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Heller's Basket Trick

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The triok knownas the "basket trick," which Mr. Heller introduces'as the last feature of his performance at the Wonder Theater, excites a good deal of surprise, as it is only natural it should. The conditions of the trick are simplyas follows: A large basket is brought out and placed in full view upon a bench supported on four primitive wooden legs, and leaving an open space betwoen the basket and the floor. There seems no possible way by which a human being once in could get out of that basket without being seen. The basket placed by Mr. Heller and his assistant, Mr. Heller next brings forward a pair of overalls which cover him to the neck, and which have no outlet at the ends of the sleeves or legs. When the overalls are drawn on and a hood drawn over Mr. Heller's heañ and attached to the main garment by etrings, there remains no outlet for so much as a flnger of the performer to get through. But as Mr, Heller is about to remove his coat for tho purpose of domiing his garment he remembers that he is in New York instead of Australia - that is nis earelesslystated excuse - and a screen, which reaches up to the performer's neck, is placed behind the basket, and the performer retires behind this and effects the chango. So far as one notiees, his head does not once disappear during the time he is employed in drawing on the overalls. The last visión one has is of Mr. Heller's own face disappearing in the ampie hood, and immediately he steps out from behind the screen, and, with the help of an assistant, elimbs into the basket, the lid of. which is closed upon him and locked. As far as the hnnian eye can discover this is Mr. Heller wko has just gone into the basket, but in the same instant - almost before the cover is down - Mr. Heller makes his appearance in ordinary evening costume at the entrance of the theater, and walks down the ais'e, inquiring "-what was being done with him." He immediately ascends the platform, opens the basket, and nobody is within. The question is still an open one. How did Mr, Heller cease to be the man in the basket, and, whoever the man in the basket was, how did he get out N -New York World.


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