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_ A Mkkhy to Argus readers and "all the world and the reat oí mankind." _ C. H. Millen & Son mnke a fine show of Christmas goods. -Bach & Abel have a goo.i sOC to elect Chriütmas gooda from. -Wines & Worden can give their customers gd Christmas bargains. -Buy your holiday goods and all oour nther goods of the dealers who advertise in the AB0U3. - The posloffice wül be open on Christmas frcm 11-30 a. m. to uoon, and from 7 o'clook to 7.30 p. a:. _ Judge Cooley has accepted the poaition of „fistnnt editor of the American Law Register, philadelphia. _The ladies' fair held at the Unitarian Ohurch on Wednesday evening ot iaat week „etted about $150. _ The Common CouncU íailed to et a quorum on Monday eveniug and adjourned to Tueaday evening next - Bev. K. B. Pope, ot thia city, deHvered an address at Albion College on Friday afteruoon last,- "College day." - Sheriff-elect Case is reportad very siok, mid we are sorry to hear that his iiiends feel gomewhat alarmed. - Sheriff Fleming has been appointed Uncler-Sheriff, and will continue in charge of the jail duriug the winter. - Duriug the gale of Saturday morning the new gas works wind mili neai" the depot tooit too much wind and collapsed. - A train off the tiack : and that is why the Rey. Talmage failed to appear belore the Studeiits' Lecture Association last evening. _ J F. Seary, formerly deputy Register of Deeds under Peter Tuite, is to be deputy under the inpoming Register, Clias. H. Manly. - Ou Tuesday evening Prof. A. B. Prescott read a lecture on " Tne Material Resources of Life " before the StuJents' Scientiüc Association. - A piump, fat turkey iound its way to the editoras table (kitchen) a day or two ago, with the "Compliments of Mack & Schmid." hanks. - The ice-houses around the city are being filled with thick, clear, pure ice, and we predict that that luxury will be cheaper next sutamer than last. - The ladies of the M. E. Church are trimming their rooms beautifully tor the New England Society gathering this evening, and will spread a bountiful feast. - That $1,500 Chickering Grand Square Piano just put into University Hall by the Students' Lecture Association is pronouuced a magniflcent instrument. - Now is the time to subscribe for the Aeous for 1877. In no other way can you get so much general and home news aud miscellaueous reading for 81.50. - Mrs. Dr. Gerry died at Ypsilanti on the 8th iust. She was one of the pioneers of her irapanneled and held an inquest on the body sex in the medical profession and field. - Renew your subscription to the ARGtrs now, aud jog your neighbor's elbow in his own interest as well a& your own and ours. It ought to go into every tamily m the county. - Joe T. J acobs has an attractive advertisement in the Abous advertising columns, and it is safe to say that Joe has a stock as attractive as his advertisement. Go in and see. - Mack & Schmid have in their second stock of winter goods,- as their advertisemeut advises the Aegu3 readers. And they have just such goods as buyers of good goods want. - That Aaron B. Levisee who is just now getting a httle fame because he says he ref used a bribe as a bogus Louisiana Elector - to vote for Tilden, was a student in the University in 1848. - The reading room at the University (or rather the readiug tables iu the general library) is suppiied with thirteen dailies, two semiweeklies, forty-one weeklies, and eleven monthlies. - (Jne of the surprises at the recent " surprise" gathering at the residence oí the Baptist miuister in Manchester was the reading of a poem written for the occasion, - by a Universalist clergyuiiu. - The parior reading of the Ladies' Library Association appointed for next Tues'lay evening will be deferred until Jauuary 9. The place of meeting and the usine of the reader vrill be made kuowu luier. - The Ladiea' Library Association of this city have just issued a suppienieutary catalogue, containing a list of about 300 new and well selected books. The library now