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The Brooklyn Theater, Brooklyn, N. Y., haa boen deatroyedby fire. Loss, $250.000 A líethlehem (Pa.) dinpatch Baya tbat moro thau ono-half of t)io mines in the State atopped. Tho number of mon thrown out of work ia cstiruated at between 35,000 and 45,000. Itia believed Hiit tl t'io snsnenaion will be entire by the middlo of thia month. The ac ml number of people who periebcd in tho Brooklyn fire will probatly novcr he known, for in mauy icstanceatheremaina were redued by the íiro to a single charred bono, while in the proeeas of digging for bodies tbc limtw of somo were separatpd ard scattered uutil thora waa uo meana of lindiug out where tliey bt-louped. An entire coffinful of eucli frections of bediea wa collectf d. Mayok Wickdam. of Now York, lias appointo 1 John Kelly Comptroller of the city, in place et AndrowJI. Groen. Scch of tho victima of the awful Brooklyu calamity na had not been idontifiodand claimod by friendo and relativos were buriod at tho city's expense on Saturilay, tho 9th of Deoember. From a Brooklyu papor we clean the following particular of tho mouruful funeral : " The burinl of the bodioa of tho victima thiB aftornoon waR a fitting end to ono of the DCOdt doleful liiBtorie of modern timca. This morning all the bodioa in the mrrgno were removed to the tempprary dcad-houso in the old market, whtre thore Vfere iu all 100 of tho charrod cerpses. A huudied coffiue with Germán zilver menntings vrcro bronght in and placed upou the tloor. and into them the unidontified and destitute dead viere placed. Shortly afttr 1 oVlock the ghnatly eortege ttartpd throngh Bosrom place, audthen entered Schermerhoru stroet. Huudreda of men, women ana cunaren louovred, ruslutig along the sidewalk in a state of great agUation. When the hearees and wagons reached Schermorhorn fctrcet, thoy were fornied in parallel lioes, aid there uas a delay of nearly tbreequarters of an hour. Although tho weather was bitterly cold, and a cuttiDg wind was blowing a gale, the neighborhood of 8chermerhorn street and Flatbush avenue was crowded with participante and sympatbotic spectators. The sadnees in the faces of the women waiting on the pavemeut was very marked. The soldiers wbo were awaiting orders to niove suffered intenaely from the cold. The procoseion immediately moved from the head of Schermerhom street into Flatbnsh avonue amid general mourning. and timed by tho measured roll of druma and by the fitfnl aobbiDg of the almost broken-hearted peopie. Witbin the houses and without tbem, far along the wide avenne and across the broad streets, many au eve was moist and majpy a lip quivoriug aa tbe dead were borne to wreenwocd leaviDg beliind them ssered memories and cruel povorty, too, which will not be effaced, and by their very stillness a;id eeclusion appealing more loudly than the noise of words in behalf of their stricken and famishing loved ones fora wise and generous charity. Compared with other funeral processione, tho ereat procesaiou of to-day had many characteristics of its own". The number and appearance of the mauy crieped and dismembered forms, tlie oceupants of carrisges. all of them nearest friends of the dead, none of them, as m so ofttn the case, digtant relations and mere acqnaintancf s with tearlees and conventional sadnese, were distinct and terrible features ; but the one feature which pervaded the acene nd lent to it distinctivo and deeply-touching aignificance was the manifestaron of popular symnathy and eorraw. A community had been "afilicted, and jiírt? was emnmen. Many of the private and almost all of the public buildiugs wero heavily draped. All iags were at half mast, and torn by the gale almost into shreds, as if the great occasion had a riyht to all the service they could evor render. Aa tho cortege passed through tho gato tho bell in the tower tol.'ed mourafnliy. On tithcr side a'ong the pathwaya, on the hülsiies and invadirg private plats, there were large crowds of peopie. Turninf to the left the funeral party proceeded directly to Battle avenue, wbere, about 150 yards from tho entrence of the cemetery, a trench had been prepared for the reception of the dead. The fireat crowds whirti met near and just within the cemetery were formed about the vast gravo. The site boing on the slope of tho hül aad complotely exposed, tho Dld was almoat ineufferable, but BtiU tho peopie held tboir places. There was no delay in removing the remains from the hearees and wagons aud depoaiting them in the circular trenah. Then the services began. Rev. Noah H. Schecck road the beantiful burial service of the Episcopal chureb, which was listened to attentirely by thoae who wero within reach of bis voice. There was inoxpreseible sadnesa mingled with solemnity in the scène IIuudreds of peopie wept, the toara frecEingon their caeeks as