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Board Of Supervisors--december Session

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Conti nucd. On nintion of Mr. Wheeler the report of' he comiuittee for building a ncw court louse be made the special order for tomorrow morning at lt) o'clook. Mr. Wheeler from comuiittee on criminal claims reported the following bilis and veoinmended their allowanoe at sums stated : Claimed. Allowed. -)- Robert Buchanun $ 2 05 Í 2 05 '48 Thomas A. Curti. 1 86 1 85 717 Mary Woodruff 2 45 2 45 748 II Wale 185 188 749 JnmeiiCorwin „ 8 70 70 7:0 J. S. Vreeland 25 59 S0 00 751 E. B. Gidley 5 17 S 17 Ib'l Jam-e Ht-ckwlth 2 95 4 98 753 J.-uncx Beckwuh, Jnn J 96 2 95 7.4 Willium Dorr 8 15 3 15 755 Willard Mlnoll 2 UB 2 9." 7.W O. N. Allen 2 M 2 55 757 Willium April 4 75 4 75 758 W. Guet 10 60 11 30 759 Charles W. 8ueM 4 8 760 Munsnn Ooodyenr 68 9 68 761 Jacob Stuffen...' 16 71 11171 762 W. H. Hclutyre 27 27 22 783 F. Jerry 1 75 1 75 764 Wm. Warner 1 i5 1 75 765 Jacob Lalirum 1 75 1 75 766 H. L. Kose 14 15 18 28 7I7 Kiiiici.i' Uelber 1 76 1 Í5 768 .lackson Mann 1 75 1 75 769 C. S. Bilby 25 90 22 46 770 A. H. Herrón 118 04 118 04 On motion the report was accepted and adopted. Mr. Coleman presented the following resolution : Resolved, By the Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County, that, in compliance with the law made and provided in such cases that said board hereby direct the clork of said board to notify thecorumissionersol the townships of Dexter and Lyndon, oi the alteration of a portion of the Monroe and (Jrand Rapids Territorial Koad, made and established in compliance with a petition before said Board, that the same may bc recorded in said townships in eouipliauce with law in such cat-es provided 1. N. COLEMA.N. Adopted. Mr. Yeckley moved that the liquor tax bilis be referred to the committee on civi claims. Oarried. Mr. Wheeler moved to take the resolution from the table in relation to boarding prisoners at the jail. Oarriod. Mr. Krapf moved to amend the resolution offered by Mr. Berdan, and fix the amount at 60 cents per day, instead of 50 wuts as stated in the resolution. Carried. Mr. Shurtleff moved to refer the sheriff 's bill fur boarding prisoners back to the sheriff for coneetion. Lost. Mr. Tuomey moved that the motion fixing the price for boarding prisoners at the jail at 60 ets. per day be reconsidered. The yeas and nays being ordered resul tec as follows : Yeas, Batchelder, Herdan, Brennïng, Burch, Case, Gregory, Harper Krapf, Kress, Olcott, Scbuyler, ShurtletT, Shutts, Sutton, Tuomey, Warner, Yeckley and Young. - 18. Nays. Hall, Coleman, Kverett, Peirce and Wheeler. - 5. Mr. Olcott moved as an amendment to the amendment that the price of boarding prisoner-s at the jail for fixed at 7( cents per day. The yeas and nays being ordered resulted as follows ; Yeas - Batch eider, Berdan, Breuniog, Bureh, Case Gregory, Harper, Krapf, Kress, Olcott Schuyler, Shurtleff, Shutts, Suiton, Tuo iney, Warner, Yeckley and Young. - 18 Nays - Bal!, Coleman, Everett, Pierce ani Wheeler.- 5. Carried. Mr. Wheeler moved that the bond of the sheriff elect, be referred to the proper com mittce. Ou motion the board adjourued unti to-morrow morning at half pa nine o'clock. N'ATHAN PKIRCB, Chairman. December 20, 1S7H, Board met pursuant to adjournment Callad to order by the chairman. Kul called, quorum present. Journal of'yester day read and approved. Mr. BaíJ moved that Mr. Beal have tht privilege of making some statements it relation to his bilis, before the board Carried. The hour having arrived for the consid eration of the special order, (being tht report of the committee on a new cour house) Mr. Shurtleff moved that the ques tion be taken up. Carried. Mr. Wheeler moved that the report o the committee on court house be adopted Mr. Everett moved to amend the repor by making the payment of' forty thousanc dollars payable in two years instead of five Lost. The question