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A Scene To Be Remembered

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A stack of musketa íb standing directlyin front of the atatue of Washington. Gen. Gordon, United States Senator from Georgia, and Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, State Senator from Virginia, went lo thn Stato House juet now. accompanied by Meaera. Peek and Jeffreys, membors of the Legislature from Union. Tne sentinels bronght their muskets to the "port " and halted the party. Senator Gortion - We want to go in the House. These gentlemen are members of the Iiegislature. Sentmei - Yon can go in witu a pass. Gordon - What are yoúr orders ? Johnson (iuterrupting) - Cali the corporal of the guard. Seutinel - "Corporal of the guard!" The corporal comes up. Gordon- What are your orders ? Corporal - Not to admit anybody without a pass from Mr. Junes or Gen. Denuis. Gordon- Who are Mr. Jones and Gen. Dennis ? Corporal- I don't know. These are my orders ; I can bring Gen. Dennis, though. Johnson - Bring him here. The corporal walks back, and returns with a stnbby-looking man as Gen. Dennia. Mr. Jeffreys, member from Union - I am a membor of the JLegielature from Union, and I want to go into the House. Dennis- You can't comö iu without a pass. Jeffreys- Will this do ? lt is a certifícate from the Supremo Court (handing it to him). Dennis - No, it won't. Johnson (takitjg the paper and spreading it open before Dennis' face)- Here, iook at it ; will not the certifícate of the Snpreme Court answer ? Dennis - No, it won't. Gordon- By what authority do you claim to exercise this power of cxcluding members ? Deonis - By what right do you ask me ? Gordon - By the right of a free man. Johnson - Who are yon ? Denuia- 1 don't know that it is any of your business. Johnson - It is the business of every citizen to know it. To the sentinel- Who is thiu man ? Sentinel- I don't know. Johnson - His name is Dennis. Bentinel- Yes ; lio is Gen. Denuis. Johnson- Well, we will find out who you are. Thia ended the colloquy, aud the United States Senator, and Virginia Stato S9nator and members of tuo Logislature walked off.


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