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Moon's Stroke

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An Indiau correspondent writes to Naturel "There is a popular belief thnt it is dangerous to sleep in full moouhine, as It is supposed to produce somc, injuri#w effect called moonstrolce. A clear sky ftdinits of rapid radiation, and nf persan exposed to snch radiation in buTC to be cbilled by rapid loss of hea'. There ia reoeon to believc tliat mide.the circumstanceB jm-alysis of oue sido cff Mío face i? likely to occur from chili, as one Sifli of the face is more likcly to be expesed to r3pí3 radiation and consequent loss of its The chili i8 more likely to occur wln the sky w pcrfeotly clear and in a füfl mooB. 1 havo oiten slept in the open air 'u India on a clear summer night when there' was no moou, and, although the first part O' the night may havo been hot, ycttowaru 2 or '3 o'clock in the morning the chid has been so fjreat fchat I have of ten been awakened by an ache in the forehead, which I have as often counteracted by wrapping a handkerchief around my head and drawing tho blanket over roy faoo. As the chili is likely to be greatest on a very clear nightnd the clearesï nights are likely to be those on which there is a bright moonshine, it is very possible that neuralgia, paralysis, or some other similar injury, caused by sleeping in the open air, bas been attributod to the moon, wben tho proximate cause may really ha va been the chili."


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