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yriss mANTiE in. tiiiek. Teacher of the Piano. Instruction given at the residence of the pupil if [esired. For terins inquire at residence, No. 48 South State treet. 1614m3 AND SltBTHE JACKSON TRÜSS BOD WAGON. Also, the New Richt-Hand Burrall Iran tora SUeller, at M. ROGEBS'. TREES! TREES!! FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL. E. G. SMITH, at his Nursery West Liberty street, is ready to take and ü!l orders for fruit and ornameutal trees, including Apples, Pears, Peaches, Plums, Clierrius, Quinces, Evergreens, Horst (iii'stiiuis, Eiimarnock Willows, Grape8, Small Frulls, Uoses, & Ornamental Slirubs. fc?Buy of resident dealers, and don't be cheated by unknown traveling agente. "sB Pricea to Suit tbe Times. H. G. SMI III. Ann Arbor, Deo. 20, 1676. 1614yl SherifTs Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WashteÖdaw, ss. John F. Lawrence Te. Catherine Vaughn. By virtue of one writ of execution issued out of and under the seal oí tbe Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in the above entitled cause, to me directed and delivered, I have on the 20lh day of December, A. D. 1876, levied upou all the right, title and interest oí Catherine Vaughn, in and to the following deHCribed real estáte situated in the County of W a ihienaw, and State of Michigan, to wit : The west half of northwest quarter, except ten acres acres oiF the northeast corner, in section thirty-two, town oue south, range tl east, Washtenaw County, 8tai e of Michigan ; which above described property I hall expose for sale to the highest bidder, at the Boulh door of the Court House, in Ann Arbor city, on the 8th day of February, A. D. 1877, ut ten o clock in the forenoon of said d;iy . D.tted, December 20th, 1876. 164 M. FLEMING, Sheriff. SherifFs Sala. i TATK OF MICHIGAN, County of WashleOnaw, ss. Itansom ti. Bmlth ts. l'hiletus Coon and Horatio Burch. By virtue of one writ of executiou issued out of and under the seal oí the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in the above entitled cause, to me directed and delivered, I did on the 18th day of September, A. D. 1876, levy upon all the right title and inteiest of Philitus Coon and Hoi atio Burch in and to the following described real estáte situated in the Couoty of W aahtenaw, State of Michigan, to wit : All oí lot one, block four, village of Manchester, except one hundred and ten ftet off the south end thereof , all in Washtenaw County, State of Michigan ; which above described property I shall expose for sale to the highest bidder, at the south door of the Court Houne, in the city of Ann Arbor, on the 8th day at February, A. D. 1877, at oue o'clock p. m. of said daid day. Duted, December SOth, 1876. 1614 M. FLEMING, Sheriff. Chancery Sale. PUR8UANT to and by virtue of a decretal order cf the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, in chancery, made on tho tenth day of July,1876, in a cause therein pending, wheiein Charles Thayer is complainant and Élijah W. Morgan, surviving trustee of the Ann Arbor Land defendant: Notice is hereby given, that I Büall ell at public vendue to the highest bidder , at ten o'clock in the f orenoonn, on the third day of February, 1877, at th sonth door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, the following descriebd land, situated in the city of Ann Arbor, in said County: The triangular piece of land, beiug aDout three quariers of an acre, ín the northeast corner of section thirtv-two. Dated, December 21st, 1878. 1614 J. F. LAWRENCE, Circuit Court Comm'r Washtenaw Co. Mich. TICK'S FLORAL GUIDE, abeautitul Quarterly Journal, flnely iliustrated, and coutaining an elegant colored Flouitr Plate with the flrst number. Price only 25 cents for the year. The rlist number ior 1877 just issued in Germán and English, Vick'8 Floweb ík Veoitíblk Gabden, in paper 50 cents ; with elegant cloth covers, $1.00, Vick's Catalogue - 30 illustrations, on y 2 cents. Address, JAMES VICK, Koohester, N. T. "iDr. S. S. FITCH, OF 714 Broadway, N. T., Author of Six Lectures on the Prtvention and Cure of Consumption, Asthma, Heart piseases, may be oonsulted at Finney's Hotel, Detroit, Mich.. personally or by letter. He treats all diaeases of malen and females of all agna. Family Fhysician sent free, ConsultatioDS frM. Dr. Pitch's meani allow generosity in charges. His fame is foi uring bad cases. May, 1876. 