numbers tetween 1,700 and 1,800 volumes. - Students in the Uuiveisity and public schools get reduced f are for their holiday ridea home and back over the Central road und its branches, aiso over the Canada Southrn, Fliut and Pere Marquette, and other roüda. - On Monday John W. Nanry, of Superior, drove in and sold to Henry Matthews, a fat cow weighing 1650 lbs. Won't Henry make his (Jhristmas customers glad ? John also brought in at the same timo a fat sheep weighiug 100 lbs. - " The ground was all covered with snow one day": and that was Monday morning last, about a foot of it, dry and powdery and evenly spread. It ccune near calling to our mmd that contested poem bo seldom heard or read now-a-days, " The Beautif ui Snow." - Fred. H. Maynard, wall known in this ■city, having beeu boni and raiaod here, has forrued a law partnership with Capt. S. H. Ballard, of Grand Rapids, and has also been appointed assistaut Prosecuting Attoruey, his .partner being that officer. - Wm. H. Lewis, of the Leonoid House, suiprised the public by making au assignment ■on Saturday night last, to B. J. Bülings, of Chelsea. Liabilities stated at $8,000 ; assets uot yat invoiced. It was supposed that Lewis " kuew iiuw to keep a hutel " aud was making money. -.John Coe, living in the town of York, returned home from an absence of two or 'three days on Tuesday aiteriioon, and on Wediiesday niormng was found dcad in his bed. A. messenger was in the city in the aiternoon to procure a coroner to hold an inquest. Mr. Coe was a son of Arthur Coe, and resided on 'Oue of his father's tarms. - John B. Boot, a gradúate of the literary aopartment of the ITniversity, class of '65, died at Bockford, III., on the 29th uit., where he was successfully engaged in business, as horticulturist, fiorist, and seed-grower. Mr. Koot was a nephew oL Hou.' O. M. Barnes, ot Lansing, with whom he read law, the practice oí which profession he was cotnpelled to give up because of poor health. - Ann Albor Eucampmeut No. 7, I. O. O. F., held its semi-anuual eléction of officers on Friday evening last, with the following result : Chief Patriarch, Dr. C. (xeorge ; High Priest, Coiirad Krapt ; Senior Warden, Charles H. Mauly; Scribe, James E. Gut; Treasurer, Fred. Surg ; Junior Warden, N. B. Covert; Representatives to Grand Eiicampment, James E. Carr and Charles J. Gardiuer. In another column will be found the con densed prospectus of the Detroit Tribune fo 1877, giving the "strong points" claiined b the publishers, term?, etc. We don't alwai or otten agree with the Tribune pollticall (even its conservative streaks are a trifle rad cal), nevertheless we recognize it as a goo newspaper, and politically as fair as it is po sible for a paper adheiing to a party whic arrógales so much to itsalf. We commend i to all BepuMicans, and to such Democrats a wiih to rad both side, and all ought to ■ d. - The Organ Concert at Zion's Church on "riiJay evaning last was a grand success, the oluntary contributions at the door aggregatng ?65. Prof. Frieze and Geo. N. Lovejoy ayed the organ, and the instrument gave reat satisfaction to organista and audience. .s before announced the organ was manufacured by D. F. Allmendinger, ot this city. lts ost. was Í900. -OnMonday eveuïng the following were ected officers oí W ashtenaw Chapter No. 6, i. A. M , of this city, for the ensuing year. nes Boyd, H. P.; Chas. J. Kintner, King ; Wm. A. Lovejoy, Scribe ; Zachary Roath, O. i.; Chas. M. Jones, B. S.; H. A. Nichols, E. A. C; Jay Eoath, M. 3 V.; W. A. Hatch, Jr , M. 2 V.; Chas. E. Hiscock, M. 1 V.; Fred. org, Treasurer; W. L. Pack, Secretary ; John '. Little, Sentiuel. - The Detroit Tribuna of the 16th : A reeption in honor of Prof. (i. V. Williams, of ie State University at Ann Arbor, was held ast evening at the residence of Levi L. Barour, 362 Jeffarson avenue. Although an imiromptu affair, it was attended by a large tunber of the members of the Detroit bar, ;ogether with many of the alumni of the TJniersity, and was highly enjoyed by all who