thoy issued from tho eves. After the reading of tho service, Rev. A" P. Putum, of the ÜBitarian Chnreh of Our Savior, Eddressed the assemblage. Kev. A. Stewart Walah, a Baptiet clerpyman, offered a fervont prayer at the conclusión of Mr. Putnam'a remarhp, and the services wero broughtto a close with a benediction by Itev. Josoph Odoll. Previous to the dismissal of the assemblage tho choral secietics sang "Say, What Troubles Ihee.' aud "Abovo the Tree Top ia Iiest " Tne peopie now denartod and allwasended except the enduring agouy of the widow and orpuan. THE WEST. A EiMAEKABLK suicide was enacted at the penitentiary in Minneapolia, Minn., the other day. James McCann, serving out a term of military imprisonment for desertion at Fort Hu!lhng, ended his life by holding his head in front of a huzz-saw, completcjy aevering it from tho remainder of his body. The Legislatura of Colorado has adopted a preamble and resolutions protesting againBt tho action of the National House of Representativos in refusing to recognize tho credentiala of the Congreesman-elect from that State. Jack McCall was recontly tried at Yankton, D. T., for the murder of Wild Bill, in the Black Hil's, last eummer. The jury rendered a verdict of murder in the firat doeree, the penalty for wluch is death .... I. A. Jtoore & Bro loan and ïnsniance brokers, of Indianapclia, havo failed. L'abilities, $393,000. Their aesets aro estimated at 81,000,000. """" A farmeh named Edward F. Carr, living in Valley county, Neb., recéntly murdered bis wife and two cbildren and thon committed auiofdè. Heloftanote saying : "I cannot live always. and am not willing to leave my familv f?; .Bu,ry UH togotuer on the top of Bome high hül." " THE SOUTH. D. H. Cdamdkiilaiii was inauguratcd Gover nor of South Carolina, at Columbia, ou the Vtli inst. The inaugural ceremonies were very quiet, and vory few persons in the city knew anythiug.of it untilsomo time af ter it was over Ihe Democratie LegieJaluro mot tho eame dav' and appomted a cemmittee to ask Gev iler to remove the troops frora the State House." A Coldmbta dispatch of the 9th inst. savs the Democratie House bas instructed its Judiciary Committee to cmploy counBel and procee.l against D. H. Chamberlain for treasonablo acts in ufturping the Oovemment of the A tfleöram from Columbia, S. C, statea that a committeo of the Democratie Honae of liepreaentatives waited upon Gen. Ruger and asked him by what authority troops wore in the State House, for what purpose, and if thev wero instructed to rosist tho poaceabio cnlrauce of tho Democratie membera mto the hall of the House of lienrosontatives. Gen. Ruger replied as followa: My orders to them caire from the President of tue Cmted States, aud I acted as I understood those orders. Gov. Chnmberlain applied to the President for troops to preserve the peace againat violence and incurrection. President Grant recogmzed Chamberlain as the Governor of South Ci-r lina, aud orderod tho troopa placed at his oi,posal. Tho troops Ra thev are now placed ara to preserve peace and to prevent interference with the House which Chamberlain recogDizes as legal " Thrnn young ladies-two Misses Campben; ' and a Miss Choato- and one man, James Grotrory were drowned In a mill-pond ten miles froni O matead. Ky., Friday night of last week They were going to a party, and were crossing ne pond in a canoe, when the eraf t capsized. The Chamberlain Legislature of South Carolina lias declared the aeat of Chief-.Tustico Mosea vacant, in consequence of his havlng violated a constitutional provisión by accopting another oflico of trust and profit - that of tProfestor of Law in the Uuiverei'.v - while holding the Chiof Juaticeship. . . At Columbia, last week, Judge Bond. of the UmUd States Ciicuit Court, rendered hia decision in Ihe habas corpus case of the Board of State Canvaaaora. Judge Bond discharged the prisonors, and declared that the Supreme Ckmrt exoeeded its powerB in mcdJIinc with the dutiea of the Board. WASHINGTON. In the treasury eatimates for the neit lineal year are found the followiug Woatern items : Bubtreaaury at Chicago, $500,000; Custom House and Postónico at Cincinuati. 