1884eowly EXAMINE THE JOB LOTS IN SUITS AND OVERCOATS AT THE UOIIIIU HOUSl! PRICES TOO LOW TO TALK ABOUT. Gloves and Mittens OF ALL STYLES. A, L. NOBLE, A DOLLAR SAVED IS A BOLLAR EARNED ! o NEW GOODS! And prices LOWER THAN EVER. I have purchased Ín New York, for cash, and I ara unw daily receiving one ofthe largest and most select stocks of Öroceries in Washtenaw County, consisting of a full and weil aelected LINE OF TEAS, All of the new erop - including Gunpowden, Imperial Vouiisr Ilysoiin, II on, Japans, Oolongs, Foriuuk:tN, ollou, Sou lioiiif, and Twankays, Together with a full line of COFFEE8, consistini{ of the following branda: MOCHA, OLD GOV'T JAVA,MARACA1BO,LAGUAYRE,SANTOS and RIO, both roasted and ground ; a full and well selected stock of SUGARS, SYRUPS AND MOLASSES, Together with everything in the line cf Pure Spices, Canned fruits, and Vegetables. We have a full and complete line of BOOTS & SÏÏOES, HATS, CAPS, GLOVES And Hosiery. Also, achoice assortment of Ladies' and Gentlenien'a Underwear. Cali and examine Oood? and l'rices and we will insure satisfaction. EDWARD DUFFY. " Maynard's cor. Main and Ann streets Ann Arbor, Mich. ■3Highest cash price paid for all farm produce. "Ö nWELIJXU 1IOIM.S FOK SAL.F.. Alargeand very well butlt bnek house, with two or more lots. Two large frmned houses. Also a good qized brick house and fraine housfe ; and a small frame house on a good lot, intended for adding a front. For sale on fairterms and a reasonable oredit. Also other buildings, lots, and property. mONEY W A3VTEIÍ- 80 many wishing to borrovi money applj to me that I can readily obtainfor lenden good satisfactory inrestmenta ten percent, interest. E. w. M0BOAN. Ann Arbor, Jan. 3 , 18' 6. 1504 JOHN L. BURLEIÜH, ittorney & Counselor at Law No. 5 North Main Street, 1ÜN ARBOR, MICHIGAIV, 1 i i;i: v R. hii.i., ATTORNEY AT LAW, And dealer in Real Estáte. Office, No 3, Opera House Block, ANN ATIBOR. ÜABHIONABLE DRESS MAKING. Mrs Wood invites the ladies of Ann Arbor au( vicinity to oall at her Dress-Makinj Boom, ove the ton sf A. Bell, Washington street. A fu linenf new and latest styles oí oatterns consUn l ly on hand. üuality ot work warranted, anti pnce , made t auit the timos. A share of public pa ronage ia respectfully solicited. f Iyl578 .. ÚfK OA Per dayat home. Samples wort . mO to ffl-ÍUíi fr.. 8TIX3O & Co., Portlan Me. l678 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the conditions oí a certain mortgage, hearing date the tweny-sevenlh day ot March, A. D. 1875 fthe same tiving heen given for a part of the parchase money ' the premises therein deacribed), made and exeuted by Conrad Heselschwerett, of 8cio, Washenaw County, Michigan, to Thomaa J. Rice of lamburg. Livingston county, Michigan, and ecorded in liber 44 of mortgages, on page 98, on the 29th daj of March, 1875, at our o'elpck p. m. of sáid day, in the office of ie Register of Deeds for Washtenaw County, [ichigan, which said mortgage was assigned y said Thomas J. Rice to Dennis Corey by eed of assignment, recorded in said Itegister'a ofce, in liber 44 of mortgages, at page 298, on the econd day of October, A. D. 1875, at 10 o'elock . m. of said day, and there being ciaimed to be ue and unpaid on said mortgage and the note acompanying the same (the said assignee having Lected to havo the whole sam become due accordïff to the terms and conditions of saïd mortgage), Ie sum of three hundred and forty-nine dollars nd twenty-eight cents ; also an attorney'a fee of hirty dollars as provided ior ín said mortgage: nd no proceedings at law orin equity ha ving been nstituted to recover the same or nuy part thereof : lotice is therefore hereby given that by virtue of power of sale in said morttcage contained and of he statute in such case made and provided, I will teil at public auction or vendue to the highest )idder, on Haturday, the tenth day of Febuary, A. D. 1877, at eleven o'elock in the orenoon of said day, at the South door f the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor ;hat beiDg the place wherein the Circuit ourt for the County is held), the premises in said mortgage described as follows : Village lot No flve 5) in block No. two (2), in the village of Delhi, in he town of Bcio County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, to satiafy the amount due on aaid mortgage and note with the interest accruing hereon, and the costs and expenses allowed by aw, together with said attorney's lee. Dated Nov. 6th, 1876, DENNIS COREY, D. Ceamer, Assiguee of Mortgage. Attorney for Assignee. 