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ing appointed hiin Secretary of Utah. It will be Babcook'a turn next. I)on't fail to read the speech of exSenator Truinbull, to bo fouud on the fourth page of this paper. It Iets a flood of light upon the iniquities in Louisiana. -h- l I MONDAY wus Democratie day, with couventious in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, and acattered locahties. The speeches and resolutions were generally températe. Louisiajía, poor and tax-ridden as sho ie, is iudulging in the luxury of two governors and two legislatures, both Nicholls and Packard having beeu inaugurated on Mouday. Isr his recent message to the Ohio Legislature Gov. Hayes recommended that tho October eleotions be abolished : whioh, i f our memory serves us, can only be done by a constitutional aniendmeut. In this issue of the Akous will be found very f uil abstraots of the messages of retiring Gov. Bagley and present Gov. Croswell. A few points omitted in the abstracts will be given special notico uoxt week. David Dudley Field, who has been elected to a vacant seat in Congress by the Deinocracy of one of the New York City districts has been a long-tirao Republioan and voted tbr Hayes and Wheeler in November last. Habd TO buit : the St. Paul Pioneer Presa. It protests vigorously against the name of Huron being given to tho new Territory carved froin Dakota, and calis upon the House to defeat the bill under that name. And we gueas the Press is more than half right : that 18 if names are to have any signification. The Presbytery of Newark, N. J., has decided against the troublesome woman preacher, and that the Rev. J. M. See, whose pulpit she profaned, 11 disobeyed a divive mándate " in per mitting her to go back on the teachings of St. Paul. And, we shall see what Mr. See and the woman propose to do about it. Now that the Senate iusists that telegraph operators shall both produce the dispatohes passing through their hands, and orally testify as to the nature and contents of messagea, will the Republican journalists cease their denunciations of the House and its committees. If the aotion of the Senate is right, the House cannot be such a ravisher of the telegraph and its customers. JUST Now certaiu Republioan journalists are heaviug editorial pebblea at the unfortunate head of Asssociate-Justice Field of the United Statos Supreme Court. The burden of their grievanee is that he pointedly advised a RepubHoan Senator, at a recent diuner party, that he considered the action of the Louisiana returning board as infamous, and that he believed Mr. Tilden was fairly eloctod. Another interviewer repurts the Predeut as in the fog ooncerning the Presisidential question, and as saying that " he had not said what he would or would not do, further than recognize bis successor so legully deelared." A the President is not the judge of the " legal " declaration, and will be out of office hitnself at the very date his succesaor will claim to enter upon duty, what has hig " reoognition " to do with the question ? That is the point. Zack Chandler, chairmau of the Republican National Committee, has iiot yet emulated tho example of Mr. Hewitt, chairman of the Democratie National Oomraittee, and requested Mr. Orton or the other officers of the Western Union Telegiaph Company to produce all the political dispatchea sent or reoeived by him preceding or subseqnent to the recent election. The conclusión is legitímate Ehat he dare not have the conteuts of his telegraphie niesaages made public. In the House on Mouday a resolution was adoptedinstructing the special cornmittee on the privileges of that body in regard to oounting the electoral votes, to inquire whether auy electors voting in any of the several electoral colleges were ineligible under the constitutional clause disqualifying psrsons holding offices of trust or profit uuder the United States. And another instructing the saino committee to inquire whether any such electors were laboring under auy political disabilities. That is right gentlemen : hew to the line let the chips fall where they may. This is the message which Senator Taylor, of Sbiawasseo, one of the Republican members of the Legislature who two years ago bolted Chandler and voted for Cbristiancy for Senator, is reported as having sent, on the 4th inst., to Hon. A. C. Matthews, of the Illinois Legislature : " Michigan Independents of two years ago urge the Illinois Indopendents to support Senator Logan as we have Senator Ferry." Now, we had supposed that Senator Taylor and his bolting assooiates were nominated as Republicaus, elected aa Republicana, and at the very time they stabbed Chandler under the fitth rib, claimed to be Republicana in good and regular standand we never before heard it siiggested that they wore in any aense " Iudependonts" and outsule, as the phrase goes, of any " healthy political organization." It is certain thoy went into oaucus and claimed to be the saviors of the Ropublican party by so casting their votes aa to defeat and dethroue Zaok Chandler. The " Indnpendents " of the Illinois Logixlature were not elected as Republicana, aro not in affiiliation with the Republioau party of that State (though somo of them have previoualy been Republicana), and may poasibly consider Senator Taylor's voluntary exhortation an unwarrunted pioco of preuwptiou. In the Senate on the 4th inst. Senator Kernan, of New York, made a brief but logical, oonvinoing, and températe speech on the pending bill of Senator Wright, of lowa, providing for a court of contest touohing presidential elections. Mr. Kernan planted hiinBelf against the certifícate of a returniug board or other officer being final, as well as against the right of the prtsiding officer of the Senate to oount the vote, to decide diaputed questions, or ohoose between conrlicting