500,000 i Evansville Custom House, $40,000 ; Grand Rapids Cuatom Honee, t55,000 ; Port Hnron Custom House, $10,000. Thk State Department haa received satisfactory evidence that Tweed bribed tho United States Consul al Santiago de Cuba to procure him a vesaol to escape from Cuba. The Consul has been diamiased In the Senate, last week, the Chairman laid boforo that bodv a commiiDicatiou aigned by Cari Sohuiz and J. B. Hendervon, praying that a constitutional i amendment be eiibtnitted to the various States I by whioh tUe roantlPK of tlm ftleotora] I pote for Prosidont and Vioo President I d declaring the result thereof may be erred upon the Supremo Court of the United 1 States. The eommunication vs laid oír tlio able on the motiou of Senator Edmunds, who i tated tliat the Bubject had alroady beeu portad to tke Seuato. Tiie Demócrata of the Hongo of lleprcaonlaivea met in caueua the otlior day and appointed aCommittee of Safety, conaisting of sevon memljor, who ahall havo charge cf the pariamentary management of the House, and jeep a shnrp lookont for tho maiu chance geueally. Tiio committce is composed of Hewitt Ohairoaan), Payne, Wood, Randall, Holman, Warren of Maaëachusetts, and Sparks. The following committeea have been appointed by the President of tho Sonate to go to Ij-Hiieiana, Florida, and South Carolina and itve9ti(?ate the recont elecüons In thoso States : For Louioiana, Messrs. Howe, Wadlcuh, MeMillan. Bontwell, Baulsbury, and McDonald. For Florida, Meesra. Mitchcll, Tellor, and Cooper. For South Carolina, Mesera. Cnmeron (Wis.), Christiancy, and Merrimon. At a cauens of the House Demócrata, held last weck, tho poütical situation was diHcueaed at length, and a renolution was adopted instnictiug tho Judioiary Comuiittoe to examiue and report as to the powera, dutiea, and privileges of the IJoubg in counoction with liie countiog of the electoral voto, aud respe cting tho Preaidoutial question gonorally. It is naid that tho sentiment of the members proHOnt wes in favor of inaieting upon the right of the House to au qual voico with tho Sonata in acting judieially upon tuo returns of every Stato. Messrs. Tburman, Bayard, Bogy, Kernan, and Eaton havo been appointed by tho Öonatoriai cauens a committee to con for with tho House Demccrats in aettüog npon a party policy. GKNKKAI.. Neau Petrolia, Pa., one day last week, a wagon-load of glycerine, containing some (500 pounds of the fluid, cxploded with terrible force, tearing wagon and horses to shrede, inatantly killing Daniel Garth, auperintondeut of the Eoberta Torpedo Company, and Mr. Humphreya, of that place. The bodiea were blown to atoms, and, with the txception of a portion of one foot and some piecea of charred llüish, have not vet been found. rOLITIOAIi. The electora for President aDd Vico Prosi dent mot at their respective capitals, in aocordauce with the provisions of the constituion, and cast their ballots. The followingnamed States voted for Rntherford B. Hayes and Wm. O. Wheeler, namely: California 6 Mixmcsota 5 Colorado 3 Sebrauka 3 Florida 4NcvaJa 3 Iüinois 21iNow Hampphirc 5 lowa UlOhio 22 Kangas 5 Pennsylvania 2'J Loiiiiaiia 8 libodc Islaml 4 Maino 7 South Carolina 7 MaüSachUBetta 13 Vermont 5 Michigan 11 Wisconsin 10 The following States cast their ballots for Samuel J. Tilden and Thomas A. Hendricks : Connecticnt 6Mary]aml 8 New Jersey ii MiBBissippi 8 New Vork 35 Vlisaonri 15 Indiana 15 North Carolina.... ...10 Alábanla 10 Tennesscc 12 Arlüinsas ;. . 6 Texas 8 Delaware 3 Virginia 11 Georgia 11 West Virginia 5 Kentucïy 12 In Oregon two sets of ballots were cast - one of them giviug the three electoral votes of [ the Stato to Hayes, and the other giving Hayes two votes and Tilden one. Gov. Grover naintaii.ed that Watts, one of the Iiepublican electors, waa ineligible by reason of having been a Postmaster when electel,and issued certificate8 to Odell and Cartwrigbt, Republicana, and Crouin, Democrat. The latter dcclined to show hia aathonty at tho meeting of tho electora, and the Repnblicans refused to recognize bim. Cronin then olected J. N. T. Miller and John Parker Republican electors, and proceeded to caat the vote, two for Hayes and one for Tilden. The Republicaus organizad, Watts resigned, was at once re-olected, and three votes were cast for Hayea and Wheeler, which, with their aworn statement, aud copies of the abatract of votes cast in the State, certified to by the Secrotary of State, were aealed and sent on. The Florida Canvassing Board concluded the canvafsing of the vote of the State the day before the time set for casting the electoral vote. Tho Hayes electors wero doclared electcd by an average majority of 946, and Stearua, Governor, by twenty-four majority. The Dmeocrata have a majority of five on joint ballot in the Legislature. A Monttelieu (Vt. telegram of Dec. 6 saya : "Aldrioh, the contesting elector, appearcd tbis morning with counsel bofore the Electoral College. Counsel informed the collogo that Al irich wishcd to take a part in the deliberationb. and to protest againat Henry N. Sollace taking auy part. The college refused to hear anything from counsel for Aldrich, and, alter I casting their votes for Hayes and Whooler, adjourned. Aldrich asked Nicbois, tho mesaenger, to carry hia vote to Washington, and was refused. He then appointed himself messenger, and signed bis own certifícate of hia votee. which waa in common form, and gave NiehoÜB notico that he should go to Washington at the eamo time he did and present hiB vote and fight it out in Congress. Aldrich has not been