1608 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having beeD made in tho eonditions of a certain mortgage made and executed by Bradley F. Granger and Susan A. Granger, his wife, of the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan to Phiip Bach, of the same place, bearing date the third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy four, and recorded n the office of the Register of Deeds for the couny of Waahtenaw, on the flfth day of October, A. -. 1874, at flve minutea past four o'elock p m in iber 46 of mortgages, on page 663, on which mortgage there is now claimed to be due two installments of interest, amounting to the sum of one hundred and forty dollars, together with an attorney's fee of twenty-flve dollars, should any proceedings be takea to foreclose the same; and default having been also made in the conditious of another certain mortgage, made and executed by tbe above named Bradley F. Granger and Susan A Granger to the said Philip Bach, bearing date the wenty-sixth day of October, in the year of our -.ordone thousand eight hundred and seventyour, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for the County of "Washtenaw on the 27th day of October, 1874, at 9 oclock a. m., in liber 46 of mortgages on page 674, on which mortgage here is claimed to be due, at the date of this notice, two installments of interest amounting to sixty dollars, together with an attorney's fee of wenty-five dollars, should any proceedings be taten to foreclose the same, and no proceedings at aw or in equity having been taken to recover the amount due on either of said mortgages or any art thereof: Notice is therefore hereby giveu, nat by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgages coulained and pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided, I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, on Saturday the twkntieth day of January next at the south door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, that being the building in which the Circuit Court for the connty of Washtenaw is held), the premises described in said mortgages to satisfy the amount due thereou, (two huudred dollars and nlty dollars attorney's fee), with coats and expenses of salo to-wit: All that certain piece or parcel of land being situated in the city of Ann Arbor, .ounty of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, known and described as follows, to-wit : Lot No 4 and the west one-fourth of lot No. 3, in block oue south of Huron street range two east, according to the recorded plat of the villar-e (now city of Ann Arbor. Dated, Ann Arbor, October 26, 1876. THILIP BACH, Mortgagee. By Attorney. 1606 Mortgage Sale. DiEFAULT having been niade in the conditions of a mortgage, executed by Andrew J. Sutherand Elizabeth T. Butherland.his wife, to Robert A Whedon on the eighteenth day of June, A. D 1875, and recorded in the office of the Register oi Deeds for the County of. Washtenaw and State of Michigan, in liber 53 of Mortgages, on page 106, and afterwards duly assigned to Charlotte Whedon on the twenty-sixth day of November 1875, which assignment was recorded in said Register's Office, for said county, on the twenty-eighth daj of July, A. D. 1876, in liber flve of assignments of mortgages, on page 228, by which default the power of sale contained in said mortgage has become operative; on which mortgage there is claimed to be due, at the date of this notice, the sum of six hundred and seventy-six dollars and sixiy-seven one hundredths dollars, principal and Interest, besides an attorney fee of tweniy dollars, as providet in said mortgage, and no suit or proceeding at law or in equity having beeu instituted to recover the anionnt due on said mortgage, or any par thereof: Notice is therefore hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, I sliall sell at public auction at the south front door of the Court House, in the city o Ann Arbor (that being the place of holding the Cir cuitConrt for said county of Washtenaw), on Satur day the 30th day of December, A. D. 1876, at eleven o'elock in the forenoon of that day, the following property described in said mortgage, viz : All o lot number six (6) in block number seven (7), soutl of Huron street, range eleven (11) east in the City of Ann A.rbor, County of Washtenaw and State o Michigan, said lot being on the east side of Thuye street in said city. Dated, Saptember 28, 1876. CHARLOTTE WHEDON, Frazer AHamilton, Assignee of Mortgage. Attorneys for Assignee. Bátate of Patrick Welsh. STATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtenaw ss. At a Hession of the Probate Court for Ih county of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oiñc in the city of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the twen ty-fourth day of November, in the year oue thou and eight hundred and seventy six. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Putrick Welsh, deceased. John Clancy, executor of aaid estáte, comes mt court and representa that he is now prepared t render his account as such executoi. Thereupon lt is ordered, that Saturday, th 23d day of December at ten o'elock in the fore noon, be assigned ior examining and allowing suc account, and that the deviseea, legatees and heir at law of aaid deoeated and all other persone in tereated in said estáte, are required to appea at a session of said Court, then to be holde at the Probate Office, d the city of Ann Arbor in aaid county and ahow cause if any there be, wh; the said account should not be allowed : And: ia further ordeved that anid executor give notie to the persona interested in eaid estnte, of th pendency of aaid account and the hearin thereof, by causing a copy of thie order to b published in the Michigan Argus, a newapape printed and circulatiug in aaid county, two auc cesaive weeks previoua to stiid day of hearing (A. true oopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER, 161Sw3 Judïe of Probate. AWARDED The First Premin AT THE CENTENNIAL SEPT., 1876, Over Thousands of Competitors 1 % 'lÉÉL Tl fiRÖIS JEWEL he most beautiful stoye, and the best of all tha yoal stoves made. This stove can be found in use i the following houaes in Ann Arbor : Alplieus elch, Dor Kelloee, O. W. Sharpless, J. W. angsterfer, James Jones, E. Curtís, K. M, Richrdson, Piof. E. Jones, Mrs. J. West, Dr. P.B. ose, Mrs. Loomis, Dr. Hallock, E. A. Beal, C. A. omeroy, 8. T. Otis, C. M. Cadwell, B. Vaughn, Miss Lydia Smith. A. Roys, R. McDonald, Mrs. Whitehead, Charles 8. Millen, J. C. Watts, Fred. org, Prof. M. C. Tyler, Mrs. J. A. PolhamuB, J. . Banks, W. D. Harriraan, J. L. Burleigh, Geo. v. Cropsey, Mrs. Hubbarü, George Hayler eorge Granville, Mrs. Chamberí, Qeorge Walker, era Pulcifer, and Rinsey & Beabolt. KyYou will also find afall assortment of Paror and Cook ötoves for Wood, at L. C. RISDON'S, 31 South Main street, Ann Arbor. 1876. 1876. Save Tour MOney ! W. WAGNER AS .IITST OPENED THE FINEST STOCK 01 FALLAS WINTER CLOTHING To be found ín Ann Arbor, comprising all ibe NEWKkT STYLES AND PATTERNS, Which he is ofl'ering at pricea that DEFIES ALL C0MPET1TI0N THE PJLACE XO BUV A CHE AP SUiT Is at WAGNER'S My stock of l?iece Groods Vill be found complete and contains all the NEWEST DESIGNS. Suits Made to Order. A Large stock of FUENISUING GOODS. 1 South Main Sr. Ann Arbob. p EORGE W. CEOPSEY, vate of the firm of Clark A Cropsey, and A. Kearney, late of Texas, under the flrra name of KEARNEY & CROPSEY, lave established themselves at No. 33 Sonlh 'lalnM,, Aim lilior, and propose to do general Crocery Business They will also keep CROOKERY, GLASS and VOODEN WARE, and a full line of DOMESTIC nd FOREIGN FRUITS. They have fitted and ürnished A First-class Lating Department, VVhere Meáis can be bad at all hours, or board by the week. Caslt paid for But'cr, liares, and all Uouutry produce, Goods promptly delivered in any part of the city. Remember the place. 83 Sontb IWain Street. KEARNR & CROPSEY. Ann Arbor, April 26, 1876. 1580 JHE ENEMY OF DISEASE ! THEFOEOF PAIN TO MAN AND BEAST. Is the rand Old MUSTANG LINIMENT Which has stood the Lest of fort y yeaid. There is no Sore It will not hea!, no Laraeneas i will not cure, no Ache, no Pain that athicte th Human Body, or the Body oí a Horse or other do meatic animal, that does not yield to its magi touch. A bottle costing 25c, 50c, or $1.00, haa ot ten aaved the life of a human being, and restored to life aud uttefulueai man; a valuable horse. ■piNSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKER Y, GR0CERY -ANDFLOUK & FKBD STORE We keep constantly on band BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC FOK WHOLESALE and RBTAIL TRADE. We ahall also keep a supply ot DELHI FLOTJÏfc, J. M. SWIFT & CO'8 BEST WHITE WHEA FLOUR, RYE FLOUR, BUCKWWHEAT FLOUR, CORN MBAL, FEED, &o., &o. At Wholesale and retnil. A general stock of GROCERIES AND PROVISIOIÏS constantly on hand, which will be sold on as rea onuble terms as at any other bonse in this city. Cash paid for Butter, Eggs, and Country Pro lnce generally. VST üoods dellvered 10 any part of the city with out extra charge. BIS!i V .V MA HOI T. Ann Arbor. Jan. 1. 