 360 FOR LIEUTENANT OOVERNOR. Alonzo Sessions, rep., 166,173 .1 uliiis Houüeman, dem., 150,901 Emory Curtis, pro., 862 Scattering and imperfect, 195 FOR SECRETARY OF SÏATB. Ebenezer G. D. Holden, rep., 167,129 George H. Houae, dem., 141,718 Albert Stegeinan, green., 8,556 Merritt Moore, pro , 786 Scattering and imperfect, 280 FOR STATE TREASÜRKR. William B. McCreery, rep., 168,152 John G. Parkhurst, dem., 149,093 Archibald L. Clubb, pro., 825 ÍScuttering and imperfect, 93 FOR AUDITOR GENERAL. Ralph Ely, rep., 166,645 Frederick M. Holloway, duin., 148,425 Daniel J. Sinith, pro , 477 Scattering and imperfect, 2,448 FOR COMMISSIONER OF LAND OFFICE. Benjamin P. Partridge, rep., 164,714 Joseph Brush Fenton, era , 142,784John H. Richarduon, green. , 7,936 Emory L. Brewer, pro., 920 Scattoriug aud imperfect, 1,310 FOR SUPT. OF PUBLIC IN8TRUCTION. Horace S. Tarbell, rep.. 173,784 Zelotee Truesdel, dem., 141,563 Isaac W. McKeever, pro., 833 Scattering and imperfect, 2,039 FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL. Otto Kirchener, rep., 166,477 Martin Morris, dem., 142,302 Albert J. Chapman, green., 7,542 D. P. Sagendorph, pro., 830 Scattering and imperfect, 853 FOR MEMBER BOARD OF JSDUCATION. Witter J. Baxter, reD., 166,724 Charles I. Walker, dem., 141,573 Ethan Ray Clark, green., 8,336 Luke R. Danion, pro., 835 Scattering aud imperfect, 922 ON CONSTITUTIONAI, AMENDMENTS. License, yes 60,639 - 8,087 Licen8e, no, 62,561 Judges' salaries, yes, 65,371 Judges' salaries, no, 65,966 - 595 Amendraenta, yes, . 52,30(i - 30,322 Amendiuents, no, 21,984 We are sorry to hear that a few of our Republican readers feel aggrieved that we occasionally, perhaps semi-occasionally, use the words "loil," "loilist," " trooly loil," iu speaking of those radical Republicana who " out-Herod Herod " in imagining or aeserting themselves the only true patriota in tbe land. Our aggrieved friends interpret these words as a sneer at patriotisrn and loyalty, - henee their plaint. Now, let us disabuse these honest, fearful souls. We yield to no one in our love of country ; in our admiration for honest, sturdy patriotism (we won't say loyalty as we don't believe it a good American word) ; in our desire for a united, harmonious, prosperoua people, or nation if that word suits our aggrieved friends better ; in a like desire to see every citizen, white, black, or copper colored, of whatever brogue or accent, aniply and equnlly protected in the full enjoyment of individual and political rights, and for the perpetuation of our liberties and institutions under the guarantees of the Constitution, - not as a favor doled out at the pleasure or order of party or administration. But saying this, we are free to reuiark that we have no admiration, and as little respect, for those men who imagine or claim that in their skins or their party is wrapped all the intelligence, all the decency, all the virtue, all the patriotism ot the country, and that a Demoorat is both a moral and political leper, - to be evil spoken of, despised, and shunned. These are the men we class as "trooly loil." In politics they are the complement of those sectarian religionists who see in every man outside of their own " little organization," and especially outside of any church organization, herética, infidels, and uinners whose very presence is contaminating ; who will excuse sins and compound crimes committed by men who utter Shibboleth in their own peculiar way, while thty pronounce anathema, maranatha, upon all who do not recite their creed, no matter how their pure lives. These " loilists " and bigots we yoke together. Are our aggrieved friends satisüed with the explanation ? The reporter of the New York Ilendd is doing his werk faithfully and well. Senator Ferry, acting President of the Senate, bas the programma for counting the electoral votes already made out and the members of the House and the people at large need give themselves no trouble in anticipation of the result, but may wait his announcoment with Christian patience and resignation. This is how the New York Evening Post interprets Ferry's oracular utterances : " The votes will be " counted by the President of the Sen" ate ; the Senate will not go to tho hall " of the House of Representativos to " witness the count, but the House of " Reprosentatives will come to the Sen" ate chamber for that purpose ; there " will be no tellers appointed ; and the " vote of the Watts electora will be " counted as the vote of Oregon." And the, good grandinotherly "soul, tbinks that if Sonator Ferry " speaks advisedly, a practical settle" ment of the Presidential question not " only in respect to Orogon, but in " respect to all the disputed States umi in " respect to the final declaration as to " who are President and Vice-President, " is clearly pointed out." The Post concludes that both the country and the House of Representativos will acquiesco in this autocratie assumption of the diminutivo copy of Caesar, who may be, for the time being, the acting President of the Senate. We shall see what we shall see, predicting meantime that the country and the House of Representatives are not yet the slaves of the President pro tempore of the Senate. -- - ' - . ■ ■ - The Colorado member will be admittd to tha Hou. PtlESUMlJíG that the Sánate would recognize the " ruiup " House of Mackey in the election of a United States Senator, Senator liobertson, Bepublican, whoso term expires, doclined to be a oandidate for re-eloction, on the ground that tbe Mackey House was not the constitutional liouao. One Corbin, who had no patriotic or oonstitutional scruples, was elected. Hi fate may be that of Pinchback.


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