recurring on the motion o Mr. Wheeler it was unanimuusly adopted Mr. Tuomey from committee on bonds o county officers reported the bonds of thi sheriff and circuit court commissioners anc recommended their approval by the board on motion the report of the commitU'e wab accepted and adopted. Mr. Wheeler from committee on crimina claiuis reported the following bilis ant recommended their allowance at sums stated. Claimcd. Allowed 771 Mahlon Glenn $2 60 $2 i:0 772 Jame Mc.VIahon 57 76 57 76 773 M. Fleming 168 10 168 10 774 M. Kleming 293 97 293 97 775 11. W. Thompsoll 66 87 56 S 776 Edward Clark 10 75 12 00 777 O. l'liest 9 30 9 30 778 .J. J. Kol)ion 4 (5 4 Ho 779 J. I'. Copland.. 3 IS 3 15 780 H. L. Roe 14 15 14 15 781 Edward Clark 2 38 3 8 782 o. N. Allen 20 st 18 00 783 Jas. .M. Fontyth 52 0!) 5-2 09 On motion the report was accepted anc adopted. Mr. Shurtleff moved that the eiection ol a building committee be made the specia order for Utree o'clock this anemoon. Carried. Mr. Yeckley, from committee on bonds of county officers, made the following report : Your committee on bonds of county ofljcers, report that they have had the matter of bonds by superintendents of' the poor under consideration, and have received letters from several counties, saying that the counties have never required bonds of' them, and as it has never been heretofbre required of the superintendents in this county, therefore we recommend that the board do not require of the superintendents bonds for the proper discharge of their duties, and that all motions and resolutions requiring said boud.s be hereby rescinded. W. IRVING YECKLEY, S. W SIIURTLEKF, 1'. TUÜMEï. The yeas and nays being ordered, the report was carried. Yeas - Breining, Burch, Case, Everett, Harper, Kress, Olcott, Shurtleff, Sutton, Tuomey, Warner, Yeckley, Young - 13. Nays- Ball, Berdan, Coleman, Gregory, Krapf', Peirce, Shutts and W heeler - 8. On motion the board adjourned until lalf-past one o'clock P. M. AFTEliNOON SESSION. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Malled to order by the chairman. Roll called, quorum present. Mr. Gregory, from the special committee on the Ypsilanti and Superior matter, uade the following report : Your special committee, to whom was referred the pauper case between the city f Ypsilanti and the towt.ship of Superior, )eg leave respectfully to report that your committee had the same under considera ion at the October session of this board, and could not come to any satisfactory conclusión in the matter, and so reported at hat time, and asked of the board permisión to refer the same to the prosecuting attorney for his opinión, and that the mater bo posfponed uniil the December sesion of this board, which was granted and o referred. Xow at this session of the oard the prosecuting attorney reporta that he supervisors have nothiug to do with he matter. Therefore your commitiee o be discharged from any f'urther considration of the subject. All of which is espcctfully submitted. A. A. GREGORY, R. BOHUYLKB, p. ti omi:ï. On motion the report was accepted and he committee discharged. Mr. Olcott, from the committee on civi. claims, reported the following bilis ang recommended their allowance at sum stated : Claimed. Alluwed. 784 C. F. Ashley.'. Í5 00 f DO 785 W. B. Sinith 5 00 5 00 "Sli Sanford & Co S 25 3 45 787 JL. C. Hisdon 2 75 2 15 7S8 A. T. Brngel II lt 1166 1)j8 I. Keek .te Co 1153 1155 7!KJ W.H. Mclntyre 15 00 16 M 7U1 W'. H. Mi'Intvre - 18 20 18 M 792 S Wood ü, Co 1107 1107 798 M. Pli-niinff 290 50 2iH) .50 l'H R. Beahan 8 80 8 80 795 El! S. Manly 2 10 2 10 796 Uc;ury Dudiley 2 10 2 10 7117 ö. W. Walker 2 10 2 10 7HS M. C. LaBuron 2 10 2 10 7!19 J. II. PebUw 2 10 2 10 MM) John Kichard 2 10 2 10 801 W. B.Sroith 60 6 802 G. W. lirowu 13 1)0 (i 00 803 G. W. Brown 09 80 21 U) 04 U. W. Brown 8100 SI 01 sur, M. Fleming 59 70 59 75 06 C. Krapf. 1 75 1 75 807 C. Sawyer 4 00 3 01) 808 I. N. Colem:in ï 00 2 00 su ToMiit-hipof Lyudon lli 20 IS 20 810 M. Flemtng ." 