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is 80 iudiguant at the failure of the constitutional atnendmeut that ho advises all the Circuit Judges to resign. At A recent Democratie rueetiug held at Logansport, Ind., ex-Senator Pratt, who is also ex-Comuiissioner of Internal Kevonue, made a speech aud declared it bis belief that Messrs. Tilden and Hendricks had been fairly elected. Down in New Jersey the set of a Democratie member of the Asseinbly is being contested, one of the grounds being that in a least one of the election districts all of the election officers 11 were of the same political party, a direct violation of the election law." Yet the whole Eepublican party of the country defend the illegal constitution of that famous (or infamous) Louisiana returning board. The law requires that all political parties be reprosented in the board, yet the four Republican members refused (or as Kellogg and Anderson swear, couldn't agree) to appoint a Democrat to lili the vacancy. The presence of a Domocrat would have exposed the iniquity perpetrated in the secret sessions of the board. Así " intelligent " correspondent of the N. Y. Evening Pot writes froui Washington under date of Dec. 30 : "A prominent Republican Senator said today that the prospect of a satisfactory solution of the .fresidential coinplication is brighter than at any time since . the election. He bases his. belief upon inside information that the Senate coinmittee to consider the question of counting the electoral vote are likely to reach a unanimous conclusión, and that the House cominittee will be forced to yield whether individual members desire it or not. We incline to the opin - ion that the Democratie members of tho House committee will cheerfully agree with any decisión which Messrs. Bayard, Thuruian, and Merrimon, of the Senate coinroittee, are likely to reach. Deiuocracy and constitutional law are the same in the south as in the north wing of the capítol, and our Kepublican friends may look for harmony, roth in opinión and antion, between the Senate and House Democrats. On New Year'S day the New York Svn parceled out the " complimeuts of the season " with rare discriniination. This was the message of good will to Senator Ferry : " We wish a happy New Year to Vice-President Ferry, and suggest to him, as a ineans of securing it, the abandonuient of any idea of controlling or influencing the countiug of the electoral votes." And this to Gov Hayes : " We wish Mr. Hayes a happy New Year and a prosperous career in the office of governor to which his fellow-citizens of Ohio ealled him, anc that he may be saved from the reproach of holding another office to which he has not been electod." And this to another governor : " We wish Mr. Tilden a happy New Year, and that the 5th o March may find him quietly domicile( in the White House, to reside in which the people have elected him." The large majoiity of the people will repeat the Sun' 3 wishes. At tiie risk of throwing our gooc friend of the Lansing Eepublican into a violent spastn we are compelled to give place to the rumor that Hon. John J Robison, late Democratie candidate for Congress in this district, has been ad vised to serve a notice of contest on the Hou. Edwin Willits, his Kepublican opponent, whom a confiding public have supposed to be elected by a large ma jority. Gross and wholesale intimidation will be alleged, and not only alleged but proven. In ftdvance of a demand for " a bilí of particulars," we will say that tho intimidation consisted in making tho intelligent Eepublican voters of Lenawee and Hillsdale counties believe that i f Robison should be be elected the Constitution would be torn iuto shreds, the rebel debt paid, and slavery re-established. They were frightened out of both their reason and their wits, fairly intiruidated or bulldozed into voting for Willits. The case seems to us a clear one. What does the Eepublican think of it F The attention of the legislators now convened at Lansing is invited to the absolute necessity of some legislation regulating the business of private banking. The failures in this State during the last few years, with the great losses suffered by depositors, furnish all the reasons needed as a foundation for stringent legislation. We tbink that individuals should not be permitted to engage in banking or Drokerage. Individuals and firms should give place to corporations, and tbe law should define what the articles of assooiation should set forth : capital, ñames of stockholders, &c, and provide for annual reports, investigation by authorized officers, etc. And the law should also pattern after tho national banking law and prohibit the capital and deposits being largoly loaned to the stockholders. In short, bankers should be money lenders not money borrowers. The Kellogg - Packnrd - carpet - bag Senate of Louisiana convened ou Monday last with a bare quorum - not "a spare." Soon one member escaped, and the Arms was dispatohed in pursuit of plunder, and succeeded in capturing a Democratie Senator who was officially waiting on the Governor. Conduoting him to the guardod Senate Chamber, " a resolution was adopted seating the Senator who in the last sessiou represeuted the Rapides district but was not returned this year by the board of canvassers " (the people are of 110 account) ; also " Baker who ran in the district arljoining the parishes of Ouachita and Murehouse " {not elected). " They were seated, provided the Senators returned as elected did not present theinselves." What say our candid Republijan readers to sucb. methoda of getting a quorum? And by just such burlesque of law was Louisiana declared carried for Hayes and Wheeler.


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