187B. 1S64 IOR SALE ! Three Horses, three platform Spring Wagon with pole and shai'ts, two Luniber Wagons, on keleton Wagon, Track Sulkoy, Wood, Coal, an a niceFeatherBed. Ann Arbor, Oct. 6th, 1876. 1603m3 C. H. RICHMOND. SEND 25o. toG.P, ROWELL 4 CO., New York for pamphlet of 100 paspes, containing litts ( 3000 newspapers, and stimates showin cosl ot ac vertising. THE SUN. 877. NEW TORIL. 1877. The different editions of the Sun during the next 'ear will be the sanie as d uring the year that has ustpassed. The daily edition will on week daya e a sheet of four pages, and on öundays be a ïeet of eight pages, or 56 broad columns ; whila ie weekly edition will be a sheet of eight pages of ie same diniensïonB and character that are airea y familiar to our friends. The Sun will continue to be the strenuous advoate of reform and retrenchment, and of the subtitutionof statesmanship, wisdom, and integrity or hollow pretense, imbecility, and fraud in the dminiatraiion of public affairs. It will contend or the government of the people by the people nd lor the people, as opposed to government ly rauds in the ballot-box and in the counting of otes, en f ore ed by military riolence. It will eneavor to supply ïts readers- a body not far from million ol souls- -with the most carelul, comilete and trustworthy accounts of current eventi nd will employ for this purpose a numerous and arefully selected staff of reporters and corresponents. lts reports from Washington, especiaily. will be fuü, accurate, and fearless ; and it will oubtless continue to deserveand enjoy the hatred f those who thrive by plundering the treaiury or y usurping what the law does not give them, while it wiU endeavor to ment the oonfldence of ie public by defending the righta of the people gafnet the encroachments of unjustifled power. The price of the daily 8ün will be 55 cents a month qr 0.50 a year, post paid, or with the unday 'edition $7. 7O a year. The Bunday edion alone, eight pages, % 1 .20 a year, post paid. The Weekly 8un, eight pages of 56 broad collmns, will be furnished during the year 187 7 at the ate of $1 & year, post paid, The benefit of thia larg-e reduction from the previoue rate lor the Weeklt can be enjoyed by indiïdual subBcribers without the necessity of makng up clubs. At the same time if any of our rienda desire to aid in extending our eirculation, we shall be grateful to them, and every auch peton who sendi u ten or more subscribers from one ilace will be entitled to one copy of our paper for limself without charge. At one dollar a year, stage paid, the expenses of paper and printing ire barely prepaid; and, considering the size of ie sheet and the quality of its contents, we are onfldent the people will consider the Weeklt ün the cheapest newBpaper published in the Torld, and we truat also one of the very best. Addrees, THE SUN, New Vork City, Y. THE METHODIST FOR 18TT. 114 Vnuau Street Tievr York. PRICE REDUCED TO $2.00. A Paper for all Christians. TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS FOR 1877, t A FREE PAPER UNTIL JANUARY. nnvassers Wanted. Send for Circulara. THE METHODIST " MEETS THE POPULAR DEMAND FOR L0WER PRICES. end for Specimen Copies of the National Independent, Methodist Paper, specially Devoted to Fraternity among all Christians, and to the Interests of Methodist Laymen. The Methodist will continue to be what it has een for sixteen years: Methodist, but not sectautn ; independent, but loyal ; open to all honst discussion, but closed to all personal detracon ; religious in matter and spirit, placing ie rellgious life aboye ecclesiastical dinerences ; specially deyoted to the culture of fraternal reations and sympathies among all the heirs of Weaey's doctrine and spirit ; attentire to public vents and policy, but free from party bias. ïelieving in lay-representation in all legislative ction as a means of binding ministers and eople together, and securing the highest efficency of the whole church, we shall continue o watch the growth of this system with imparial solicitude for the interest of the niinistry nd laity, and to favor such minor modifications of olity or administration as may'increase our evanelizing power. Some special attractions are : lst. Not leas than forty sermons in the year. 2d. A serial story dunng the winter by a flrstlass writer. 