articipated. - This f rom the Ypsilauti Sentinel : "Withn twenty-four hours alter having a load of ood thrown into our yard we had six appliations to saw it up, and a great many counes reniain to be heard from. We are also an jpHoant, and the hard times compel us to count ourselves in ' " : all of which shows a epressed state of the labor market at Ypsianti as elsewhere. And this with winter's utches tight upon the laborer and his needy ami ly. - The Board of Supervisors have resolved submit a proposition to the voters at the pril election to authorize a loan and tax in ie 8um of $40,000, for a new Court House, - aid loarpayablen fíve equal installmeuts and he interest not to exceed 8 per cent. The Joard iiatned as Building Committee, E. C. rarner, of Ypsilauti ; John C. Mead, Ann rbor Town ; Peter Kishbach, of Manchester . 3dwm Lawrence, of this city; and M. J. oyes, of Chelsea. - Daniel Pratt dropped in a day or two o, and expressed considerable disgust with ie studente. Says that he ha given them iwelve or fourteen talks, and yet they indícate preference to hear the gaseous Talmage U about "People we meet," when he would ve them uew views of lile- crack the kernel nd exposé the naked ineat (our version). )aniel was sure that uot one in a thousand u appreciate him, and proclaimei that he ïad been in the Arctic región ever since he eft Bostou. We feel to sympathize with him n his harmless monomania, but more do we ympathize with he people he bores. - The goods stolen some time ago from the ore of Alley ite Bro., Dexter were found on uesday last secreted in the garret of the jyndon Town House. A son of Supervisor Touug went into the Towu House on the preïous Saturday, to build a fire for the township xeasurer, and found a new pair of gloves tied ogether as kept on sale, which led to suspicion nd search, with the result as stated. $50 reard had been offered for the goods, which as proposed to be made $10 after the recove', on the alleged ground that some of the oods were missing. The revised offer was reused. We team that one of the persons arested on suspicion and discharged for want f evidence says " they got every stitch of oods taken." The New Englaud Society of this city will hold its uineteenth annual meeting and lebrato the 2o6th anniversary of the landing t the Pilgriins this evèniug at the M. E. hurch. Business meeting at 6, exercises in he body of the church at 6:30. The oration will be delivered by the Hon. Wm. P. Wells, f Detroit, and poem given by A. G. Boyutom üsq., of the Detroit Free Press. Supper will e served at 8 o'clock precisely, in the Sunday chool room. In response to the after-supper oasts responsos will be made by Gov. Bagley, x-Gov. Felch, President Angelí, Hon. Wm. Wells, Rev. Dr. Cocker, Profs. Gieene, Wilder, Jenny, Mayor Kinne and others, and etters read from invited guests. We have the prospectus of the Detroit Post or 1877, setting forth the stroug points of that thoroughly sound, reliable, aud euterprising lepublican Journal," and its claims to Repubïcan and general support. We can vouch that he Post is thoroughly Eepublicao, that it beïeves in the mission ot the Eepublican party, nd thut the niisson ot that patty is to mainain ita control öi' thö maciiinery uï the general Governmeut ior all time, - and it wou't ñud ery much fault with the means resorted to to ïaintaiu that control, whatever they may be. t will stiffeu the necks and backs of its Republican readers, daiiy, and make its Demoratic readers - unless hardeued like a Demoratic editor to all such partisan attacks - mad, and inaking them mad muy atir them up to good works. But aside from politics the Post is a .rst-olass newspaper, a good family paper, au excellent commercial paper, and it3 agricultural department and market reports commeud it to the farming classes. Terms: daily, $10 60; tri-weekly, $5.30 ; weekly, $2, or in clubs of ten, $1.60 each. Address The Post, Detroit. The Post and Aeous (bañe and antidote) tor $2.85,


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