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The assignees oi Cornwell, Hemphill & Co. uspended bankers at Ypsilanti, lm ve pubshed a oard which makes the íollowing finanial showing : ASSET3. uniiture (mcludinf? vault and eaíe) $3,000 00 tocka aud bonds, 15,000 00 Bills receivable, 68,104 08 Uverdratts, 2,553 76 n bank, 1,076 79 6-25 Fair Urduuda, 2,800 00 Total, $94,514 63 LIABILITIES. Due Depositors, $85,301 78 " Banks, 1,068 35 $86,370 12 In oonneotion with these figures, they say : So large a share of the assets ooDSist of the iabilities oí the Ypsilanti Paper Oompany íat the amount which may be realized from lem depends largely on the future successul operation of the paper milis. In these Tingent times, to make haaty sales and forced ollectious would, in our judgmeut, prove disastrous to the iuterests of the creditors, and onsequently we cannot encourage them to exect au early dividend," They also make an ffer to creditors of preferred stock in the Tpsilauti Paper Oompany, with a guarantee ! an 8 per cent. dividend payable semi-anually. We have sections 2 and 3 (320 large 3 colmn pages in each section) of " Zell's Popular Sncyclopedia ' and Universal Dictionary," rtïsed edition. The articles begin with Kobert ïlakey and end with Firo Islaud Light House'here are large and fine doublé page maps of .frica, Asia, Austria and Huugary, and of California, ürego, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and part of Montana Territories, 'he contenta include the latest facts, discoveres, and researches in hiato ry, biography, geogaphy, science and art, language, natural hisory, mineralogy, medicine, law, mechanica, rchitecture, manufactuiing, agriculture, bible nd church history, pronunciation, etc. It is fc once text-book, gazetteer, and dictionary. 'he ïllustrations are numerous and practical 'he new matter of the current editiou is con;ained in supplemental pages to each letter of ie alphabet, and in the two sections before s number 36 pages. The work is to be com. leted in 64 50 cent numbera, or in 8 sections t $4 each, placing it within the reach of the eneral public. L. Colange, LL. D., editor 5aker, Davis & Co., publishers, Philadelphia


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