208 40 208 41 811 C. Kberhach 2 50 2 51 812 C. Kberbach 6 41 5 41 813 Yeckley, Shnrtlefl, Tuomey aud Wheeler 4 10 64 10 On motion the report was aceepted anc adopted. Mr. Wheeler, from committee to confer with the superiutendents ot' the poor ir relation to the insane at Kalauiazoo, made the following report : To tlu; Hon. Board of Supervisors : Gentlemen - Your committee, who were appointed to consult the superinten dents of the poor in relation to the insane who are supported at the insane asylutu a Kalauiazoo, trom Washtenaw county,wouk most respectfully state that thty have har. the subject uuder eonsideration, and fiuc that the whole number now supported a the asylum is twelve, three of' which are supported by their friends, two of' which (William Johnson and Adelia Goodspeed cannot be loeated in any township or ware in the county, and are properly chargeable to the county for their support, and tha Georsii,C. Smith should be assigned in the township of Ypsilanti, Maria Starks to the towuship of Webster, Ida Ball to tlio town ship of Manche-ster, Miram Barker to Ypsilanti city 2d district, Augusta Remu to Ann Arbor city lst and 2d wards, Saral K. Mount to Ann Arbor city 3d and 4tl wards, Edwin Shaw to Anu Arbor city ötl and 6th wards. Therefore we would olie the following resolution : Resolved, That the superintendent-i o the poor of Washtenaw couuty be and art hereby authrized to asign and set off the insane at Kalamazoo, who are now sup ported at the expense of the county, to the different townahips, wards and cities in which they are properly located, as showt by the statement above, and th;it the county treasurer be and is hereby author ized to open au account with the severa townships, wards and cities, to whoui tlit. persons named above shall be assigned, aui charge the oost of supporting the person thus assigned to the townships, wards anc cities to wliioh they belona. N. E. SU I TON, J. W. OLCOTI. GEO. S. W.1IBKLER. Mr. Yeckley moved that Mr. Kress be appointed a committee of one to wait upon the prosecuting attorney and ascertain hi opinión in regard to the distribution of the insane of Washtenaw county at Kala mazoo. The yeas and nays being ordered the motion was carried. Ycas - Breining, Coleman, Everett, Gal pin, Gregory, Krapf, Oloott, Feirce Shuitlcff, Sutton, Shutts, Tuomey aiu Yeckley- 13. Nays - Ball, Berdan, Burch, Case Jlarper, Kress, Whceler, Warner anc Young - 9. The time of the special order having arrived (the appointment of a buildin committee, ) Mr. Yeckley moved that th matter be postponed unül to-morrow mom ing at half' past ten o'clock. The yeas ant paya being or.iered, the motion was carried Yeas - Bill, Breining, Burch, ('ase Coleman, Everett, Gregory, Krapf, Kress Olcott, Peirce. Shurtleff, Shutts, Puomey Whcöler, Wftrnor, Yeckley and Young - 18. Najs - Bardan, Galpin, Harper, Sutton -4. Mr. Wheeler moved that the vote o Mr. Herron's bill be reconsidered. Carriec Mr. Yeckley moved that the considera tion of Mr. Herron's bill be made th special ordr for to-morrow morning a half-past nine o'clock. Carried. Mr. Olcott, from committee on civi claims, reported the following bill and ree ommended their allowance at sums stated Mr. Wheeler moved that the two bil! for publishiug the liquor tax be allowed a $21 each. Carried. C'hilmcd. Allowei SU C. H. Pattieon tió 00 $21 00 815 H. A. Beal 21 00 21 00 816 J. Sctauiuackei 26 03 20 0 lleport as amenJed accepted anc adopted. Mr. Everett moved that the motion which passed this forenoon in regard to the superintendents of the poor bo recon sidered. The yeas and nays being ordered the motion was deelared lost. Yeas - Ball, Berdan, Coleman, Everett Galpin, Gregory, Krapf, Peirce anc Wheeler- 9. _ Nays - Breining, Burch, Case, Harper Olcott, ShurtlefT, Sutton, Tuomey, War ner, Yeckley and Young - IJ. On motion the board adjourned unti half-past uine o'cloc:k to-morrow morning NATHAN PEIKCE, Cliairimm. Dec;mber21, 187H. Board met pursuant to