aworn in aa an elector." In each of the three disputed Southern States - Louisiana, South Carolina and Florida - tho Democratie candidatos for Preeidential electora met at the State capitals, on the Gth inat., cafit their votes for Tilden and Hendricka, cortifiod to and sealed the returns, and appointed a mesaonger to carry them to Washington. The Florida Canvassing Board haa concluded tho canvaes for Govornor and members of Congrese, with tho following result, the Attorney General refusing to sign the canraaa: Fer Governor - Stearns, 458 majority. Lieutenant I Governor - Montgomery, 304 msjority. For Congreae - Purman, 255 majority; Bealer, 141 mijority. All Republic.ina. A Washmotox diapatchto the Chicago Tribune, refoiring to the complicatioft? growing out of the Presidency dispute, saya, "tbe Republican programme wül doubtlosa be for the President of the Sonato to invite the Houae 10 be present in the Seuato Chamber on the counting of the vote. The votes will then be couated as 185 for Hayes, including the E' publican electors from Oregon. The President of tho Senato will hold that, under the ConatiluI tiou, no bu-inesB is in order ; that, tis thore aio no joint rnles, no motion can be entertained or debate heard, and that the only duty will be an open count and a declaratioñ oi the votes. The Senate, tbrough tho Sargeant-at-Arm, will aee to it that order ia prenerved. The vote being declared, Hayea would bo immediately inaugurated and President Grant would iinmcdiately aurrender tbe Government to hitn. Thia appears to bo the Republican programme, unleea it ahnll be modifieJ by the adoption of aome comprooiise measure aa to counting the votea between the two housea, which now secms as impcaaible as it is improbable." FOKKIGN. BisDiAitcK haa made anothor important apeech on the Eaatern queetion, hia remarka on thia occisión being addressod to the Germán Parliament. He gave the aeauranco, in tho most definite and emphatic manner, that tho tnple alliance remainü close and firm, and that tho hopos of its encmies that it may be broken are absolutely groundlese. Germany, he said, would remain perfectly neutral in the affair between Kuhmíh aud Turitej-, preserving ahke her friendly relations with Roeia and England, and laboring to maintain peace and to mediato botween the powors in criar to ïcmoveall differeuces and localizo the war if it proves to be inevitable A Rio Grando diapatch saya that Gen. Diaz has oceupic-d the City of Mexico, and that Lerdo and hia Ministers have lied westward. Cakdinal Simeoki, the succossor of the late Cardinal Antonelli, bas arrived at Rome .... The Roumanian Government bas ordcred 80,000 Chasaepot rifles, and the neceaaary ammunition. The Servian Government haa alao given a freah order abroad for arma and ammunition A Constantinoplo disDatch saya thatmuchpatrioticexciteaieutprevailsthroughout Turkey. Sons of the beat families are voluntarily cnlisting. A Constantinople (ÜNpatch of the 9th aaj-e : A conepiracy to depose the present Sultan was diacovered on Tue8day night. The conspiratora, aix of whom were found in digguise in the palace itaelf and arrested, had planned to carry off tho tx-Sultan, Murad, in a ateamer which they had already engaged, to Athene. When there they intended to proclaim that Murad had rocoverod his reason, and the Sultan Hamed waa cone equently a uaurper There haa been a ministerial criáis in Franco, and a new Cabinet hsa been formed. News come from tho interior of Mexico, by way of Matamoraa, that President Lerdo and Cabinet have been captured by tho revohitioi:ista near tho city of Nuncan ; that Gen. Eecobado, Secretnry of War, was shot with aeveral othera ; that the Government of Lardo is undoubtodly overtbrown ; that Monterey ai:d Saltillo have declared in favor of Iglesias, andsurrendered without flghting : and that the wholo liorthern f routier of Mexico, xceptMatamoras, is in poaaeaHionof the support orB of Igleaiaa. . . . At tho animal fete of St. Cleorge, colebrated at St. Petersburg, the Czar, as ueual, proposed tho health of Emperor William, who is the oldest knight of the order, in compünientary and friendly terma. Ho alao expresaed hopea of a peaceable aettlemonl of tho Eastem queation. News from l'gypt announcíH that envoya from the King of Abjssinia, who had boen kopt nnder surveillance in Cairo for eome time, recently nianaged to escape to tho hotiBa of the British Conaul. They were rearretted durin the niglit by the Knedivo. The oonMuuatior of the war with Abyewm aow oer-. hin A correspondent of tho Jbonclou Standard, at Constantinople, telegraphed the follow;ng on the 12th: " I learu fiomnudonbtei au'hority that the oonferonce will certainly resnlt in poaca, a mode of satisfying all jilt doinand and providing sviflicicnt giurantei ïaviiig boen foiuid.1


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