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A Letter For Republicans

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According to the action of the Louisiana Beturniug Board DeSoto wub one of the " bull-dozed " parishes, and a Democratie majority of 500 wasconverted, by the board, into a large Kepublican majority. With this explanation the folio wing letter will explain itself : De Soto Pakish, Louisiana, Dec. 12, 1876. Hon. J. Madison Wells, President Louisiana Returnmg Board : " I have learned that your honorable body has returned me as elected to the lower house of the Legislature froin the parish of l)e Soto. Permit me to returu ïny thanks for the honor conferred, but at the same time perinit uie to say that I am unwilling to accept the position. I am a Republican frooi the tii m conviction that the principies of that party are tho best for the whole country. It is also true that I was the regular nominee of the party in the parish of De Soto for the Legislature, and did more thau any member of the party in that parish to organizo and advance its interest!-; but, sir, knowing as I do that I was fairly defeated at the polls, no iutimidation or fraud having been pract.iaed at any precinet in the parish, so far as I have been able to ascertain, after a thorough iuvestigation, tny selfrespect will not jjeruiit uio to accept the position. I hope you will pardon me for taking a step that, which at first glance may be thought calculatcd to cast discreilit on the party I have allied myself, but I am a planter, not a politician ; all my intcrests are here, but, sir, I cannot believe the good of the State or of the National Kepublican party can bo promoted by retuining as elected a candidate so clearly deieated as myself. In tact, I am convinced that vory much of the disturbance that has prevailed throughout the State tor niany years past is justly attributable to the tact that in many parishes men not elected by the people have been returued elected and maintained in office by the power of the governnient. I must beliove that you and your associates have been grossly deceived as to tlin inannur in which the late canvass and election in De Soto was conducted, and as to the resnlt. Vory respectfully,


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