adjournment (,'iilltd to order by the chairman. Rol called, quorum present. The hour having arrivod for specia action on Mr. Herron's bill, the matter was taken up. Mr. Wheeler moved that the bill be allowed. Mr. Tuomey moved to amend by refer ring the same back to the commitiee. Lost. Mr. Krapf moved that the partios inter ested be allowed to state their case before the board. Carried. Mr. Wheeler moved that the consideration of the cjuestion be postponed unti past two o cloi:k p IL, and made the special order for that hour. Carried. The hour having arrived for the special order relating to a building committee, the que.stion was taken up. Mr. Yeckley moved that the board resolve itselfinto committee of the whole on the eleetion of a building committee. Carried. Mr. Shutts wa called to the cliair. After 8ome time spent in considering the question, the committee arose, reported and asked leave to sit again. On raotion the board adjournod until past one o'clock. AïTERNOON SESSION. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Malled to order by the chainuan. Itoll called, quorum present. Mr. Yeckley moved that the board resolve iuelf into committee of the whole and finish the report in relation to the eleotion of a building committee. Tlie yeas and nays being called, the motion was carried. Yeas- Ball, Bordan, Breining, Burch, Hase, Coleman, Everett, Gregory, Harper, Jatch, Krapf, Kress, Olcott, Peirce, Shurllefl', Shutts, Wheeler and Young - 19. Nays - Sutton and Tuomey. After 8ome time spent in considering the (ueslion the committee arose and made he following report for building committee: First representativo district, E. C. Waricr; second representativa district, John J. Mead ; third representative district, Jeter Kishbach ; at large, Edwin Lawence and M. J. Noyes. On motion the report was accepti'l. Mr. Sutton moved to lay the report on he table. The yeas and nays being called, he motion of Mr. Sutton was deelared ost. Yeas - Bajl, Breining, Burch, Coleman, Iregory Harper, Krapf, Kress, Schuy Ier, Sutton, Tuomey and Young - 11. Nays- Berdan, Case, Everett, Galpin, [Iatch, Oleott, Peiree, Shurtleff, Shutts, VVbeeler, Warner and Yeckley - 12. SSSR Mr. Yeckley moved ttiu adoption of the report of the committee. The yeas and nays heilig ordcrod the report was adopted. Yeas - Bordan, Case, Kverott, Galpin, Grregory, H-Uch, Oleott, I'eirce Schuyler, Shutts, Wheeler. Warner and;Yeckley - 13. Naya - Buil, Breiniog, Buien, Coleman, Harper, Krapf', Kress, Shurtleff, Sutton, Tuoiney and Young - 11. Mr. Wheeler froui committoe on criminal claims reportad the following bilis and reoommended their allowance at suras stated : C aimed. Allowert. S17 Philauder Ciimuhell il 10 ïl ld 818 Martin Clurk 110 110 819 J. Bnol 1 10 1 10 S80 S. Bondhetm 1 10 1 10 821 l'aul 1 KI 1 10 822 II. T. Freunuff. 1 30 1 10 8.'3 Thrnniui Claikm Ml Sti ISO 56 824 G. W.Brown 8 70 7 95 üió G. W. Bfuwn 115 I 10 aai Ed. E. iVpi!vtin 1055 1055 827 Wm. H. Crlppln 11.65 116 828 Stephen Kllis 8 ") 2 25 849 Charles Cole X 25 3 25 830 Wm. Unihnin 3 35 8 25 ttil Charles Uale 4 GO 2 50 832 I. Wynkup 2 45 2 45 'IS G. N. B. Kenwick 1 35 1 b5 834 M. Flemiiic 10 00 10 00 835 M. Kkmiiii; 155 00 IBS 00 On motion the report was accepted and adopted. Mr. Olcutt offered the following : Resolved, That the sum of $200 be allowed 11. A. Beal in f'ull payuieut for balance of' 00 that he claims to be due him for printing and binding done by him tbr the county for the years 1874 and 1875. Mr. Breining' movad to lay theresolution on the table. The yeas and nays being called, the motion to lay on the table was lost. Yeas - Bal], Breining, Burch, Harper, Hatch, Kress, Shurtleif, Shutts, Sutton, Warner and Youn. - 11. Nays - Berdan, (Jasa, Everett, Galpin, Gregory, Krapl', ülcutt, Feirce, Schuyler, Tuoiney, Wheeler and Yeckley - 12 Mr. Hatch moved tbat the matter in question be indefinitely p'ostponed. Tb.9 yeas and nays being called, the motirn o Mr. [Iatch was sustained. Yeas - Ball