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Washington, Dec. 13: - The following congratulatory address was issued to-day : , Kouus National Di'.M;RATir ('ommittkk, ) Washinuto, D. C, December 13, 1S7. To the people of the United Staten : The National Democratie Oommittee announces as the result of the Presidential election held on the 7th of November, the election of Samuel J. Tilden, of New York, as President, and Thomas A. Hendricks, of Indiana, Vice PreBÍdent of the United States. We congratĂșlate you on this victory for reform. It now only remains for the two Houses of Congress, in the performance of their duty on the second WedueBday in Februyra next, to give effect to the will of the people thus expressed, in a constitutional form, made by a niajority of the eleotoral votes and confirmed by a majority of all the States as well as by an overwhelroing roajority of all the people of the United States. By order of the Exesutive Committee. (Signed) ABRAM S. HEWITT, Chairman. Fredeeick O. Peince, Secy. AND CHANDLER'S PROTEST. An address has to-night been isBued by the Democratie Committee. It is the last desperate effort to prop a failing cause. Gov. Hayes has been fairly oleoted by a clear majority of the electoral vote. There is no indication that any right-minded oitizen has a doubt as to the result. The address of the Democratie Committee is an impudent and audacious attempt to prejudice and pervert the public judgment. Hayes and Wheeler are eleeted, and the will of the American people will be carried out and inaintained. (SiRiiedl Z. CHANDLEB, Ch'u of the Republican National Committee:


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