3d. Sketch of sermons delivcred in Brooklyn and New York. 4th. Stoiies for children, and shoit stories for dults. Sth. Careful notices of books, and weekly liteary notes. 6th. Correspondence, including discussions of eading qnestions by erainent writers. 7th. Timely and bright editorial writing; especally, wide-awake notes on all sorts of interestiug topics. 8th. A religious paper, not a controversial one. 9th. An unrivaled condensation of church news ; very important fact will be noticed, and in good eason. lOth. Notes on the Sunday-school lessons that ommand general admiration. Address all orders to THE METHODIST, No. 144 Nassau Street, New York. Ï877. Eclectic Magazine. OF FOREIGN LITERATURE. TI1IRTV-T11IKD ÏEAlt. The Kclectic reprints from all the foreign Juarterlies, Reviewi, Magazines nd Journal, their choicest contents, including Essays, Scikntific Papers, Biographioal Sketchcs, ReminisCKNCES OF TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE, TALES, 8tOries, aud Poems. The field of selection is very arge, and it ia believed tnat the Eclectic presenta a greater variety and higher standard of literaure than any periodical can hope todo that depends exclusively upon home talent. A knowledge of the current Hterature of other countries is indispensable to all who would keep pace with the progresa of the human inind ; and the EcLKCTic offers the best, and indeed the only, opportunity for obtaining this knowledge withiu a reasonable compass and at a moderate price. Among the writers in recent numbers of the Eclectic are The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, James Anthony Froude, Matthew Arnold, Charles Kiugsley, Robert Buchanan, George Macdonald, John Ruskin, Alfred Tenuyson, Thomas, Hughes, William Black, Mrs. Oiiphant, Thos. Hardy, William Morris, Miss Tlrackeray, Mrs. Alexander, Profs. Huxley and Tyndall, R'ichard Proctor, B. A., Prof. Owen, Dr. W.B. Carpenter, Max Muller, J. Norman Lockyer, Herbert Spencer and others equally eminent. Beaides the regular articles in the body of the magazine, there are four original editorial departments: Literary Notices, Forkion Literary Notes, Science and Aut, and Varieties. With regard to the character of the selections, the aira of the Eclectic is to be Instructive without being dull, and entertaining without being trivial. While each number contains something to interest every member of the family circle, it addresses itself particularly to that great body of intelligent readers who seek profil as well as amusement in solid and healthful literature. Beaides the 128 pages of reading matter, each nuraber of the magazine containn a fine steel engraving- usually a portrait executed In the most artistic manner. Terms- Single copies, 45 cents ; one copy one year, $5 ; two copies, $9 ; five copies, $20. Trial subscriptions for thrae months, $1. The Lclkctic and any $4 Magazine to one address, $8. Postagt fret to all su2scriber8. Address, E. B. PELTON, 25 Bond Street, New York. thïThill farm for salE Adjoiningr the West line of the City of Ann Arbor, in townxhrp two south of range six eaöt, comprising the east half of the northeast quarter of section nineteen ; and that part of the west half of tne west half of the northwest quarter of section twenty, north of t.he turnpike ; in all 100 42-100 acres, with House, Barn, an (Mailing Spring of Water, And about flfty acreB well lmproTed ; flrst class land and situation beautiful. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain on the land three to Uve years. For term apply to GEO. E. HAND, OrH.J. BEAKES, Detroit. Ann Arbor. 1574tf JFOR SALE CHEAP f THE new two stojy frame dweiling house, just completed. Sitúate on east University Avenue, the second house south from the Medical College. Specially arranged for keeping Boarders, Roomers, or Club. Terms easy. Apply to C. H. MILLEN, No.4, 8. Main St. For 8ale Cheap ! THE large new doublé dwelling house, situated Cor. North and Fourth Sts, two blocks from Court House. Enquire of C. H. MILLEN. BUILDING LOTS A LARGE number of very desirable building lots, well located, for sale low, small payment down and long time given for balance if desired. C. XI. MI.IiI.SiXT. City Scavongor. THE underslgned offers his serviees as scavenger. Vaults, cesspools, etc, cleaned to order, and at reasonable pnces. Urders may be left at J. H. Niekel's meat market, State treet, or made through the Postoffloe. W. ACTION, Ann Arbor, Nov. 3, 1876.


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