Breinins, Burch, Coleman, ïlarper, Hatch Kress, Shurtleff, Shutts, Sutton, Tuoiney Warner and Young - 13. Nays - Berdan Case, Everett, Gajpinj Gregory, Krapf Clcutt, Peirce, Schuyler, Wheeler and Yeckley - 11. The special order, relating to Mr. Herron's bill, was takeu up. Mr. Wheeler moved that the parties interested be allo wed to make explanations. Carried. Mr. Yeckley moved to allow the bill of Mr. Horron at $100. Mr. Shurtleff moved as a substiture tha the bill be referred back to the committe on criminal claims. Carried. Mr. Gre.sory moved that Mr. Dean hav leave to make a statement before the boan in relation to the printing of the pamphle ordered by the board. Carried. Mr. Olcott, froin the committee on civi claims, made the following report, an recomniended the allowance of the bill a sum stated : Clalmnd. Allowec Michael Flcminir $1,874 1!) $1,874 1 On motion the report was accepted ane adopted. Mr. Wheeler moved that the report o the committee on the insane at Kalamazo be adopted. Mr. Yeckley moved that the question b postponed. Lost. The question recurring on the adoptio of the report, the ytas and nays bein called, the report was adopted as follows Yeas - Berdan, Breining, Case, Cole man, Gregory, Hatch, Kress, Olcott Peirce, Shurtleff, Sutton, Tuomey, Wheeler Warner and Young - 15. . Nays - Ball, Burch, Krapf, Schuyler am Yeckley - 5. Mr. Shurtleff offered the following: WherEAS, lt appears f rom the espiona tion made to this board by thè chairuian o the committee on printing, that the An Arbor Piintiiig & rublishing Conipany dii not present any second bid for the printin of the proceedings of this board, as ap pears by the joi.rnal, therefore Resolved, That jt be made to appear o the journal that the only bid for said prinl ing at the present session of the board i that of 11. A. Beal, to whom said printin har been awarded. The yeas and nays being ordcred, th resol ution was adopted as follows : Yeas - Ball, Berdan, Breining, Burch Case, Gregory, Krapf, Kress, Oicott Peirce, Schuyler, Shurtleff, Sutton, Tuo mey, Wheeler, Warner. Young - 17. ' Nays - Cole man and Yeckley - -2. Mr. Case moved thut the clerk be auth orized to draw an order and pay Mr. Bea tbr printing the proceedings of this boare in pamphlet form when the same shall b delivered. Carried. Mr. Shurtleff moved that the committe on printing conferwith Mr. Beal and ascei tain ií' he will print the proceedings of thi ses.ion. Carried. On motion the board adjourned unti half-past nine o'cluck to morrow uiorning NaTHAN Peihce, Chairmau. December 22, 1876. Board met pursnant to adjournment Called to order by the chairmau. lio called, quorum present. Mr. Olcott, trom committee on civi claims, reported the ibllowins; bilis am recommended their allowance at fcums -tated : P37 Charles Hnker $2 00 fy8 Charlee Iiakur i 00 8at( lluratlci Burch 5 40 840 J. Kverelt 5 40 SU K A. Beul 8 0() 842 N. A. Pnelps 3 00 Sl:j A.W. Gleast'D 8 00 Ml II. C. Qregorjr 3 00 R45 W. W. Toner 3 00 8lt C. S. Grueory. 3 m 847 A.T. Brtfgel 150 8J8 1). UcLaln 20 i 8J'J Peter Tulte rz5 00 On motion the report was accepted and adopted. Mr. Yfickley moved that the resolution of Mr. Young relative to the insane be taken froin the table. Carriod. Mr. Shurtleff moved the aduption of the resol ution. Mr. Tuoiney moved to amerid the resolutiou so as to read the superintendents of the poor be instructed to have only those of the insane at the asylum in Kalarnazoo returned to Washtenaw county wIid are chargeable to the county. The auienduicnt was accopted, and the resolution as amendcd adopted. Mr. Yackley moved that the bill ol Mr. Berron be aflowed at $71.72. Mr. Hatch moved to lay the motion on the table. The yeas and nays being eulied, the motion was earried as follows : Yeas - Burch, Colimian, Gregory, Hatch, Krapf, Kress, Peirce, Schuyler, Shurtletf, l'uonifty, Wheeler and Young - 12. Nays- Ball, Berdfin, Breining, Case, Olcott, Warner and Yeckley - 7. Mr. Yeckley moved to allow Mr. Her■on's bill at $87 (i2. Tlie yeas and nays jeing calltid, the molion was lost. Yeas - Ball, Ca.