returns. We quote a few sentences : " I believe the duty to be imposed upou the two Houses to couut tlie vote and decide what the vote is, and if by proot of iraud or torce or other ovil prácticos it is showu that the certitioato which comes here is a falsehood, the two House at least can refuse to cuunt the votes so certitied. The appointment of the electors is made by the votes of a mnjority of the qualified voters. The certifícate íb merely the evidence of the result, aud, like any other evideuce, upon proof that it is fulse and fraudulent, it may be rejectei The juilgment record of a court of competent ju risdiction is evideuoe ot a very conclusive character, and yet you may impoach the judgment record of a court of competent jurisdiction by showing that it is fraudulent and falso. I um not discussiug now what case may comu, but if a caso comes before us where by iraud the certifícate as to the election of the electors is made to spaak a lie, in my judgment the two Houses, whose duty it is to count the votes of the electors, may, on the falsity of the certifícate being. established, reiuse to count the votes. On its beiug established that tho vote is frauduleut and false, there is no vota to be counted." Can the point be made olearer, and will the Republicana insist in the face of such reasoning, such a simple statement we ruight say, a statement in the nature of an axiom or legal maxiin, that a certifícate is final ? that the certifioate is the election and not the votes of the electors on which it inay or may not bo b&sed ? In A supplemeutary tahle to GovBagley's message the bonded indebtedniiss of the several cities of the State is claiined to be given. The aggregate of the table is $6,584,590.48. No debt is charged againat Alpena and Coldwater, and the range js from $5,000 (the debt of Mason; to $2,480,900 (the debt of Detroit). We rind the debt of this city put at $20,000, whioh leads us to suspect tbat the tttble is not correct in all respecta, or that soiue of the elenients of the local debts will be misunder8tood. For imtanoe, $20,000 is charged against this city. Now Ann Arbor han uot an outatanding bond to the valuj of a single dollar, in faot has no ind"btedne6s either bonded or floating. The tax-pyers have voted to bond the oity in the sum of $20,000 for a new Court House, but th;it um wilj not become a dubt in any until after the conuty shall vote on the same projeot in April next. Tho Ann Arbor school district, which corporation includes more territory than the entire oity, has a boudtíd iude.btudness of $29,000, which ia to bo reduoed $2,500 on the first of February. Does the reporttid debt of other cities include the obligatious of school districts and school boards 't That is the question. One Marcellus L. Stearns was recently governor of Florida, and was also the K.-)nili'.i("iii candidato for reelection. Tlie sume Marcellus L. Stearns is also proprietor or principal proprietor ot the Jaokaonville Union, which paper receutly said : " If Marcellus L. Stearns was fairly and houestly defe&ted in the recent election, then so fur as the electoral vote oí Florida is concerued it bulongs to hauiuel J. Tilden. Thcre is no gettinji arounrt that." Acceptable logic, capital logic, in fact, and a conclusión to wbich all candid men will inake haste to subscribe. And that Marcellus L. Stearns was " fairly and honestly dofeated " we have the testimony, in the solernn form of a decisión of the Supreme Court of Florida, a court composed of two Republicnns and a single Deuiocrat. Not only has Marcellus L Stearns been "fairly and honestly defeated," but his opponent, Mr. Drew, has been "fairly and honestly " elected, and having been elected has been inaugurated, and is now the legal as well as the accepted governor of Florida. "There is no gotting around that," and the Republican friends of Mr. Stearns, in Congress and out, should cheerfully accept the situation and concede the electoral vote of Florida to Samuel J. Tilden. Senator Booth fathers a plan for sottling the Presidential muddie. The President pro tempore of the Senato is to preside over the joint convontion ; any Senator or Representativo may object to any certficate ; tb e presiding officer ; shallrule upon the objeotiou ; an appeal uiay be taken from his ruling, when the two Housus shall separate and decide whethor his ruling shall be affirmed or reversed. In case of a disagreement between the Senate and House an appeal is to be taken to the Supremo Court, and in hearing tho case tho said court may receive in evidence the procoodings of any State officer or bourd of State officers, and the reports of a Congressonal committee. Senator Booth is evidently a disbeliever in the doctrine that the President of the Senate is the great I Am, the inastor of the situation. The LiEaiSLATURB convened again onTueaday evening. Wednesday inorning the committees were announced in both Senate and House, and business actively entered upon. The Washtenaw members aro placed as follows : Senator Burleigh upon the cominittees on Claims and Accounts, Military Affair8, Asylums for the Insane, and Engrossment and Enrollnient, and is chairman of tlie Committee on Expiring Laws. Representativo Allen is chairman of the Committee on Kducation,and a member of coramittees on Deaf and Durnb Instituto, and Military Att'aira. Representativo Sawyer is chairman of Commitiee on Elections, and a member of Committee on Judicury. Representativo Norria is a inember of the committees on Agricultural Colloge and Immigration The Committees on the University are : In Senate: Senators, Taylor, of Shiawassee, Newcomb, of Leuawee, and Hinohman, of Wayue. In House : Representativos Mills, of Tuscola ; Phelps, of Mecosta ; Hayes, of Ionia ; Kellogg, of Alpuna ; ud McArthur. of Cheboygan.


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