-e, Coleman, Olcott, Warner and Yeekíey - (. Nays - Berdan, Breining, Burch, Gregry, Haich, Krapf, KreSB, Peirce, Schuyer, Sbwtleff, Tuome, Wheeler and Young - 13. Mr. Hatch moved to indefinitely postpone tho cousid.ration of Mr. Herron's üill. Mr. Olcott moved to amend by allowing he bill at $70. The yeas and nays being irdered, the motiou was declared lost, as 'ollows : Yeas - Ball, Berdan, Cae, Colemau, )lcott, Peirce, Schuyler, Tumuev, Warner iixl Yeckley- 10. Nays - Breining, Burch, Hatch, Krapf, Cresis, Shurtleff, Wheeler and Youug - 8. The question recurring on Mr. Hatoh's notiou, tho yeas and nays being ordered, .he motion was carried, as follows : Yeas- Breining, Burch, Coleman, Gregry, Hatch, KraDi, Kress, Peirce, Schuyer, Siiuiileff, Tuoiney and Young - 12. Nays - Ball, Berdun, Case, Oicott, Vhecler, Warner and Yeckley. - 7. Mr. Olcott moved that Mr. Galpin be xcused for the day. Carried. Mr. Shurtloff presented the following : Resolved, That the County Treasurer be required t.o hire money, if necessary, to pay all orders that may be presented for claims that have been allowed at this meeting of the board. Carried. Mr. Yeckley moved that Mr. Beal and ihe Chelsea Herald be allowed thirty five dollars each for printing the proceedings of this session of the board. Mr. Shurtleff moved as an amendment to allow the Chelsea Flerald thirty-five dollars addilional to the amount paid for publishing the proceedings of the October session. Mr. Wheeler ofFered as an amendment to the amendment to pay to all the county papers that will publisli the proceedings of this session the sum of fifteen dollars each for such service. The yeas and nays being ordered, the motion was carried as follows : Yeas - Breining, Burch, Coletnan, Krapf, Kre.s, Peirce, Scbuyler, Shurtleff, ïuomy, Wheeler, Warner. Yeckley and Young - 13. Nays - Ball, Berdan, Case, Gregory, Hatch aud Olcott- 6. Mr. Yeckley moved that the report of the special ciiminittee appuinted to confer with the connnon council of the city of Ann Arbor in reference to a new court house be spread upon the journal. Carried. Mr. Case moved that Mr. R. A. Beal be allowed twenty dollars additional to the fifteen dollars allowed by this board for publishing the proceedings of this session. Carried. Mr. Case, from committee on per diem allowance, made the following report : JgName. Miles. Müeage. Dayn. Amount Ball 42 3.86 7 24.86 Bachelder. 20 1.20 5 16.20 Berdan 40 2.40 S 17.40 Breininü 40 2.10 5 17.40 liurch 74 4.44 5 19 4 Case 14 .84 5 18.84 Colman 18 1.08 5 16.08 Kverett - 48 2.88 5 17.88 Galpin 14 .84 5 15.84 Gregory .13 B 15.12 Harper 20 1.20 5 16.20 Hatch 36 2.16 5 17.16 Krapf. :i .18 7 21.18 Kress 50 3.00 6 18.00 Olciitt l0 5 16 80 Peirce 84 2.04 5 17.OJ Schuyler 2 .12 5 15.12 8liurtleff 12 .72 5 16.72 Shutis 20 1.20 5 16.20 Sutton _ 12 .72 5 15.72 Tuomy „ 18 .48 5 15.48 Whueler _ 30 ISO 5 16.80 Warner_ 68 4.08 7 25.08 Yeckley 28 1.68 5 16.K8 Yount; 48 2.88 5 17.88 MOKTON F. CASE, I. N. COLEMAN. JACOB BKKIN1NG, Committee. On motion, the report was accepted and adopted. Mr. Yeckley moved that the committee to settle with the County Treasurer be allowfd for two days' services and mileage. Carried. Mr. Krapf moved that J. H. Davis be allowed two dollars per day for five days' services as janitor for this session of the board. Carried. Mr. Yeckley moved that L. Davis be allowed twenty dollars for roporting the proceedings of this session of the board, aud for supervising the publication of the proceedings in pamphlet fortn. Carried. Mr. Wheeler offered the following resotion : Resolved, That we hereby tender a vote of thanks to Mr. Poirce, our chairman, for the able and impartial manner in which he has discharged hig duties as presidiug officer of this board. Carried. On motion, the board adjourned me die. NATHAN PÉ1KCK, Chairman.


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